2013 P1 Registration (Phase 2B)


Dates: 22-23 Jul 2013     Results: 26 Jul 2013


Children who are Singapore Citizens/Permanent Residents, and

(a) whose parent has joined the primary school as a parent volunteer not later than 1 July 2012 and has given at least 40 hours of voluntary service to the school by 30 June 2013, or

(b) whose parent is a member endorsed by the church/clan directly connected with the primary school, or

(c) whose parent is endorsed as an active community leader

Update (24 July 2013)

MOE has just released the 2013 Phase 2B Balloting news.  Of the 30 schools which were oversubscribed

  • 6 escaped balloting, but PRs and SCs beyond 1km were cut-off
  • 8 requires balloting for SC within 1km
  • 5 requires balloting for SC between 1-2km
  • 9 requires balloting for SC outside 2km
  • 1 requires balloting for PR within 1km
  • 1 requires balloting for PR out 2km

Congratulations to parents who managed to get a place in Phase 2B!  Good luck to parents who have to go through balloting on Friday 26 July.

We have updated the subscription rates and balloting info for Phase 2B for all schools.  Our main historical charts will only be updated after MOE updates its vacancies for Phase 2C on Friday.  Please refresh your browser to get the latest copy of the chart below.

Update (23 July 2013)

Phase 2B has ended today, at least for parents who registered in schools with enough places for all registrants.  For others, it is the start of a nerve-wrecking experience – the balloting process.

30 schools are oversubscribed in this year’s Phase 2B.  One school, River Valley Primary, had exactly enough places to accomodate all applications.  For the 30 schools, MOE will announce shortly exactly which group of parents will need to ballot.  This will depend very much on the SC and distance priority.  If the number of SC applicants already exceed the available places, PRs will not even get a chance to ballot, regardless of how close they are to the school.

Ai Tong leads the pack with a 313% subscription rate.  Fairfield Methodist is the biggest surprise this year with a rate of 263%, even higher than CHIJ St Nicks and other traditionally popular schools.

Compared with last year where 31 schools had to go through balloting, this year we only have potentially 30 schools at the risk of balloting or cut-off.  Given the record hot take-up rate for Phase 2A(1) and 2A(2), this is quite a surprising, but good, outcome for parents.  Of course this is little comfort for parents who have yet to get places in Phase 2B, but it does mean that this year’s exercise may turn out to be not as competitive as feared for most parents in Singapore.

Update (22 July 2013)

Day 1 of Phase 2B is over.  We have plotted a new table to show the subscription rate at Phase 2B in each of the schools over the years.  This will indicate how competitive the Phase is compared to other years.

The subscription rate includes those staying at distances beyond the cut-off point, and does not take into account whether applicants are SC/PR.  If the subscription rate is 300%, unless all those registered are SCs and stay within 1km, it does not mean that the chance of winning a ballot is 1 in 3.  So please be careful when interpreting the statistics here.

Ai Tong leads the pack with a 300% subscription rate.  With another day to go, it seems likely that Ai Tong could surpass its previous high of 305% in 2011.  CHIJ has an oversubscription of 250%, which is the highest it had in 7 years.  Fairfield Methodist is the 3rd highest at 217%, but this is only moderately higher than what it had last year (194%).

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Update (16 July 2013)

At the end of the most competitive Phase 2A(2) of recent P1 registration exercises, we have both good and bad news.

The good news is, once again, all schools have escaped the need for balloting in Phase 2A.

And the bad?  All the traditionally popular schools have increased their take up rate (TUR) over their average TUR, with the exception of ACS Primary, MGS and Bukit Panjang.  Henry Park and Ai Tong’s TUR has increased by nearly 20%, and now have between 3-4% left for the remaining phases.  That translates to 9 places left for Henry Park, and 13 places for Ai Tong.  So parents in Phase 2B and 2C will have to fight for half of these vacancies each.  Balloting in Phase 2B and 2C under 1km is all but certain.

Parents who qualify for Phase 2B in these schools will have nothing to lose but to try their luck in the balloting.  But if you are eyeing these schools for Phase 2C, you should seriously look elsewhere.  The odds are heavily against you.  Do not waste your chance to secure a place in your next choice school by Phase 2C!  Most likely, these schools will either fill their quota by Phase 2C, or may require balloting in Phase 2C(Sup).

To get some idea of the risk of balloting for all schools in Phase 2B and Phase 2C, please refer to this article.

For more information regarding Phase 2C, please click here.


Definition of TUR and APP ( P 1 Registration )


can any kind soul help to define what is TUR and APP. I know one parent asked before but I don’t see any replies yet.

Thanks in advance ! 


Hi can someone help to educate me what are APP and TUP?



Dear sub70,

You are most welcome.  We are just happy you can get a school you are comfortable with, without going through the stress of the ballot.

It’s time now to prepare your child for P1.  That’s the real challenge of Primary school.  In retrospect, P1 registration is peanuts compared to getting your kids to do their homework 🙂

Thank you chief!


I would like to give our heartfelt thanks for your invaluable tips in strategizing for Phase 2c.

We managed to get into the school of our choice without balloting! 

What a relief! Kudos to you and the team at Kiasu parents! 


2C for Rivervale Primary School

Hi ChiefKiasu and anyone,

Do you have any idea what are the chances of within 1km for RPS under balloting?
What was last year result like?

Thanks in advance!


It is due to twins who applied in Phase 2B.  You may wish to follow the forum discussion on this matter here.

Phase 2B

Does anyone know why for a few schools that were oversubscribed in Phase 2B by one or two places and was on the list for balloting, but in the end, the places were still given to them and the numbers for Phase 2C which is supposed to be equal to that of Phase 2B is now smaller by that same number. Eg, MGS, ACS(jr) & PLMSG.


Did you look at this?

Acsj vs sjij

We will be registering in 2c phase. Staying within 1km of both ACSJ and SJIJ. Which would you choose?


Thanks for the info and very much appreciated it.

Can we check with the school

Can we check with the school on the third day how many applicants within 1km to see if there will be ballot. Cause the moe website I think only showing number of applicants. 

Rivervale statistics

Hi ChiefKiasu, do you have last year numbers on vacancies versus applicatios for Rivervale in phase 2C?

Usually most of the places

Usually most of the places available and need for balloting etc will be pretty determined by the 2nd day. If you go on the last day PM, you would probably have a better idea which school will give u the biggest chance of getting in without balloting. That would help a lot of the 3 are all good schools and you are just looking to get into one of them.

Thank you @tankee for the response....


I’m limited to the following choices:-

Temasek – 1.2km (option Malay/Mandarin)

Yu Neng – 1.3km (option Malay/Mandarin)

St Stephen’s – more than 2km (option Malay/Mandarin)

Red Swastika – within 1km (must take Mandarin 2nd lang)

I kind of like St Stephen but not sure if it’s too risky to try.

Help! Mummy in dilemma.



based on Temasek current TUR and past years’ stats, it is very likely to be balloting within 1km for 2C.

Any other possible school that is closer to your place?


Tanjong Katong vs Temasek or Red Swastika

Hi there,

My son got into Tanjong Katong Pri under Phase 2A(2). We’re staying in Bedok North and is 1.2km from Temasek Pri and 1km from Red Swastika.

What are our chances if we want to try to get him into Temasek or Red Swastika?

We’re Malay by race but my son has been studying Mandarin since Infantcare till K2. He is capable of reading, writing and speaking Mandarin. Exposure to Malay is very little. Does Red Swastika accept non Chinese students?

Should I withdraw from Tanjong Katong and try for Phase 2C? What’s the best strategy?

I need to enrol him to a student care around Bedok since both parents are working. Tanjong Katong is PM session. Most student care centres do not open in the morning.

Need your opinions.

Thank you.


so that you will know the details of the applicants at both school up to that point in time and make an informed choice.

peak registration is usually on first day morning

Pardon me but could you

Pardon me but could you explain slightly in details what the main advantages of registering on the 3rd day afternoon? 


Based on the current TUR and past years’ stats, you would stand a much better chance in securing a place at GMPS than KW.

It is very likely that KW will require balloting within 1km, whereas GMPS for 1-2km, even if GMPS is also within 1km, the odds will be much better.

If you do go for KW, do plan for a backup plan for 2Cs, just in case.

Suggest you do the kiasu way, make your choice on 3rd day after lunch basing on the registration stats of both school then.

Good Luck !




My son in pri 1 next year and I am under phase 2C, I stay within 1km at Geylang methodist and Kong wah.  I in dilemma to choose and may I know which schools have a greater chance get.  In fact my preference is KW.




thanks for update

Wow super prompt update and analysis.

My take is that ATS leads the pack this year because of the overwhelming P2A take-up. Those who have joined clan or PV-ed probably decided to ballot anyway, after all the effort they have gone through.

For HPPS, the 5 places left might have been so discouraging that most who were going for 2B decided to take their chances at 2C elsewhere.

But Fairfield is indeed surprising… kinda out of the blue. Doesn’t seem to have been affected by nearby schools that had become too popular, thus shifting registrations to FMPS…

Rivervale Pri School


I notice that for Rivervale Pri, the number of applicants for Phase 2B is 36 (60 vacancies available)

This is a decrease compared to last year.

As Rivervale Pri is under Opposition Ward now, will PAP RC members qualify for Phase 2B?


The good news for you is that RGS and MGS are having exceptionally low take up rates this year.  So if I’m you, I’ll keep a close watch on the applications for these 2 schools and register only in the afternoon of the third day:

– MGS if it is confirmed no balloting within 1km

– RGS will definitely have some form of balloting, but if it is available to >2km, you will have a chance

– St Margaret if both MGS and RGS are out.  There is unlikely to be balloting in Phase 2C for St Margarets’ this year.  Even if there is, it should be available to those >2km.


Based on historical statistics and this year’s take up rates, Horizon has a lower risk of balloting.

Objective views needed for phase 2c!

Hi everyone,

Im a very stressed daddy. My daughter will be registering under phase 2c. We have 2 girls and would like them to be placed in an all girls school. 

We live within 1km of MGS but looking at historical data, balloting seems very likely for us. 

The next choice would be RGS but its more than 2.5lm from our house.

Looking at the stats, chij or st Margaret’s would be a safer bet but they are far from our home.

Should I just just go for MGS and hope for the best or try the other schools mentioned?

Your esteemed views are greatly appreciated.





Same allocation rule applies for 2C



Those who are no successful in getting a place under 2b, including those balloted out, have to re-register under 2c at a school of their choice. It can be the same school that they tried under 2b or another school.

Rivervale or Horizon?

Hi ChiefKiasu, can you please advise which school has better chance to get in for phase 2c? Both schools are within 1km from my home. Thank you.

Balance from P2B

Assuming there are 50 places left in P2B for a vacancy of 40 places.  The 10 that do not make it after balloting in 2B, will they automatically join the queue in P2C?  How this works?

Does the same rule applies

Does the same rule applies for 2C? Meaning there would be cut off for distance priority if it is oversubscribed?


Only the 25 SC applicants under 1km will ballot for those 20 places.  All other applications beyond 1km will be “cut-off”, ie. they won’t even get a chance to ballot.

That’s why the subscription rate should not be used to estimate your chance of winning the ballot.  It is more of a “popularity” measure of the expressed interest in the school by parents.



If for example under 2B, there are 20 places left. 25 applicants are <1km and 5 applicants are <1-2km. The ballot is only for the 25 <1km applicants or for all the 30 applicants? Thanks. Assume are all SC. 

phase 2c

Hi,my child who is a singaporean will be in pri 1 next year. i live within 2 km in bukit merah area and my choice is zhangde pri school. do u thimk i can get through…

CHIJ or Henry Park

CHIJ or RGPS? Under 2b

Which is better?

St Anthony's is a girl's school

East coast pri looks relatively easy for your case. 



IMHO, based on past years’ stats and this year TUR to-date, I believe the chances of requiring balloting within 1km for phase 2C is very high.

Chance of getting into temasek primary


I will be enrolling my son in phase 2C. We stayed within 1km from temasek primary… Will there be a high chance of balloting?


Dear Michoo,

The best school is the one most relevant to the needs of your child.  Only you as his parent will know which is the school.  You have to spend a bit of effort going down to the schools you short-listed and observe them for yourself.  As a reference, you can check out our article on how to evaluate Primary schools.

If you are looking for “popular wisdom”, refer to the “popularity poll” at this Forum thread.  That will give you a sense of what people think are the good schools in Bedok.  But a popular school may not be the most suitable school for your son.

You can also refer to Bedok’s historical P1 registration statistics to get an idea of the competition you are facing.

Hi,Can someone please advise

Hi,Can someone please advise between the schools listed below, which is better school and how hard it is to get in? My son is Singaporean and will be under phase 2c.

We are within:-
1 km – of Yu Neng and East Coast Primary
1-2km – of Fengshan, Telok Kurau and St. Anthony’s Cannosian 

Have no idea what to expect.Please can someone help. Many thanks.

He is PR, thanks i was

He is PR, thanks i was thinking the same thing 





first of all, is your child a Singapore citizen or a PR? It is the child’s citizenship that matters, not the parents’.

if your child is a PR, I would say forget about Nanyang. 


Dear ethansmummy,

I’m not sure what your question is.  Since you are considering SJI in Phase 2B and your backup is ACSJ in Phase 2C, that should be exactly what you do.  Try for SJI in Phase 2B, failing which you can still try for ACSJ in Phase 2C.

I apologise if I missed something.

Thank you very much for the

Thank you very much for the reply. 🙂

So close, yet so far

I live 1< Less from Nanyang, but I’m a PR. I can see that my chances here are pretty pretty slim

I wanted to try my luck and enroll in 2C here and use my 2Csupp to enroll in Queenstown. 

any advice on my dilema?

waiting for citizenship outcome soon…as it has being 9 months since I’ve applied 






But note the different in treatment for citizen and pr, thus their numbers matter too.

in past years, some school were said to have called up parents to advise them to withdraw their application and register elsewhere once it is clear that they were out, no chance to ballot even. Nevertheless, better to be Kiasu and monitor personally.

Thanks for your reply. Since

Thanks for your reply.

Since I am applying for the first time, I have some more queries. Please clarify.

In my school of choice, there are 44 seats left for Phase2b. I am staying outside 2 km.

(Scenario 1) On first day, if the school receives 44 applications (staying under 1 km or 1 to 2 km), I dont have chance to apply.

(Scenario 2) On second day, the school receives 40 applications (staying under 1 km or 1 to 2 km). There were 4 seats left for outside 2 km and 20 applications for the 4 seats. I am eligible to go for ballotting.

Is my understanding correct?

actual vacancies


Any kindsoul can help me to work out the actual number of vacancies taken up each phase for year 2006 – Fairfield based on the chart attached? I am confused abt the APP/TUR %…this is a tough year indeed….TIA!!



You are in a very tough position, being so close to the school and yet so far.  HPPS is almost guaranteed for balloting this year (SC only) in Phase 2B this year for under 1km.

The good news is that you are only 1-2km from MGS, which has the lowest TUR this year since 2007.  Chances are, balloting might occur only for above 2km.

If you go for Pei Hwa, it is almost certain you will have to ballot for distance >2km.

The only school that is not at risk of balloting in Phase 2B for you is CHIJ OLQP.

Here are some options for you:

  • If Bukit Timah Primary is nearby, and you don’t mind going to that school, go for HPPS at Phase 2B, and then go BTPS in Phase 2C, which will need no balloting then.
  • Go for MGS in Phase 2B, failing which you can go for BTPS in Phase 2C.

Phase 2B HPPS or MGS or CHIJ


I am in dilemma and would like to get some views on my situation.

HPPS – has 5 vacancy in 2b. I stay <1km Current situation balloting. hPPS is the only school within 1Km.

MGS – has 40 vacancy in 2b. But it’s 1-2km.

Pei Hwa- has 33vacancy in 2b. but it’s >2km

CHIJ (OLQOP) has 58 vacancy but it’s above 2km

All the above schools above which I have listed the risk of balloting is obvious. I have checked the rest of the schools around but the probability of getting the school around my estate low.

Are there any better strategy or solution? Should I take the risk of balloting? Should I just apply CHIJ which is out of they way?

Advise appreciated.


If you try and fail at Phase 2B, your priority for Phase 2B is over.  You cannot try again at Phase 2B at another school.  But you can try for the same school at Phase 2C.

I thought your situation is quite straight-forward.  Your chance of getting into PLMGS at <1km is very good.  So if I’m you this would be a simple decision.  However, if you really desire MGS, why not sit out Day 1 of Phase 2B, look at the situation then for both schools, and make your decision by registering in the afternoon of Day 2?

Mgs 2b outside 2km or PLMGS 2b within 1km?

Hi, would like get some views if u were in my situation. 

Phase 2b – MGS has 40 vacancy this yr. previous yrs no of applicants usually abt 30+ n balotting < 1km. I stay >2km away. 

Phase 2b – PLMGS has 73 vacancy. Previous yrs, no ballot for < 1km but balloting for 1-2km in phase 2C. I stay <1km. 

shld I take the risk of trying phase 2b at MGS but I live more than 2km fm the school? If failed, then go for PLMGS in phase 2C within 1km? 

Any other better strategy? 

If failed to get in MGS in phase 2b, can I resubmit under phase 2b plmgs? What time is the last withdrawal on last day of phase 2B regn? 





2B or 2C


We are under 2B for SJIJ, and 2C for ACSJ…both schools are good for us, and within 1km.

Take the safe option and go with 2B at SJIJ?


@peobe - clan vs PV

Not true.

Both only get eligibility to register, after that normal allocation rules apply. No preference is given to any party.

PV vs clan

Is it true that the school has the discretion to allocate the vacancy to PV , then to clan members in phase 2B? 

If this phase 2B is over subscribed, everyone will need to go thru balloting? Or the PV fills up first then spill over for balloting?

@ylai1997 - catholic and PV


These only give you the eligibility to register under phase 2B. If you are already eligible to register at a school under phase 2B because of your religion, there is no need to do PV to get eligibility. 

I am a catholic and if I

I am a catholic and if I become a parent volunteer, does it mean that I have 2 chances in balloting? What’s the best strategy would u recommend?


Distance priority is considered only when a Phase ends with too many applicants for too little vacancies.  Vancancies are filled firstly based on those staying under 1km.  If there are vacancies left, then those between 1-2km are considered, and so on.



I am a new joinee in KiasuParents.

I am applyiing in Phase2b.

In my school of choice, I noticed that 40+ seats are available. Just would like to check when the distance checking is considered.

Priority is given to applicants within 1 km then 1-2 km then outside 2 km?

Kindly advise.



No.  Applicants that fail in earlier Phases in the Exercise will not be given any special privileges in later Phases.  All applicants in any Phase have equal chances of getting a place in the school, unless there are more applicants than places.  In that case, vacancies are allocated based on MOE’s distance rules, and balloting if too many people qualify for a given distance bucket.

priority for 2c for unsuccessful 2b?

I would like to know if unsuccessful applicants for phase 2b can be given priority in phase 2c? does anyone know?

@ ylai1997

As long as the number of qualifying applicants exceeds the number of vacancies, the rule of the ballot will decide on who gets the places.  No appeals will be entertained after the ballot is conducted.

However, if you are still interested in the school, you can put your child’s name in the waiting list.  The school may call you if someone decides to give up on that place before the start of P1.


I am in this phase. I stay within 1km. Assuming all applicants also stay within 1km, still need balloting if applicants exceeded vacancy? I heard even after unsuccessful balloting, we can still appeal?


At the end of each phase when there are more applicants than vacancies for that phase.

@ummi shereen

No. There is no guarantee success for phase 2B.

Do join us in the forum here.


I would like to know if those who fall under this phase, is it 100% confirm they will get the school?

Is it they will be a quota for each phase?

I fall under 2C, n i want to apply North Vista Primary School.

Until today, they only left around 100+ vacancy, a bit worried.

This is my 1st time to register for my daughter next year


When will balloting starts ? On the actual of registration? Or after the 30 August ?