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Win a Basic Programming Course worth $2000 for Your Teen

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Learning coding is just like learning a new language. After enough practice anyone should be able to embark on their own software projects.

Won’t it be great if your child is able to develop his/her own software project?

Take part in our Coding Labs x KiasuParents contest and let your teenager pick up some basic programming skills.

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The power of programming has changed the way we look at the world today. Companies are increasingly looking at hiring graduates who are competent in both programming as well as their primary knowledge fields in order to remain relevant in the market.

Starting young would definitely give a head start to coding. Youths imbued with basic coding skills have the potential to creatively solve difficult pain points facing the world today.

Why coding?

Our youths are becoming more exposed and smarter. Coding allows our youths to express their creativity in solving real world issues. Learning how technology works also helps our youths appreciate the work that was spent coding the applications around us.

Moreover, coding is a skill that employers value as it bring about great versatility in business. For youths who aspire to be entrepreneurs in future, knowing how to code will become an asset, as they will then be able to test out their ideas cheaply instead of hiring a developer.

Where to learn?

Many of the concepts relating to programming can be challenging to master but it can actually be made simple for youths to grasp.

At Coding Labs, a premier programming school catering to adolescents, the focus is on developing a child’s ability to impact and influence the world one line of code at a time.

Coding Lab is led by Ian Lam, co-founder of and, and Kong Yu Jian, 3-time hackathon winner.

Coding needs to be fun and that’s why Coding Lab believes in experiential learning. Every class is a lead-up to a finished product at the end of a course. By developing practical applications, learning is kept relevant while at the same time, students get to understand how the different aspects of coding work together.

The programme is led by Kong Yujian, an accomplished coder who managed to emerge first in multiple competitions such as the ST Electronics Secruity Apps Challenge, Hackatron Asia 2014 and the prestigious CODEX:2014 by IDA Singapore.

Classes cater to kids aged 13-17 years old and each 2-hour session is conducted on weekends. The classes are currently conducted where a professional coding firm Tinkerbox is residing, so that the youths get the best environment possible for coding.

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