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Young Writer’s Contest #02-English: Entry 01

My Father

My father? There are so many things that I can describe about him and there are so many ways to go about it. My father looks very strict and stern on the outside but he is a kind-hearted and loving man inside He is also quite playful sometimes. I guess few would be able to know unless they are friends. Yet, they should not be so quick to judge either. After all, “don’t judge a book by its cover”.

On most occasions, my father is very patient and focused. He is not a “workaholic” and usually spends the weekend with us although he does do some work when he is waiting for my brother and I to finish our work. Normally, he does not scold us but will issue warnings and punishment unless it is something very serious. He hardly loses his temper or vents his frustration on us even when he is in a foul mood although he would hint at us not to provoke him. Where can you ever find such a cool-headed man? My father is also a very logical and disciplined man. He may be lazy and tired after work sometimes but he still goes for his night job everyday. Besides that, he also looks at things in a very logical way, he does not assume but deduces and observes.

He is also extra strict with my family. He makes sure we finish what we started first instead of us letting us give up along the way. He will teach us the value of perseverance and make sure we understand it. Lastly, he is very thrifty and frugal. He does not spend too much money on going to an expensive restaurant except for special occasions. Still, he will be satisfied even if he has to settle for simple meals instead. He also makes sure we only get necessities but there are certain exceptions. A man with so many good qualities, I guess that I am quite lucky that he is my father. My mother also says that he has a certain charisma and charm. In my opinion, I reckon that my father is quite good-looking.

All his good qualities aside, beneath it is a loving and doting father. He is the head of our family and is someone we cannot do without. For example, I am quite plump and will be coerced into jogging every Sunday. Although my father knows it is tough on me, he still has to force me to do it as he knows he is trying to help me, not harm me. He also controls my diet. I do not blame him for trying to cut down on my food intake as I know he is just trying to do what is best for me since he cares about me. Whenever I need help, he will try to render it to me. When I need comforting and someone to talk to, he will do his best to be that understanding “someone”. Even if he is not the first, I know he will still be there for me.

I remember once, my father brought my whole family to Malacca for the holidays. There, we stayed at Sunway Lagoon Hotel. After we had unpacked, we put on our swimming costumes and headed out. When we were at the swimming pool, my father brought me to the deep end of the pool. He bet with me that I could not touch the bottom of the pool and then challenged me to do it. I was indignant and immediately dived down.

It was tough and I had to swim very forcefully but at last, I touched the bottom of the swimming pool. However, as I was swimming back to the surface, I had a leg cramp. I started sinking back down again and I started to suffocate. Suddenly, I felt a strong hand pull me upwards. I broke through the surface and gasped for air. When I turned to see who had rescued me, I looked into the worried face of my father. I hugged him gratefully and he too broke into a smile. That incident will always be etched in my mind and from this, I know that I can always count on my father in times of need.

My father is like my guardian angel, always watching over me and trying to protect me as much as possible. He could be overprotective at times but I know he behaves like that as he cannot bear to see hurt. I guess no parents would want to see their child get injured or be in pain. He is like the air, the oxygen in the surroundings. We do not usually notice it or take note of its presence, yet it is something that we cannot do without. My father is a vital part of my life that I cannot do without as there would be no me without him. No matter what happens, he will always be in the background, supporting and encouraging me on silently.

I love him despite some heated arguments we might have had between us. There is a place in my heart that is reserved for him and no one can ever replace it. I am his flesh and blood, his daughter, and that fact will never change even when we pass away. I want to thank him for supporting me through some difficult times and for being there for me all the time. Thank you daddy, I can never finish repaying you throughout my life for bringing me up and constantly showering me with love. Your undying care and concern towards me will never be forgotten. You will forever be my father and I think you are the best father anyone can ever have in this world. I love you for who you are on the inside, an angel sent from the heavens.


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