Young Writer’s Contest #02-English: Entry 05

Baby E

“Do you know what? You are going to have a new sibling!” Daddy announced one night.

A new sibling?  My heart leapt! Immediately, I said I wanted a sister.

“No!” ET, my younger brother said. “I want a brother!”

I wanted a sister as some people say that girls are better behaved than boys and I did not want to have another brother like ET. He is really irritating and always noisy. Besides, a sister is sweeter, cuter and easier to get along with. However, when Mummy came back from an X-ray examination one day, she told me the baby was a boy. I was disappointed on hearing that but eventually got over it. As Mummy’s stomach got bigger and bigger, I became more and more excited.

I wanted my brother, Baby E, to be a dragon baby as dragons get along with monkeys (that’s me!). I read all these about the Chinese Zodiac in a book called Chinese Cinderella and the Secret Dragon Society. In the end, Baby E was born in the year of the rabbit, but I decided that was not important.

On the day he was born, I rushed to the hospital after school to visit Baby E for the first time. He was bigger than I expected him to be. Some of my parents’ friends came and visited Baby E as well. They brought presents and congratulated Mummy for giving birth to a new son. After he was born, initially he was quite difficult to take care, he cried a lot and refused to sleep during the night. The confinement lady had to carry him all the time even when he was sleeping. As time passed by, he began to learn how to sleep at night and not cry so much.

Speaking of crying, Baby E can cry really loud if he wants to. Sometimes when he cries in the middle of the night, he can even wake me up! Usually, when ET and I hear him crying, we cover our ears. Last December, when we were in Taiwan for holiday, Baby E kept crying whenever he was put on a car seat as he wanted to be carried. ET and I kept saying Baby E was ruining our holiday. Mummy frowned and said we should not say that. It is very rude and when we were babies, we were always crying too.

Despite the fact that Baby E can cry very loud, he can be very cute and smiley too. He would smile every day, and is especially smiley when he listens to me playing violin.  He also loves to bang the piano keys when I play piano. I feel happy when I hear him laugh.  Visitors who come to our house never fail to say that Baby E is very cute.  They would say “how cute” or “what a sweet, sweet baby” and begin to fuss over him. I think it is rather silly of them to fuss over Baby E like that.

Baby E is fun to play with. When I play with him, I would cuddle him, then follow him where he wants to go. After that, I would tickle him lightly. However, ET does not play with Baby E like I do. ET’s idea of fun is to hug Baby E tightly and refrain him from moving freely. Daddy and Mummy always ask him not to do that to Baby E but he ignores them. Baby E cries when ET plays with him.

Recently, Baby E was sick and had a fit attack. He spluttered and gasped for air as he cried. Daddy had to rush him to the hospital. Fortunately, he was well after that.

I hope Baby E will not be naughty in the future and be a kind and caring brother. Even though he is not a girl, I love him very much as he is one of the dearest people to me.

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