Your Child’s Best Options After the N-Levels

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What’s next for N-Level students?

This is probably something that you and your child are wondering about, especially since the N-Level results will be released soon. He or she will need to assess the available education pathways based on the results. In fact, this is something that you can already start discussing with your child! 

In this guide, we highlight the most common pathways after the N-Levels, including an attractive option that few may know about—the Cambridge IGCSE Prep Course, which is an alternative pathway that enables N-Level students to progress to a degree. Institutions of higher learning (IHLs) such as Singapore Management University, Australian National University, Imperial College London, and the five polytechnics in Singapore do welcome candidates holding the Cambridge IGCSE qualification based on Cambridge International’s recognition database.

Read on so that you and your child can make an informed decision!

What Can an N(T) Student Choose After the N-Levels?

For students who’ve completed Secondary 4 in the Normal (Technical) stream, they go on and spend years with the ITE (NITEC Course) or continue with their secondary school to complete their O-levels. Alternatively, they can complete the Cambridge IGCSE 5-month Prep Course and examinations, which is an O-level equivalent qualification (grade for grade) and enables graduates from this course to progress to a degree.

What Can an N(A) Student Choose After the N-Levels?

Similar to the options above, students can select the Cambridge IGCSE 5-month Prep Course and examinations. Thus, students can consider taking up the course instead of spending a year for O-levels (learn about the differences between the IGCSE and the O-Levels here). Other options would include ITE (NITEC Course), continuing to Secondary 5, or applying for the Polytechnic Foundation Programme.

Close to 100% Passing Rate At PSB Academy 

Does your child wish to pursue a university education eventually? 

PSB Academy is registered as a Cambridge international school, as well as an IGCSE exam centre. This means that students can take both their lessons and assessments when they join PSB Academy.

The IGCSE Prep Course offered by PSB Academy is designed for N-level graduates to build foundational knowledge and further their education. With close to a 100% passing rate (2018–2021 cohorts) in the IGCSE examinations over the past three years, it shouldn’t be too hard for most students to work their way up to a degree at PSB Academy.

Upon successfully completing the IGCSE examinations, students can progress to a certificate, followed by a diploma and eventually a degree.

Eager to find out more? Get in touch with PSB Academy, or attend their Open House on 4 February 2023, and they’ll be happy to assist you.

Mon 12/12/2022