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2010 P1 Registration Phase 1


Phase 1

  • For a child who has a sibling studying in a school of choice.

All children registered under this phase will be given places in schools.


Phase 1 How The System?

So the schools these 2 days were just count the number of applications? See any hardworking school today would have update on 1st day of Phase 1.

MOE Website Sure Sardine Fish

Guess towards after Phase 1, MOE website traffic sure surge up like sardine fish.


nobody knows until MOE

nobody knows until MOE announce it

Phase 1 Percentage Taken

Anyone have any advance information on the Phase 1 take up rate before the MOE released on 7 & 8 of Jul 09?

unless if you have anpother

unless if you have anpother child who is in the popular school, then you next child will be under phase 1. If not, very difficult


Are there any foreigners in the popular/top schools?

I was wondering if there are any foreigners in the popular/top school.  If so, how does a foreigner manage to enrol her child in such popular schools?  Please advise.  Thx!

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