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Personal Description Education to me represents an opportunity to improve yourself and in the process to improve the world, because every time you learn something new or become more skilled in some way, you are adding value to the world at large. Put another way, we all benefit when one of person does something to better himself or herself. It is this guiding principle that motivates me every day when I wake up. I look forward to doing my part to serve as an educator, and I am just as enthusiastic today as I was the day that I started. In fact, I believe that my passion and my enthusiasm are growing, multiplying every time I see a student achieve an A-Ha moment and break through a concept that was previously like a brick wall, impenetrable and obscure, something standing between him or her and a firmer understanding of the universe around us. For more than eight years, I have worked as an educator. I tutor students of all ages and of all levels, from 9 year olds figuring out fractions all the way up to 18 year olds on the cusp of adulthood. Although my specific methods may vary from one student to another, I approach every teaching situation with the same strategy, which is based first and foremost on inspiration. How can I inspire this student to love the subject he or she is studying? How can I inspire a thirst for more knowledge and then guide that thirst toward the bottomless well of discovery that I know to be possible? Mathematics is of particular interest to me, and I am always thrilled to work with a student who is either struggling to get it or already thriving in it. Whatever the case, I find a way to make mathematics real and immediate, something worthy of attention and focus. I was only 15 years old when I completed the Kumon Mathematics Programme. That was a major experience for me, and it shaped my view of mathematics in general. Over the last eight years, I have seen students make drastic improvements in their studies and academic skills, the results proving that my strategy works. I teach kids how to love Math and how to view its practical applications in life. Teaching in a way that is at once fun and engaging, I make sure that everyone I tutor grasps the content – and doesn’t just regurgitate the answers I want to hear!
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