Young Writer’s Contest #02-English: Entry 02

My Sister
My sister was born on about 15 years ago. She pestered my parents for a baby brother. Finally, I was born only when she was in K2, in the year 2004. She was the one who chose my name. But she didn’t just pick a random name, she chose the world’s second longest name, hers being the longest. My sister is the only child who is a girl in my extended family. She is also the oldest and tallest of all us children. Whenever my sister did something wrong, my mother would scold her. But then, I would come and say “Mummy, don’t scold my Sista”. Since I was so cute, she always got away with it. Lucky girl!
My sister is adorable, cute, awesome, legendary and extremely cool. She is an extraordinarily fantastic sketcher. When she drew, it looked alive. Once, she sketched a picture of flower pot with flowers in it and it was the most fabulous piece of work I had ever seen in my entire life. Unfortunately, her passion is not drawing. So she hasn’t participated in any competitions and isn’t even thinking of becoming an artist when she grows up. Her passion is to become a writer. She is very strong in her imagination. In fact, she thinks at the speed of light. Whenever she wants to write a story, she gets an idea within ten seconds. When she still cannot think of an idea, she told me, that she just has a quick run around the house to refresh her mind. Then, she comes up with an idea almost instantly. She also knows more phrases than God. And her spelling is unbelievably accurate. And of course, her grammar is fabulous.
My sister, without the slightest doubt, is the most marvellous and exciting sister a boy could ever have. She gave me lessons on how to draw. Now, my sister says that I am fantastic at drawing, but there is still room for improvement. She has just started to give me colouring lessons. It turns out I am not very good at colouring but my sister has advised me to not give up. I pester her with math quizzes and puzzles. She gets annoyed, but she does not yell at me. We also play one of my favourite board games, chess, together. She is a challenging opponent. She knows what pins, forks, skewers, discover checks, discovered attack and double checks are. She is strong in her tempo and brilliant in her tactics. She is proud of me and is very happy when I win in chess competitions. Sometimes we play basketball together, one of the few things I am better than her. Now, I am thinking of following her foot steps and become a writer when I grow up. To practise, we write together. Actually, I write the stories and she helps me. The times we spend fighting on the bed with pillows is the most exciting of them all. Best of all, she shares the chocolates and other delightful treats with me.
She tells me scary stories at night. Actually it is fun, but sometimes she makes it too scary. Also, when I want the computer to do some urgent work, sometimes, she doesn’t give it to me. She can irritate me at times. Sometimes, she gets mad at me and shouts at me. Those are all the reasons that I dislike my sister but still to me she is still the best sister in the whole world. She gets a hundred out of hundred in “sistering”.
I love my sister – she always delights, intrigues, astonishes and perplexes me beyond measure. Not in the wildest dreams can I imagine a sister better than her.

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