Worried about Mandarin? TD EDUCATION CENTRE offers a holistic Chinese environment

Singaporean parents of young children, we are facing the challenges of encouraging our children to speak more Mandarin and getting them to be interested in Chinese culture.

Why don’t our children like to answer in Mandarin even though they can understand? Why don’t they like to read Mandarin Story books? Is it because they’re not interested in the story or because Mandarin is too difficult for them to understand?

It is even no use to send the young children to Chinese tuition or enrichment classes; the stickers and the sweets are the only motivation to make them go. What if they can’t catch up in primary school in their Mandarin class?

If you are facing such problems and eagerly searching for a solution, please take your children and visit TD EDUCATION CENTRE. Your children will become Mandarin lovers here!



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TD EDUCATION CENTRE is a Mandarin school using advanced education philosophies, Montessori Approach and Immersion Approach to help young children, aged between 2 years old to 12 years old and engage them in standard and fun Mandarin learning.

As knowledgeable Singaporean parents, you may know what Montessori Approach is, but what about Immersion Approach? In recent years, researchers have found out that to help young children learn a second or third language to the best extent, Immersion Approach is the best way. That is why this school is focusing on children between 2 to 12 years old, for whom we can see the best effect. Within the natural Mandarin environment, your children will start their fun Mandarin journey as easy as learning their first language!

Parent’s Comment 1/6

Boon Furui (6 years old)

We are very fortunate to have found TD Education Centre as we speak English at home. My son was able to speak simple Mandarin and recognize Chinese characters after a few months. Now he has improved tremendously and is able to have a conversation in Mandarin. The teachers are kind, patient and encouraging. They have made him feel comfortable with the Chinese language.

For the preschool children, TD EDUCATION CENTRE prepared Reading, Math, Speech and Drama, Picture Card games, Sentence Construction Games, Story Creation, Hanyu Pinyin, Chinese Traditional poems, and Di Zi Gui programs. For Primary school children, programmes are specially focused on enhancing their abilities on listening, speaking, reading and writing according to the most updated MOE Primary school Mandarin Course Outline. Meanwhile, during the holiday period, the school will engage Mandarin Lovers in an Immersed environment for culture and literature exploration!


Parent’s Comment 2/6

Sean Trevoh Tuang (6 years old)

Sean has shown improvements on his reading and speaking. Also his writing is clearer and neater. However, his ability to express is limited.


Parent’s Comment 3/6

Toh Yuzhe (4 years old) with his family

About 2 weeks after Yuzhe joined TD Education, he came home conversing to us in Mandarin. He took us by surprise as he previously could not express his own thoughts in Mandarin. Now he is able to carry out a conversation in simple sentences and express his own thoughts.

Early in the year of 2008, TD EDUCATION CENTRE had published its own teaching material, which was the first set of books used for the preschool teachers and children ever published in Singapore. Until now, the teaching materials are broadly used by child care centers and kindergartens islandwide, including St. James’ Church Kindergarten group and Montessori Preschools. The teaching materials have been receiving positive feedback and appraisal from the first-line teachers.

Starting from the same year, TD EDUCATION CENTRE was invited by Confucius Institute to join together for the Preschool program “TCEP”. Although this program is only provided during weekends, the feedback is fantastic and the parents enthusiastically send their children from island wide. In addition, the teaching materials and lesson received a very high score of 9 out of 10 during the random evaluation programme by the English magazine “Simply Her” in September 2010. Finally in 2012, TD EDUCATION CENTRE happily compiled and published the teaching materials, “TCEP Pre-School Chinese” series, for the programme together with Confucius Institute.

TD EDUCATION CENTRE has published teaching materials called “Enjoy Easy Learning!” series for St. James’ Church Kindergarten and the “TCEP Pre-school Chinese” for Confucius Institute, NTU.

Carys is a 6-year old British girl. She used to have 45 minutes of Mandarin class everyday at her previous kindergarten. When she first joined TD EDUCATION CENTRE, she didn’t like to speak any Mandarin or even follow teachers whenever she was asked to repeat a Mandarin word. After few days of immersion into the 3-hour daily full Mandarin environment, gradually she started to use Mandarin and even asked the teachers how to use some particular words in Mandarin. Only for a year, she could use Mandarin to communicate with the teachers and her friends. According to the school’s tracking record, through this one year learning, Carys could accomplish 144 pairs of picture-card matching, recognize 253 Hanzi, use Hanzi radicals to build up 67 Hanzi and read 10 Mandarin books all by herself.

Parent’s Comment 4/6

Carys (6 years old) with her mother

Carys has attended 12 hours a week for almost 18 months and absolutely loves it. The teachers are so caring and dedicated and her Mandarin has improved immensely. We would recommend TD Education to anyone.

WeiYu, turning 7-years-old this year, is taking advanced Mandarin in Primary 1. He first came to TD EDUCATION CENTRE when he was 5 and had no Mandarin speaking background. After 3 semesters there, he scored highly of 195/200 at the YCT 2nd level exam. (YCT or Youth Chinese Test is a test to encourage foreign young students to learn Chinese and improve their Chinese language proficiency. YCT score can solidly prove the Chinese ability of young children.)

Parent’s Comment 5/6

Tan WeiYu (7 years old) with his mother

WeiYu scored 195 out of 200 at YCT 2nd level exam


After 2 happy years in TD Education Centre, WeiYu moves on to Primary 1 taking higher level Chinese. It is a smooth transition for him as he progresses well in learning Han Yu Pin Yin, new Chinese words, sentence structure and the correct strokes in writing. During his recent show and tell session, his teacher praised him for his articulation and confidence, encourages his peers to learn from him. We believe his daily reading of story books in TD Education and the many roles playing activities, plus learning in small group has helped him build a good foundation. He now continues to attend weekly lessons at TD Education to sharpen his writing skills. From a shy kid who refuses to communicate in Mandarin, to a happy kid who believes in himself and is able to converse confidently in Mandarin, we are least worried with his Chinese results as we have seen the effort put in by both WeiYu and the teachers.


Parent’s Comment 6/6

Teoh Yiqing (4 years old) with her parents

We had enrolled my gal to TD Education class on May 2014 when she was N1. As a parent, we are so impressed that my gal progress on Chinese language, from dislike Chinese language until enjoy listening Chinese story and writing with the period less than a year with TD Education. We acknowledged passion, knowledge and commitment of teachers makes a lot of difference to a class. My gal did enjoy a lot during the class, having fun and learning at the same time. I believe this is what most of the parents are looking for! We highly recommend and refer TD Education to parents.

Additionally, according to the tracking record of the school’s current students, within 6 months, the average increase amount of their Hanzi recognition is 200. They could use Hanzi radicals to build up at the least 80 characters, cards matching grow to 150 pairs and read 10 Mandarin books by themselves. Meanwhile, their listening, speaking and their interest in Chinese culture improved remarkably only after 2 to 3 months with TD EDUCATION CENTRE. The parents appreciate their children’s improvement. TD EDUCATION CENTRE can help improve your children’s Chinese language ability.

The “Progress Report” will be provided to parents. The report objectively reflects the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of the child. It also has a Hanzi recognition tracking record.



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