Young Scientists

You may find it encouraging to know that when your child is making messes, taking things apart, and exploring in places you would prefer left alone, he or she, is really just doing what a scientist might do.

Scientists find things out and then systematically monitor, organize, and report their findings. Preschool children learn best when they "do" Science. Just like scientists, they ask questions and find answers by trying out their ideas and observing what happens.

Infants and toddlers do the work of scientists as part of their everyday lives as they observe surroundings, test things out, and make discoveries. Squeezing a banana, examining an earthworm, and pouring sand through a sieve are a few ways in which young children experiment with and observe the material world. Using all their senses – touch, sight, smell, taste and hearing… they discover relationships of change and growth and cause and effect.

Toddlers on the move want to know how things work – opening and closing doors, taking objects apart, making concoctions at the sink… and if you are the parent of a 3yr old, you are probably lliving through the beginning of the "whys" – endless questions about why, what and where things are happening and who’s involved.

Check out Preschool for Parents , by Diane Trister Dodge, Toni S, Bickhart and Cynthia Scherr

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