2010 P1 Registration Phase 2B


Phase 2B2

  • For a child whose parent has joined the school as a parent volunteer not later than 1 July 2007 and has given at least 40 hours of voluntary service to the school by 30 June 2008; or whose parent is a member endorsed by the church/clan directly connected with the school; or whose parent is endorsed as an active community leader.

Announcement of Result:

  • By  24 July 2009


I am so stressful as the PV for BPPS is around 80 persons.

thank u  tankee. Look like

thank u  tankee. Look like chances are very slim. Last year at least 26 places in phase 2C without balloting. Now with 2 ballot slip, unsuccessful phase 2B applicants staying within 1 km will be fighting for places with Phase 2C applicants. sigh!!!

ACS Primary within 1km phase 2c

 hi yarex
There are only 19 places available for phase 2C.
IMO, there is a very high chance of balloting to occur for within 1km.

Happy 45th Birthday ! Singapore !!

within 1 km

wonder need to ballot for phase 2c at Anglo chinese primary  staying with 1 km at Novena.any comment

2011 P1 registration

Where can I find last year’s school vancancies history for phase 2B?

from my experience,

from my experience, elite.com.sg is not very accurate… you still need to call the school or get the official distance from sla.gov.sg (there’s fee)


can i change my address amidst the phases?

hi can anyone who knows or have been through this share your experience with me?

i am keen in enrolling my girl in st nics in amk, and i have a flat in amk within 1km

i also have another apt opposite scgs

my plan is to register my girl in st nics (using amk address), but if i am rejected due to an unsucessful ballot in 2b (assuming balloting required for 2b <1km), can i change my ic address to bt timah and wait for 2c phase then register my girl ?

will MOE capture my girl as" amk address" hence not eligible for scgs as we will be more than 2 km from scgs thus even if i have changed my ic we will still be recognised as amk addresse?

is the chance of getting

is the chance of getting into the choice of school lower for phase 2c registration?? i am very worried now as my choice of school has only 40 over vacancies for phase 2c and my house distance to the choice of school is 2km…..




Yes, it is an open process,

Yes, it is an open process, the school will call all parents required to ballot whether they wanted to be present or not. Can’t remember which day.

jurong primary

Hi folks,

    What do you think about Jurong primary? Is it a good school?

Open process for balloting?

Chief, if at this stage balloting is required, is this an open process with the presence of the parents? If so, are the parents called back on a day before July 24 or the day itself for the balloting. How does this work?

  You can try the link


You can try the link below, it a rough esitmation.

If you want the actual distance you may call the school to confirm



besides using the linear distance in street directory, is there any way to find out the distance between school and home address??

No, if the applications

No, if the applications exceeded in the phrase. First it will go for distance. those within 1km will get the seats first follow by 2km.

E.g Balance vacancy left is 10 seat after 1km taken, and those stay within 2km are more then 10 people.  Then those stay within 2km need to ballot to get the balance 10 seats.

Hi, Woodclient,Chief KS

Hi, Woodclient,

Chief KS explained the DEV TUP in another thread…..hope it helps..

APP = Nos of applicants

DEV TUP = It is the DEVIATION of the TUR for the current Phase from its historical equivalent.

A positive TUR means that the take-up-rate (TUR) at this point for the school is higher than its historical average for that Phase.  This is, of course, bad news for parents hoping to get into the school in the later Phases.

Conversely, a negative TUR is good news for parents as it means their chance of success in the later Phases is possibly higher than the historical average.

In general, the deviation of most schools from its historical average is less than +5% or -5%.

will PV or community leader

will PV or community leader help to secure a place in 2B if applications exceed vacancy????

Cannot understand the result table

Hi friends,

      I really need help here. I cannot understand the table values.

example :

2009     Phase 1 Phase 2A Phase 2B



DPG School Places TUR APP TUR APP      
Jurong West Rulang 300 39% 44% 66% 89% -3%    

Please help. I know what is TUR. But what is APP. In the example above in phase 2A APP is 44% . 44% of what?? In Phase 2B, APP is 89%what does that mean. Is it 89% of 300?? What does the light green clour mean ? And what is DEV TUR value ? How is it calculated ? What is negative value and what does positive mean. I am confused. Can someone help explain please.

Catholic or Nanyang primary ?

Hi fellow parents,

I am in phase 2A1 for Catholic High, but i do stay within 1 km of Nanyang primary, do you think i should give up my place at Catholic and try my luck for phase 2C at Nanyang !!??  Sincere advices needed.



Anderson Primary

For a safe bet, try Anderson Primary at Phase 2B. If can take some risk then go RPS only if you are in 1Km range.

Which one should I enrol

Hi Parents,


I am soooooooooo confused and stress now, when to check it out at Rosyth and got to know that the number who registered are already 48. For phase 2b total is 66 and have another 18 more to go. As for anderson, it is at AMK which is more nearer to whare I stay. I understand that so far for Anderson phase2b, they do not need ballot. So which one should I enrol?

Give some comments ,please


Stress mummy


Phase 2C using parent address

Now monitoring the seat for 2B, hope got left over seat  for 2C.  Waiting… waiting….

Wow Phase 2B start liao, I

Wow Phase 2B start liao, I still comparing RVPS & RMPS. 

Guess I would wait & see

Guess I would wait & see the numbers being fill up on the 1st day of Phase 2B.

2nd day then decide which school to enroll.

Q: Can you still go for 2C

Q: Can you still go for 2C in another school if you have gotten a place from 2A1 in one school? 

A: Yes. but you have to withdraw from the school that you had registered in Phase 2A1 before you can register in Phase 2C.

Another Chance

Can you still go for 2C in another school if you have gotten a place from 2A1 in one school?  

No of registration

Planning to do the registration only on 21th July, will the school show the number of registration on 20th?

Phase 2B Announcement?

Have to wait until 24 July then know result? Thought if check the vacancies never exceeds is confirm in yeah?

Glance Remember Course

Anyone got any views to share on Glance Remember Course (Blindfold Reading)?

RVPS or RMPS? Chinese Std Good?

Can anyone share whether RVPS or RMPS which of the school having a better standard of Chinese?

This would be one of the factor deciding at Phase 2B.



Anyone has any comments or feedback with regarsd to St Hildas Primary at Tampines??

I guess we'll be inclined

I guess we’ll be inclined to stick with HPPS. Our impression of RVPS is that they are more academic inclined which DS1 may have a hard time coping… HPPS seems more well-rounded overall.

In anyway, will be keeping my fingers crossed that your child will get into the school that you want 🙂


HPPS Good School!

HPPS is a good school compare with RVPS. Since you have the chance in Phase 2A(2) don’t waste it.

Now headache for me select either RMPS or RVPS.

All the best titank! I'll

All the best titank!

I’ll going for 2A1 with HPPS but may still observe the development for RVPS under 2C…

No difference unless you

No difference unless you have alternate school in mind and intend to register with the one with higher probability of success.

Phase 2B

Should I go on the 1st day or  2nd day?