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Personal Description “Physics is the easiest subject, only if you have gotten the key to it!” I mean what I said because I aced physics and math in school and in university, in addition to dealing with Physics for two decades in my career. HI had always thought I was excellent in teaching physics as I was well loved by my students during my two-year stint as a physics and science teacher in a famed Chinese independent school just after I graduated. I would like to think of myself as the one teacher who wanted my students to enjoy physics, and be excited about the lesson, who appreciated the great value of physics in society, and who inspired them to even think of themselves as future physicists. But, mastery is not a teacher by itself, just like many great scientists who are paled in teaching when compared to their scientific contributions. Subject mastery is only one of many pre-requisites of a good teacher. Then I took up the Master in Science Education (National Institute of Education). With this, I am now well positioned to teach different kinds of students. My approach would be student-centred, weaving with motivational principles that draw on students' strengths originated from their learning styles. The initiate step is to assess student’s misconceptions, and address them with direct instruction, and sometime dialogic approach, in order to get them into feeling the subject. You are welcome to discuss with me if your son or daughter having problems in learning physics or math. I can be contacted by my mobile: 93802777, Mr Lee. You also can visit my instagram by searching \"kenneth_physics\".
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