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Win a Condominium

Once a while credit cards give a really good deal. I quoted this from another blog here.  If you are a frequent AXS user, which many of us are, you will notice this good deal offer till Jan 2011.  Just make payment using your DBS or POSB card and every $50 gives you a chance to win a condominium.  However, many of us fails to see the last wording – Terms and conditions apply.  And as always, you will only find out the terms and conditions later, usually a little too late.

Since I said yes to participate in the FREE draw,I became extremely popular.  I get invitation to all kinds of property prelaunches on office phone, mobile phone, sms, and email.  I have calls from ERA, orange and whatever you can think of.  And the best part is, they love you so much, you decline or unsubscribe but the love notes keep coming. It has been a long time since I felt so pampered.

So, if you are reading this, and you love this sort of good deal and attention and pampering, run down to the nearest AXS station now. By the way, application for NDP2010 tickets starts tomorrow.

Find Tuition/Enrichment Centres