Why You Are Paying 70% MORE Than You Should for Your Child’s Tutoring

Have you ever wondered why your child is still getting average grades despite 6 hours and $200 worth of tutoring each week… Or why some of your child’s peers are getting straight A’s despite having no tutoring?

The truth is that most students have the innate potential to get the best grades with little or no tutoring at all. But society norms and the limitations of education provision in schools have ensured that 8 out of 10 students today receive some form of tutoring, be it in tuition centres or privately at home. Of these 8 students, evidence has shown that only 1 or 2 of them are likely to reap the real benefits of the tutoring sessions. The remaining students, unfortunately, are only able to absorb not more than 30% of what’s being taught.

As can be seen, there is a good chance that you are not getting the most out of your investment in your child’s education. Hence here’s the million dollar question: How can you help your child get the best grades with little or no tutoring at all?

First things first, studying harder to memorize things is definitely not the right method. Your child may, at best, get average grades if they try hard to memorize all the formulae, theories and problem solving techniques in the books. Memorizing information without truly understanding and owning the concepts behind the various subjects is one big impediment to academic success. Therefore, forget those expensive memory enhancement courses. Stop asking your child to simply spend more time to cramp loads of information in his or her mind. This does not allow them to learn things practically and, of course, will not guarantee them better grades in the long run.  

The quickest way to getting the best grades with little or no tutoring is to become an independent and effective learner. An independent learner is one who has assumed substantial control over his or her life. This control stems from the ability to plan and achieve the results desired in one’s life, the true mastery of time and the consistent redefinition of one’s limits. With this control, your child will be able to proceed with his or her education with a whole new perspective, one which provides intrinsic motivation to ensure lasting success.

With the right attitude in place, the next essential step is to equip your child with the right tools for success. To become an effective learner, you child must learn how to adopt better learning strategies to optimize learning capacities and make the best use of his or her hard work. With a better learning approach, your child will be able to get the best grades with lesser effort and minimum tutoring. He or she will also gain more time and confidence, and as a result, enjoy better successes in school and in life.

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