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Looking for good enrichment and care providers for your children?  We have a large number of providers classified under several categories.  Do check them out and help us rate their services so that our community is aware of who are the more reliable providers.

Understanding's Ratings and Reviews

We want to be the most trusted platform for Parents

To achieve this, we have enhanced our rating system for service providers to take into consideration inputs from 3 parties:

  • the Service Providers’ fact-based Self Assessment of his services
  •’s Mystery Shopper Independent Assessment of the services by our assessors
  • Users’ reviews and ratings of the services

This ensures that users are able to get a more holistic assessment of the quality of services.

Coming Onboard as a Service Provider

Welcome, service providers!

A fundamental challenge facing service providers is how to create awareness so that people come to know of the good services you offer.  In the age of social networks, simply placing an advertisement in print or broadcast media is no longer sufficient.  It is essential that you generate good online sentiment for your product and brand. not only provides you with a platform to reach out to parents looking for your products and services, but also receive and respond to your customers’ feedback to properly manage your online reputation in a transparent manner.

Find Tuition/Enrichment Centres