ZOOB is is an award winning building system that can articulate and move. The design is based on a living & natural system; the 5 nucleic acids that are the building blocks of life. "Its mobility mirrors the natural movement of people, animals, and machines. ZOOB pieces snap, click, and pop together to form joints that rotate, limbs that extend,axles that spin.

 Scouted from comments page:

"I think ZOOB is even better than Lego, but kids will need to have good motor skills in order to play with ZOOB, probably 4 years old or older" Tamarind




available at shopping centres in Singapore


I saw that at Robinsons or Metro last time, but forgot how much is the cost. It varies depending on the quantity, ie: how many pieces inside the box.


hee hee good idea, Jedamum.

hee hee good idea, Jedamum. Chief,can or not

mincy, get chief to sponsor


get chief to sponsor for ksp auctions…heehee…then make an exception for you to make a bid. 😉

yes, anyone know where to

yes, anyone know where to get it in Singapore and how much it cost?

Interesting toys

This looks like the right toys for my son ! Can anyone tell me where I can purchase from ?


Cheer 🙂


Hi Tamarind, thanks for sharing! Looks interesting! My sis has one of the basic sets that comes without the accessories like wheels. The kids hardly play with them now that they are older – 5. They are still more into Legos and now the 7 year-olds are into Gundam!

quite interesting

quite interesting

wow the toys looks

wow the toys looks interesting. DS just turn 4 old and probably will go get this for him.

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