2013 P1 Registration (Phase 2A1)

Date: 9 Jul 2013     Results: 11 Jul 2013


(a) For a child whose parent is a former student of the primary school and who has joined the alumni association as a member not later than 30 June 2012.

(b) For a child whose parent is a member of the School Advisory / Management Committee

Update (5 July 2013):

Phase 1 of the 2013 P1 Exercise has just ended and here are the results.

Anchor Green Primary School has the overwhelming support of parents sending their kids to join their brothers and sisters already in the school.  Up to 60% of its places have been taken up.  Close on its heels are Endeavour Primary (55%), Greendale Primary (49%) and Beacon (49%).  What do they all have in common?  Well, they all have a relatively short history of 7 years, and graduated their first full batch of PSLE students last year.  Interestingly, these new schools are right up there with traditional academic heavy weights such as Nan Hua Primary, Henry Park Primary, St Hilda’s Primary, and Tao Nan.

As for the Top 20 academically strong schools, Nan Hua’s Phase 1 TUR is 13% higher than its historical average.  So this is really bad news for those in Phase 2B and 2C.  The same is true for many of these schools, including:

  • Ai Tong (+7%)
  • Pei Chun Public (+5%)
  • Henry Park (+5%)
  • Maha Bodhi (+5%)
  • Tao Nan (+4%)
  • Raffles Girls (+4%)
  • ACS Primary (+3%)
  • Red Swastika (+3%)
  • Chongfu (+3%)
  • St Hilda’s (+2%)
  • Nanyang (+2%)
  • Pei Hwa (+2%)
  • Nan Chiau (+1%)
  • Kong Hwa (+1%)
  • Catholic High (+1%)

But we have good news for those hoping to get into:

  • MGS (-1%)
  • Rosyth (-1%)
  • Rulang (-5%)
  • Bukit Panjang (-9%)

That’s all we have for you for now.  Good luck for all parents looking to get their children into their first choice schools!

For information regarding Phase 2A(2), please click here.


Chongfu pri

Hi, if I am an old student from chongfu but I didn’t join alumni so I will be under phase 2A2 in this case do i still need to go thru ballot ? Is there a diff between 2A1 n 2A2 in terms of chances getting a seat? 



I don’t understand the excitement about HPPS. I had two sons who studied in the school 9 years apart. The first one was in the pioneer batch and his class Pr. 6A was the only class that did exceptionally well, with most students going to RI or RGS. The rest performed mediocally, with not a single one making it to the two schools. The second one was in Pr.3A when three of them made it into the GEP. I think these two episodes helped build up the image of HPPS.

I understand.  But think

I understand.  But think about this, if HPPS requires balloting at Phase 2A(2), that would mean that parents who spent their time doing PV to get Phase 2B priority would not even have a chance to ballot.

So ballot or not, you are in much better shape.  No need to be too stressed at this point.


It is true that in 2006, the phase 1 was 59% but the phase 2 was only 18%. But this percentage is increasing every years. In 2012, phase 1 was 50% but phase 2 was 41%. This year the phase 1 was 54% and I can’t imagin how much increase will be for phase 2. Actually, I called up the school and was told there is a risk of balloting for phase 2A2. My son will be under phase 2A2 and also out of 2km.I am worry also.

Dear heyhoe, I wouldn't say

Dear heyhoe,

I wouldn’t say that the new schools were not popular previously – since Phase 1 is for siblings, until the school has got all 6 levels of students from Primary 1 to 6, it is difficult to compare their Phase 1 take up rates with more established schools.

Your speculation is not without merit.  But without more data from MOE, it is not possible for us to see any pattern in the structure of the cohorts.

In any case, it is always good to see new schools being so well supported by parents, be it SC or PR.  This will accelerate their growth and give the established schools some real competition for the top honors.

Just sharing my thoughts on

Just sharing my thoughts on the phase 1 high percentage intake at Anchor Green, Greendale, Endeavour and Beacon.

These schools are located in a new town development – Sengkang, Punggol, Sembawang and Bukit Panjang respectively.  There are not so popular previously but with this year high percentage intake, would it be possible that the schools now cater mainly to the siblings of foreign talents in the area?





There are no limits on how

There are no limits on how many vacancies children eligible for Phase 2A(1) or Phase 2A(2) can take up.  But there has not been balloting in Phase 2A(2) in years.  If you think HPPS’ Phase 1 take-up rate of 55% is very high, refer to its take-up rate of 59% in 2006.  There was no balloting at Phase 2A in 2006 for Phase 2A either.  Also, do not forget about the SC priority over PR in cases where balloting is involved.

So, do relax.  Even if HPPS require balloting at Phase 2A(2) eventually, it is still early in the exercise.  If you are able to secure Phase 2B priority through clan, religion or community leadership in some other schools, you have another chance in Phase 2B.  And places are still available for Phase 2C in many good schools.

How many vacancies will the school allocate to Phase 2A(1)?


i am an old girl from HPPS and is planning to register my son to HPPS in 2A(2). But looking at the vacancies left, a a bit worried cos i am > 2km from it…if ballot, chances very slim

Just wondering, how many vacancies will the school allocate to Phase 2A(1), will it be all or 50% of what is left?