Young Writer’s Contest #02-English: Entry 04

My Father
There is a Chinese proverb saying mothers are the best in the world. How about fathers? To me, fathers still play an important role to earn some money for the family. Who says fathers aren’t important? My father works as a night-shift taxi driver. So when my siblings and I are sleeping, my father is busily taking customers to different parts of Singapore. Sundays are our family day, when we spent time bonding with each other and chatting about work and play, and usually when we are out, my father will be the driver. He is a fantastic driver and a caring parent. I am always amazed by the way he activates his car and drive in pleasure to our destination.
He is a loving counsellor when we need help. Once, I came crying back from school because my Mathematics grades were quite bad. My father was concerned and asked me about my problem. I told him and he encouraged me to go on, to continue fighting till the end. He never wants me to give up, no matter how low my grades are. He once said to me, “As long as you try, there is always to be a miracle.” He will then try to help me with the challenging Mathematics questions from my book, even though he was not educated.
There are still many kinds of ways he tries to express his love to us. He regularly calls back home when he is having his dinner at hawker centres or taking a break before he continues driving. And sometimes, when he comes back, he will buy us our favourite dessert, chicken drumstick. He is also a kind-hearted guy, so some customers will try to take advantage of him, and my mother will be very angry with those customers.
Whatever my siblings and I requested him to purchase for us, he will readily agree, and he will not know when we are merely joking with him. Like there was once when he asked what we wanted to have for lunch. Then, I cheekily replied, “Pa, I want abalone and spaghetti for lunch.” Looking slightly appalled, he would say, “Ok. I’ll go get it now.” His face looked he was serious. He was really going to buy them? He opened the door and prepared to go out when I called out to him, “No, Pa! I’m just joking!” Then, he would give me a how-dare-you-fool-me,-little-imp face.
The only time I get to really chat with him is on Sunday. On Sunday, I will always know the troubles he faced with customers who do not cooperate with him, and the stress he is having with his work. I can tell you, he is a hardworking man who strives to give us the best of all. Apart from his driving skills, there is also one thing he has the skills at – photography. Photography is his favourite hobby, and we realize it is an expensive hobby as he has to buy cameras to take pictures. What he loves to take pictures of is the scenery, the birds, the flowers and all that of nature. After taking pictures of them, he will secretly go to a shop to have those photographs printed out. He is not a selfish person, and he will give some of the photographs to us.
He took photographs of me when I was a baby, a child, and now a teen. He says that when I grow older like his age, I will begin to treasure these photographs. Apparently that is true, because when I was a baby, I was chubby and cute. And when I was a child, I looked adorable in my dresses. We get angry sometimes when we feel that it is irritating to pose for the pictures, so some of the pictures have our angry faces and the curved frowns on our face.
Truly I loved my father more than anything. I remembered him as a responsible father who used to feed me milk as a baby; who used to carry me everywhere as a toddler; who used to help me with riding my bicycle as a child; and a counsellor who used to hear my troubles and problems as a teen. I love you, daddy!

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