Why Must We Be Like Others?

In our pursuit for the best for our children, do stop and ponder over this.

"Why do you have to be like the others?"

I thought that I could be a parent who would let the kid progress without tuition or extra classes, only to be told by the school that he has to perform better. I was naive enough to think that the school would only expect the students to know only things that have been taught. Imagine my horror when the teacher gave out sample compositions done by fellow classmates that indicated the use of vocab and phrases way beyond their years.

We seem to be living in a vicious circle. The schools set more and more difficult questions to differentiate the really good students. The average students find the questions difficult and go for enrichment classes, thus pushing up the standard. So the school has to set even more difficult questions…

We send our children to enrichment classes, tuition etc in the hope that they do not fall behind their cohort. But how many of us in our age group survived without tuition / extra classes? Aren’t we all still doing well?

What would happen if one day, everyone stops going for all these extra lessons? Would we be worse off?

Ignoring the ad at the end, this video clip shows that anyone can be different and still excel.

Thanks for sharing. Weird

Thanks for sharing.

Weird thing though. When we’re young, we try not to be different nor stand out, so as not to attract undue attention. Thus we bland in and become like everyone else. When we grow up, some of us grow to know better, thus try to be different from others.


Of course we can

We do not need to conform to this world. I don’t send my children to tuition classes and enrichment classes like swimming and music classes are for leisure only. As soon as they lose interest, they stop their classes. My children perform according to their abilities and the minimum expectation is they pass their exams. I have friends who have not sent their children for tuition also and eventually these children are more independent learners. At least, children without tuition have less stress and if they are interested in something, we know it’s cos of true passion and not forced learning.

A very inspiring story. 

A very inspiring story. 

Thanks for sharing this

Thanks for sharing this great video! I must say that Thailand advertisement really have creativity to touch people’s heart.

Fantastic sharing!

Fantastic sharing here! This should come just in time for me. Hehee..

I can show both my DDs how even a person with disability can find

strength in times of adversities… so what more blessed ones like

us. Cheers to you for that! Thank you for this timely sharing!


thanks for sharing, a very

thanks for sharing, a very inspiring video..

Thanks! Great commercial

Thanks! Great commercial 😉

Refreshing perspective

Refreshing perspective from jedamum – very candid on "’cos it makes our life easier" and that "the road less travelled is not an easy path".

I guess most wants our kid to conform ‘cos as parents we know what to expect (or we think we know…). Everyone wishes our child to be different and outstanding. But as parents our most common yardstick of being "different & outstanding" are academic success and making more money – how different can that be That’s the irony of life isnt it?

Why must we be like others?

Why must we be like others? Cos it makes our life easier.

98% of my secondary school cohort went the JC route. a handful of us (less than 10) went the poly route and were not in the VP’s good books.

then 4 out of my team of 5 poly group mates went on to pursue their PT/FT studies in NUS; me while doing academically slightly better than them, went on to get married and eventually become a SAHM months after getting a private degree. as adults, we know that we are answerable for our own actions, but can kids make their own decisions wisely and with foresight?

the road less travelled is not an easy path; so we as parents should support our kids should they one day decide to take that path. but if the kid is not ready yet to choose his own path, helping them choose the path of least resistance  (ie supplementing their learning with the needed enrichment if the standard of their school calls for it etc) may avoid costly detours or mismatch of qualifications to aspirations at the end of the day.

Why must we be like others?

Inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

Having attended a SAP school and being one of those who always lagged behind, I totally agree with you. I was trying so hard to keep up that those 4 years were one of the worst time in my life.

However, I always like to see the brighter side of things. Having such high standards isn’t a bad thing. Since we are all in the race, and not that we can step aside and not participate, we just have to do our best to complete the race. We may not be the winners, as there will always be those who are better or worse that us, but we try our best.

Coming from a Chinese speaking family, I only picked up reading (English) in primary 5, and only had to courage to commute in English in JC. But I glad to admit that I made it without having any tuition. I wonder what society we are creating with kids having tuition all the way to college. Even if we do get the brightest kid through such system, are they the ones we are going to allow to be our country leaders? I have serious doubt about our future generation….I will vote for the one who did it without tuition, ANYTIME!

As a humble parent, I do not have the ability to migrate or move to another place where my kids can have it differently. But I know I’d do my very best to help my kids achieve the best they can be and be what they want to be – not through enrichment classes, but through motivation and cultivating internal strength.

I totally agree with you. 

I totally agree with you.  When my kids are in pre-schools, i did not enrol them in any enrichment thinking that they should enjoy themselves before entering primary schools.  When they are in primary schools, the teachers started to comment on the kid’s ability to catch up with the class etc that i have to put them on tution.   I am trying hard not to stress them and myself but tne environment do get to you.   But to me, i still want my kids to be  happy kids at the end of the day, so study when you have to but still enjoy life…..

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