2010 P1 Registration Phase 3


Phase 3

  • For a child who is not a Singapore Citizen or a Permanent Resident.

Registration and Announcement of Result:

  • 28th August 2009



Red Swastika or Temasek

Hi badbatzmaru

I also plan to register my daughter in this school. Heard that this school is very good in

acedemic. but I stay 2 km away from school so I think to do PV at this school.

another school is Temasek I heard that is quite good at acedemic but the distance

so far about 5 km from my house.

Anybody can help or any suggestion please

thanks so much


Your comment on Red swastika

Hello there,

I would like to know more about Red Swastika. I heard that their Maths is extremely tough. Is that true?Any comment about the quality of students that they have produced over the years?

Reviews for school

Please tell me any reviews on Griffith Primary or Tampnies North Primary or East View Primary

please any reveiws for

please any reveiws for bendemeer primary…,ceder primary,……..cannosa convent primary.