2013 P1 Registration (Phase 1)


Dates: 4 July 2013 – 5 July 2013

MOE has finally released the number of vacancies available for Primary One in 2014.  There are a total of 42,580 places, which is 660 higher than the number of vacancies in 2013 (41,920).  Most of these result from the opening of 3 new schools each having vacancies of 210.  Except for the 30 schools listed below, the vacancies available for existing schools remain unchanged.

We have updated our Births vs Places chart with the new information.

For discussions on P1 Registration for 2014, please use this thread.

If you would like to review the balloting risk for specific schools based on historical data, click here.

Phase 1 will start in a couple of weeks’ time.  We wish all participating parents a most successful and stress-free P1 Registration exercise!

For information regarding Phase 2A(1) please click here.


Elias Park Primary School

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To qualify registration under

To qualify registration under Phase 2(A)2, one of the parents must be an ex-student of that primary school.

So, you will not be able to register your girl to MGS under Phase 2(A)2.

During my son’s registration under 2(A)1 in ACS, another parent was disappointed because though she was an ex-student of ACJC and joined the OBA, she was informed by the registering officer that her son does not qualify for Phase2(A)1 registration, only Phase 2C.

Hope this helps.

I am an old student of Anglo

I am an old student of Anglo Chinese School.I hv a

daughter enrolling for pr one next year.Since ACS

is affliated to Medthodist Girls School, can I be

considered under phase 2(A)2.pls advise


primary school

I need to register my girl to primary this month not sure pasir ris primary or whitesand primary any advise ?

Excellent observation!

Dear sembgal,

Thanks for the excellent insight and advice.  It does appear that MOE will remove places from existing schools in a precinct which have new schools.  It makes sense too, to give a chance for the new school to take up the slack.

Also, great advice on listening to the needs of our kids and taking it into account.  However, not every kid can evaluate schools at that age, so many parents may still have to do most of the evaluation themselves.

Northoaks Primary School

I observed that with the addition of 1 new primary school – Northoaks Primary School in Sembawang, the number of available vacancies was reduced by 30 for Canberrra Primary, Wellington Primary and Sembawang Primary. Endeavour is the only school spared by the reduction in number of vacancies. As expected, there will be great demand for vacancies within 1km for both Canberra Primary and Endeavour Primary again. Good luck to parents going through balloting.

Tips: Choose a school that your child would like to study in, not a school that the parents prefer the child to study in. Your child will thank you in time to come when he/she is older.

Children will remember many things in their childhood and will show you their rebelliousness in secondary schools if  parents do not spend enough time to listen to children about their needs and thoughts.

10 minutes of your time given to your child to listen to what he/she wants to say to you today will result in your child more willing to listen and accept what you intend to say in future when your child has grown up to be a teenager.