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Personal Description Clear. Concise. Comprehensive. Confident. Committed. Conscientious. Exceptional tutor, very familiar with content. Enthusiastic to help struggling students who are keen to do well. Mutual respect expected between parent and tutor. Qualification: Master of Education (University of Adelaide), PGDE (NIE), Bachelor of Bioengineering (NTU) Experience: 18 years (Private from 2000 to 2018), 8 years (MOE from 2010 to 2018) 100% money back guarantee if I failed to deliver results within agreed upon time-frame(risk-free, no fine print). Only applicable for students with runway of at least 9 months before examinations and scored a minimum of 50 marks in last major examination. Lump Sum Tuition fee (per subject) to be collected before commencement of programme. 2h per lesson. Tutor will decide the number of lessons required to achieve top grades. Materials fee ($100). PRIMARY Maths & Science. SECONDARY Maths (A.Maths & E.Maths), Science (Pure & Combined) P3 (Band 2/Band 1) - $4680 P4 (Band 2/Band 1) - $5200 P5 (A/A*) - $5720 P6 (A/A*) - $6240 S1 (A2/A1) - $6760 S2 (A2/A1) - $7280 S3 (A2/A1) - $7800 S4 (A2/A1) - $8320 Lessons at Tutor's house at Macpherson or online using state of the art virtual classroom.
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