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Wondering where to get a cheap and decent hair cut for kids?

This is my favorite hair salon. It is unbelievable cheap! cheapest in Singapore. even cheaper than JB. $2.90 for hair cut by professional, not student trainee.

First of all, I have to declare that I have no relationship with this company. Just sharing lobang and my experience here.

I used to cut my child’s hair myself, until one day I read news on the newspaper about this hair salon bedok reservoir branch that offer $2.90 haircut. Since it is so cheap, try it out loh. Save my time and energy to do the haircut myself. besides, use my child as a guinea pig to test out.

The second time, I wanted to try out other branch that near my place, so I tried out one of the branch at tampines. I was not quite satisfy with the result (not much changes in length and looked as if cut nothing). p.s. Different branch charges different price according to location, I think. Tampines charge $4.80.
so I just called bedok reservoir branch to book another appointment. It just happened that their boss was there. The boss immediately promised me that I can come to bedok reservoir for re-cut FREE.
I was surprised. It is not matter of $. They have service indeed.

-you will experience long queue over the weekend or evening, so try to go during the weekday.
– Hair stylists’ standard are quite different. You may need to try out few to see which stylist you like the best.
– If you do hair perming/coloring, you have the priority (can cut queue).

Check out their branches all over the island:


Hair Cutting Salon Singapore

Hi, thanks for sharing your experience here. As you tell this hair cutting salon providing cheapest hair cutting service for kids, I think this is best place for kids hair cutting and want to go here asap. Last time I visited ScissorsPaperStone, this is also best salon for kids and also very cheapest hair cutting cost.

Anyone encounter kids ( pri) sent back due to hairstyle issue

I have this issue with my son’s school this week .

He was being sent back due to his haircut issue , was being banned from school , reason for the banning him is his side shave too high ??? 

What is the usual school rules for boys haircut now is all Singapore Primary School

Fringe don’t touch eyebrown , Side hair don’t touch ears ?? these rules doesn’t apply anymore ??

New school rules ??? new SOP for primary school ??

Kids haircuts.

My son been there a few time but he just cannot cooperate with the hairdresser until I found one. Her name is stephy and she’s very experience dealing difficult kids. Here’s the contact 96890045 you may check out her web

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