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Why Is My Child So Careless?

Spotting careless mistakes in your child’s work is a common but frustrating occurrence for many parents, especially if these mistakes cost marks in an important assignment or during the examinations.

And I’m sure many parents have well-intentionally reminded their children to “Be more careful with your work” or “Remember to check after you finish” And yet, these reminders do not seem to work much effect.

Well, besides reminders and patience, we can adopt a more ACTIVE approach to nip this issue in the bud and empower the child to build the right ability to be observant and careful in his/her work.

The ability to observe and be careful is a brain ability known as Visual Discrimination. And in school, children need to tap into this ability on a daily basis such as when they are reading words, copying from the board, transferring answers or even learning spelling.

Using a simple passage to illustrate the use of Visual Discrimination:

Today, our teacher brought us to the dairy farm to see how cows are milked. I was really scared of the cows but my teacher told us cows are sacred animals in India. I’m going to write about the visit in my diary tonight.

**What can you notice about the words highlighted in red?
(Answer: same letters, different order)

And, how about Visual Discrimination for the following Chinese words?

** Again, words written with almost the same strokes but just in different positions or different sides.

Now, take a moment to think about how many such similarly-looking words a child would encounter over the course of his/her learning; and it would not be hard to imagine the immense amount of visual information (shapes, words, numbers, sentences) a child needs to discriminate on a daily basis.

Visual Discrimination is a key brain ability that can be trained and improved. With a stronger set of brain abilities, your child will find learning much easier and more effective.

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:: Article contributed by ThinkersBox – Brain Development Specialist

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