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Personal Description I left teaching years ago to look after my kids. Being a workaholic, it was a difficult time as a SAHM. Nonetheless, it has been a very satisfactory journey for me. I learn to be an approachable mom - to support and listen, and never nag at my kids. It was very comforting that my kids told me to continue to stay at home even though they have grown up and can manage their own time and studies. My eldest suggested that I tutor other kids and help them achieve their fullest potential as I have helped my own. Hence, my journey as a Primary Science tutor began years back. A couple of years ago, a P6 girl told me that she never understood her science teachers in school and had been getting borderline grades. Yet, when I explained to her, the concepts were crystal clear! That really made my day! I truly enjoy interacting with the kids and watching them gain confidence and self esteem when their grades soar. The sky is the limit with the correct guidance and solid hard work the children put in! The best part is when they come and tell me that they have topped their class or their standards. I see their wide smiles and their happiness! That is indeed rewarding!
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