Will GEP Students Do Well In PSLE?

We should not assume that all kids want to excel in their studies.

Kids who are smart are not necessarily hard working. Although intelligence is important, hard work is even more so. One who is not-so-smart, but very diligent may end up scoring much better than one who is smart, but not willing to put in extra effort. Not every one ‘by default’, aims to be a TOP. There are many who are very intelligent, but think that by virtue of their intelligence, they can afford to relax and still ‘scrap through’ with minimum effort.

Many GEP kids I know of, particularly the boys, are more concerned with having an enjoyable time in their learning journeys than scoring high marks. Route-learning and mugging bore them even though that seems to be the way to score in our current examination framework.

As an adult, we all know that Money is very important for survival, as well as a better standard of living. Why then is not everyone working very hard, taking a few jobs, going all the way, just to maximize our wealth?

The reason is because WE ARE EXERCISING A CHOICE. A choice to have more time for entertainment and relaxation, time to pursue our hobbies and interest, time for enriching our relationships with loved ones and time away from additional work and stress, all at the expense of more wealth.

A child, too, may wish to exercise his choice if he is allowed to or if he can afford to. Choice, not to have academic pursuit as the sole measure of his success…Choice to have more relaxation and less stress…Choice to pursue his interest… and Choice, not to compete….

We, as adults know the importance of a ‘good’ education from our own life experiences. A child, at 12 or below will not be able to appreciate it. Any competitive streak to excel has to be inculcated by the adults or adopted to meet the adult’s expectations.



To give children a choice or not, is always the topic that my husband and me don’t agree with each other. He is more like the “authority” type. Sometime, I am more towards giving the child choice. but in the end, it didn’t happen the way we expected. e.g.

mom asks: ” you want a or b?”
child says: ” I don’t want a or b, I want c.”

I would say there is no right or wrong answer for this.
For small things, we can let the child make their own decision. For major things that the child may not know the effect of making the wrong choice, we must exercise our authority as parents to ask them to do what we think we know the best for them .

Well said, Fairy!

Well said, Fairy..



HI Fairy, I understand

HI Fairy,

I understand where you are coming from, for your point of view, I infact did "exercise my choice" by  being obedient and chose to study and excel at my very best at that time, instead of playing around with my childhood friends or watching tv. It is just that I did not know that I was making a choice. he…he… The way I perceive a choice should be presented with more than one option at the same with equal opportunity. I do agree with you that kids nowadays are much well informed, and exposed. How different it is now compared to my generation he..he..

I think as parents we have a choice to either giving them choices as what you said "the role of a coach and advisor to them instead of one who sets the rules", or exercising our authority as parents to ask them to do what we think we know the best for them.


About exercising Choices

Dear Siak,

All of us from the young to old,  exercise choices at all times. You happened to be one who was once, an obedient child who had embraced your responsibility as a student with no question asked. As parents, we wish all our kids are like you.

In reality, the world is made up of people with different characters and mindsets. That includes little people – ie. children. I fully agree that they at their young age may not understand enough to exercise the Right choice. Only the adults, with our ‘wisdom’ and life experieces are able to link the choices to their consequences.

Kids today are well read, well exposed and more matured. A lot of parents, in their quest to exposed their children as early as possible to more knowledge, more sophisticated and critical thinking skills are inevitably nurturing a group of children who will more likely not take everything that is handed to them without question (at least, to themselves).

This is not to say that we, as parents, have no more authority over them. Perhaps, in encounering such children, we should try adopting the role of a coach and advisor to them instead of one who sets the rules.

Can a child at their young

Can a child at their young age understand enough to exercise their choice? I totally agree we adult exercise our choices, a choice to spend more time for family, a choice not to stress out by taking stressful job but big money and hundreds of reasons.

I refer to my own experience when I was a child. I knew my job/role as a student that time, i did not have to worry about money, I did not have to worry about not having enough time to spend with my family, i knew my job was to study because I was a student and I liked to study. At that time, did I understand about "exercising my choice"? NO, I didn’t know, but perhaps only me, I was not clever enough to know that 🙂 

But I do agree competitive spirit in a child can be inculcated, though it can be also innate  since born. I see this more in my 2nd child since  baby she was able to express what she wanted or not wanted, she has kiasu spirit compared to her elder sister.

Well, GEP stdents are

Well, GEP stdents are children too.  There are the good one and the bad one in the class too.  Good = top students, Bad= lowest rating in term of score in the class

However, there are also stduents who did extremely well in a neighbourhood schools and got into RI/RGS.

I believe many of us were not top stduents but doing very well in our careers now.  I would prefer to have a child that is good in softskill and streetsmart in the right manner.

Streetsmart is very impt in the working world – this is lack of in many of the TOP students. 


What does GEP stand for?

What does GEP stand for?

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