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I’m not selling anything here, just a feedback on the change in my MIL. And any of you might wanna consider this programme for your parents.

The change is apparent with my MIL who was (back in June) still suffering from very strained relationships with her hubby and son.

How we got to know of this programme:

DH and I were sending DS1 to wushu and we met up my JC friend for lunch, while DS1 was at wushu. Through the conversation, we got to know that she was newly employed by Yah 快乐学堂 http://www.yah.org.sg as a receptionist. She started telling us that this 快乐学堂 is funded by the government to set up courses, targeted at the older citizens at a much subsidised fee. There is no age limit for the courses.

The courses which were due to start in June this year was ‘Learning of Magic Tricks’ or ‘Chinese Medicine’. We went to her office and read through the contents for the course. It was pretty interesting for it was a full day programme (Thursday or Saturday), with speakers of the programme giving formal lessons.  There are coursework and ‘exam/projects’. DH decided that he would want to explore ‘Chinese Medicine’ with his mum and got her to attend this course. He paid for $300-400 for a 10 week course.

MIL attended the orientation complete with ice-breaker games, conversation sessions and they were further divided into small groups for group activities. The orientation lasted half a day and her feedback was: the games were very fun.

A week after that, she came back from lesson 1 with loads of information to share, there was homework to do and presentation to prepare for. 3 weeks later, she was getting a little stressed up and wanted the easier way out – give up halfway through the course. But her coursemates (now friends) told her to endure through the 10 weeks. Soon, at every weekend where we met them for dinner, she started sharing research studies, food recipes with DH and me. She even taught me how to cook herbal dishes. This took her attention and negative energy away from the prolonged family problems.

She started giving attention to her physical appearance and dress sense. Even her conversation topics no longer hovered around her son, financial woes and her husband. It was a lot deeper and there is quality in her sharings. DH even encouraged her to mix around a lot more.

On the final week of the course, she was ‘forced’ to share her life story, how she came to know about 快乐学堂 and the difference it made to her life. Though she resisted at first, she gathered enough courage to share on stage. 2 weeks after that, she was still telling everyone how nervous she felt on stage and how happy she was to be able to tell people about her ‘sad’ story, and not to mention, the applause she got from her audience.

All in all, the 10 weeks were spent so meaningfully that it created a marked change in her. DH was surprised and very touched with what he saw with just $400.

The course had a graduation ceremony to signify the completion of the course. Aunties and uncles of the golden age dress up like graduates and they had to go to the stage to receive their certificate. It will be a proud moment to her. She is even practising hard now at the karaoke with her coursemates so that she will be prepared to perform on stage with her song! We will be there to witness her graduation ceremony.

This is a very good course that MCYS is funding and is targeting at the retirees and older citizens in helping them to find a healthier lifestyle while aging. It’s meaningful and I hope to share this with parents here. Do encourage your own parents to sign up and witness the change and happiness in their lives.

快乐学堂 has now relocated to the west – Jurong Point Mall.  Great for the westies!

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Hi Amylqf, Maybe you can

Hi Amylqf,

Maybe you can brain-wash her close friend to sign up with her?

Hi, thanks for sharing. My

Hi, thanks for sharing. My mother has been going through a phase of depression. I think its quite common for the elderly of her generation to feel pity for themselves despite their blissful life. Hopefully this works for my mom.

Thanks for sharing. The

Thanks for sharing.
The thing is that my mil is anti-social type. We tried many times without success. what to do?

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