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Win a Free Basic Soap Making Workshop from Soap Ministry (Worth $58)

Looking for some interesting and meaningful activities for your child? Why not let them make some soaps. Making soaps not only increases bonding between child and parents, it also helps children to train their creativity and motor skills, all while making themselves something beneficial! 

Be the 20 winners to win Basic Soap Making Workshop from Soap Ministry. (Worth $58 plus complimentary Life Time Membership) 

*All ingredients, equipments and coaching provided.

Make 5 – 7 soaps of your choice designs, colour and scent from pure essential oil. The workshop takes around one hour to complete so it would be a short and interactive session for your child! 

Our skin is our largest organ and is permeable, absorbing anything that comes into contact with it. Thus, whatever we are using on our skin plays a crucial part in maintaining a healthy skin and even a healthy body. 

At Soap Ministry all our ingredients are natural / organic / free from harsh chemicals. Natural organic ingredients do not accumulate in our bodies as our bodies are built to metabolise organic substances. This puts our minds at ease that no chemicals are involved and no chemical residue will accumulate in our bodies. Our melt and pour soap base are already beneficial and good for the skin. To make it even better, you could also add herb powders, such as bamboo charcoal, aloe vera and chamomile.

​Adults can also make Cold Process soaps, which are even better than melt and pour soap, since you can choose to use your favourite oil from our wide range of varieties. This soap making method is gaining worldwide popularity as it is simple and has multiple beneficial properties, ranging from simply cleaning and lathering to purifying and moisturising. 
​As Singapore’s first and only official soap teaching company, we provide coaching, detail notes, calculation methods, safety guidance, method and feasibility guidance and even certificates!

If you could not make it yourself, you could also make custom orders at Soap Ministry to get the soaps you want, be it melt and pour or cold process soaps, with your choice or colour, essential oils, herbs and even carrier oils.

​For mothers with newborns, Soap Ministry also makes customized breast milk cold process soaps, with your own breast milk. Why throw away breast milk that is expired for drinking when you could make a good use out of it. Breast milk is one of the best milk around the world so don’t waste it!

The more the merrier! All of us have fun when there are more people to share the joy. Here at Soap Ministry you could also hold birthday party for your kids and let them have fun. At our venue, you could bring your own food for the party.

Those who did not win the free workshop. Fret not! Kiasu members will still be able to experience Soap Making Workshop and discounts. Simply follow the steps as stated below: 

Soap Making Workshop 
Mention Password ” Kiasuparent ” during booking 
What’s Apps Request to 96695953

Entitle to : 
Basic Soap Making 
300g instead of 250g soap at $48/set
( Worth $60 ) 

Upsize Soap Making 
600g instead of 500g at $86/set 
( Worth $115.20 ) 

Breastmilk Soap Customised Order 
Get Free Magnetic Soap Holder
( Worth $10.90 each ) 

Cold Process Soap Making Workshop 
Get free 10ml Essential Oil ( Worth $18 – $25 ) 

For more information:

Website : 
Face Book :
INSTAGRAM : @soapministry
Enquiry : 
Contact : 66341920 / 96695953 

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