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2013 P1 Registration (Phase 2C)


Dates: 30 Jul 2013 to 1 Aug 2013     Results: 6 Aug 2013


For all children who are Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents, and who are eligible for Primary One in the following year and are not yet registered in a primary school.

Update (2 Aug 2013)

Balloting details for Phase 2C is out.

Out of 99 oversubscribed schools,
  • 8 escaped balloting, but some parents were cut-off
  • 47 require balloting for SCs within 1km,
  • 16 require balloting for SCs between 1-2km,
  • 9 require balloting for SCs beyond 2km,
  • 11 require balloting for PRs within 1km,
  • 4 require balloting for PRs within 1-2km,
  • 4 require balloting for PRs within 2km

Update (1 Aug 2013)

The 2013 Phase 2C Primary One Registration has ended with the final tally of 99 schools being oversubscribed.

Ai Tong overtook Nan Hua as the most heavily oversubscribed school in Phase 2C this year, almost 5.5 times oversubscribed, even as Nan Hua increased its subscription rate from 387% yesterday to 480%.

The biggest surprise this year, and good news for parents, is the relatively low oversubscription rates for Tao Nan (123%), Raffles Girls (111%) and Bukit Panjang (103%).  Hopefully, this means that some parents may be able to forego balloting for some of these schools, and it may open up some chances for parents staying beyond 2km.

It is heartening to see new schools being well received this year.  Alexandra (110%) is the most popular amongst the 3 new schools this year, and its 210 vacancies are not enough for the demand for its seats.  The other 2 schools: West Spring (67%) and Northoaks (34%) will likely get great interest in the subsequent Phase 2CS from parents who fail to get a place in Phase 2C.

Unfortunately, that there remains many schools (23) with less than half of their vacancies filled up to this point.  A couple of them have a take up rate of not more than 16%.

We will update our main historical charts once MOE announces the balloting requirements for the oversubscribed schools.

Update (31 July 2013)

Incredibly, Day 2 saw many of the hotly contested schools actually increasing on the number of their applicants, despite being already heavily oversubscribed.

Nan Hua now leads the lot, almost 400% oversubscribed.  Now, 81 of the 190 schools have filled all their places, and another 20 has 10% or less places remaining for the last day of Phase 2C.

May good sense prevail and parents go for their backup schools instead of increasing the competition at the hotly contested schools.

Update (30 July 2013)

At the end of the Day 1 of Phase 2C Registration, 61 out of the 190 Primary schools have been completely filled.  Another 26 have 10% or less places left.

As expected, the schools which have been on everyone’s minds since Phase 1 continue to be heavily oversubscribed.  24 families are competing for the last 7 places in Ai Tong, more than 3 times oversubscribed.  In Henry Park, 16 parents are trying their luck with the 5 seats remaining.

For many parents still waiting on the sidelines, the results of Day 1 will give them more reason to start activating Plan B if they are still eyeing those schools that are so heavily subscribed.  It will be ill-advised to join the crowd and ballot, because the risk of losing your chance to get a reasonably good school in Phase 2C may be too high.  Go for the next school down your list that is unlikely to require any balloting, and sleep well at the end of Phase 2C.  P1 registration is only the first milestone for your child.  It is better to save your energy and help prepare your child for Primary school education for now.

Update (29 July 2013)

The online Phase 2C registration starts today, and the main on-site Phase 2C registration starts tomorrow.  The exercise will last 3 days, ending on 1 August.  We have summarised the balloting risk for each school to make it easier for parents to plan their strategy better.

In the chart below, the Phase 2B TUR for each year from 2006 till 2013 has been plotted.  The cells are color coded to indicate if there were balloting in Phase 2C for that year.

  • Red – Balloting within 1km
  • Yellow – Balloting within 1-2km
  • Green – Balloting outside 2km

All other colors indicate some form of cutoff, eg. Pink indicates that there was just enough places for those staying within 1km, and everyone else was not successful.  No balloting was done.

To assess the balloting risk for the school, compare its Phase 2B TUR this year with its previous years’ TUR.  If it is higher and there are some form of balloting in Phase 2C for the previous years, it is likely that there will be balloting for that school in Phase 2C this year.

The schools are sorted in descending order of the 2013 Phase 2B TUR within each area.


Balloting Phase 2C

Hi Chief / other parents,

Please clarify

1. Does Phase 2C ballotting happen at the same time & day in all schools?

Ex. Marine Parade : Tao Nan – balloting <1km on 6 Aug
Ngee Ann – balloting <1km on 6 Aug ? (SC living within 1 km to Tao nan and Ngee Ann)

That if I dont get in Tao Nan, When to apply for Ngee Ann? and if Ngee Ann is doing balloting when do they do?

I am lost please help



Roughly when will get the result

Roughly when will get the result to know they have indeed received your registration after the Phase 2C ballot is over.


I am quite worried as I have not received the letter yet. There are balloting held for PR within 1km on 6 Aug. Or am I overly worried that my registration did not get to their hands. My child is Singaporean.




Worried mom



Do the same rules like distance priority apply in 2Cs?

Bukit Panjang Primary School

Does that mean no balloting for SC within 1km this year ?

rivervale primary

have u receive call from them that balloting will be conducted at what time?

Waitlist post 2C Balloting


While I am awaiting for the 2C balloting result for my daughter, I am wondering significance of waitlist by the school for unsuccessful candidates. On last date of 2C registration, when it became clear that there would be balloting at this phase, the school representatives informed us that we can put our children on waitlist, just in case anybody cancels the admission due to relocation to other place. Is this correct, i.e. can we put our children on waitlist? If yes, is the waitlist carried forward to next year?

Phase 2A(2) then to 2C

It is very inconsiderate whom parents did that. it has created less chances for parents with A letter from the organisation that certify that the parent is a member endorsed by the organisation directly connected eligible for Phase 2B but was balloted out. Phase 2B vacancy are computed using CEILING(Total-Balance)/2.

For example, a particular sch originally phase 2B has 40 vacancies, but 42 applied. 2 of them have to be balloted out as a result. But when comes to Phase 2C, 4 pull out from 2A2, in another word if the parents in 2A2 has make the decision earlier, Phase 2B will have 42 vacancies instead.

Rivervale Primary


Understand SC children within 1 KM will go for balloting tomorrow. Any idea how many children are balloting for 84 vacancies??


Rivervale Primary


Understand SC children within 1 KM will go for balloting tomorrow. Any idea how many children are balloting for 84 vacancies??



You may, but you must first withdraw your kid’s application from the previous school.  You will then compete for the other school in Phase 2C like anyone else.


Here you go:


It is just that people around that area see Ai Tong and CHIJ St Nicholas to be much better schools.  Marymount usually requires balloting in Phase 2C(S), so it is clearly seen by parents as their “backup” school.

It might be smarter to go for Marymount in Phase 2C than to use it as a hedge for Phase 2C(S).  There is no balloting in Phase 2C.

Marymount Convent School

Hi, may I know what could be the reason / reasons  Marymount Convent School is so under subscribe over the years?  Is it a good school?  Thanks.

Advise for chart colours


Can anyone enlighten me with the legend to the latest chart? What does it mean by cells colour blue, orange, pink/red/yellow/yellow-shaded?


Thank you!

Phase 2A(2) then to 2C


Just wondering if I registered my kid to my previous school under phase 2A(2), and he got accepted, can I still try to enroll him to another school under phase 2C?

Thank You

Thank you! (I managed to find historic results for Phase 2CS in this great forum.)


Dear catherineq,

We only track up to the end of Phase 2CS.  However, the schools with places still remaining after Phase 2CS ends are the ones which will be available in Phase 3.  So all you need to do is to look for schools in your area whose Take Up Rates (TUR) has not reached 100% by end of Phase 2CS.

Past few years results

Hi! Do you have past years results for phase 3 or final results after phase 3? Thanks!

Background: my child is foreigner so we are not competing the spots with locals. But we plan to move house to an area where we can ensure or hope near her future primary school. We can’t plan for which shook but hope a school that will have vacancies for foreigner in Phase 3. Any idea how can I know who schools are not popular among locals ad have vacancies for foreigner in Phase 3? I also know even there are many vacancies left for Phase 3, but they are also locals whom failed in earlier phases will register in Phase 3, so it is hard to know which shook will e available for foreigners at the end of Ohase 2C…

KiasuChief, may you help me? Thank you.

Clementi area schools

With regard to schools in the Clementi area, there has been a signficant increase in population in recent years, largely due to the substantial number of new condominiums being built, particularly in the West Coast area. At least 5 of these condos are within 1 km of Nan Hua, which has always been popular — an exception is Monterey Park, in which only certain blocks are within 1 km. This population increase has also made Qifa a much more popular choice…the only school in West Coast. Qifa and Clementi Pri both increased their intake this year and Qifa was just 4 short of capacity after 2C. I foresee these trends to continue…and given the increases in Singapore’s population as a whole, likely occuring in other areas too and probably will drive the popularity of schools that previously were relative unknowns.


Good thinking.  That is a distinct probability.


Dear emmasani,

Phase 2C has closed.  This means you cannot withdraw and register you child in Phase 2C anymore.

If your child is unsuccessful in Phase 2C, you can register your child in Phase 2CS.  Not to worry… there will be a school for your child near you.

Withdrawal & Re-register

Hi All

Can you advise if I can withdraw my child from the school we’ve registered him in phase 2C and re-register him to anther school after the 2C registration phase has been closed? 

Thank you.

Taonan and Raffles Girls Phase 2C 2013 with less than expected

I think one of the reason that these two schools have less oversubscribe is because they will be shifting to a temporary location for the next two years for renovation which means parents will have to take care of the school bus.

Punggol view 2C balloting ?

Hi Chiefkiasu,

I am a SPR staying within 1 and 2 KM from Punggol View school.  Will Punggol View go for balloting? As MOE 2C result show 198 registered for 197 vacancies?

@ 4:30, school mgmt confirmed there is no balloting. 


If you called the school and they told you that there are 96 SC living within 1km registered for the 71 vacancies, then there is obviously going to be balloting for Poi Ching for SCs under 1km.

In many cases, the APP does reflect the actual number of people going for the ballot because many schools will take the trouble to call up those parents who registered earlier and are unlikely to even get a chance to ballot because of distance, or because they are PRs.  This is so that the parents can then take quick action to withdraw and register in another school instead of wasting their chance at Phase 2C.  However, some parents will not bother withdrawing, or may not have time to withdraw.  So the APP may include those who will not even get a chance to ballot.

Poiching sch

Hi all

Can someone kindly advise, if there’s going to be balloting for those living <1km for SC? I’ve just checked with the school, they said there’s 71 vacancies vs 96 SC living within 1 km. but according to previous tread in this forum, the APP is inclusive of those living >1 km. So I’m!!

Jie min Primary school

My girl is singaporean and we have register her in phrase 2C and we are staying within 1 km . Do we most likely can get in?


Thanks for your reply


Admiralty will most likely require balloting at 1km.  All we can say is that you will get least get a chance to ballot.

Admiralty primary school

My kid is singaporean and we have register her in phrase 2C and we are staying within 1 km . Do we most likely can get in admiralty primary school?


MOE only provides the total number of applicants for each Phase.  There is no breakdown between SCs, PRs, and those within 1km, 1-2km or >2km.

So the APP shows the overall interest in that Phase.  Not everyone in the APP gets to ballot.

Pei Chun Public School

Hi Chief,

May I know if the Phase 2C APP % includes various applicants, i.e. SC / SPR within 1km, 1km – 2km, >2km? Or the % is shows the % of SC within 1km?



Yes, but you must withdraw and register before 4:30pm tomorrow.

Can withdraw?

Can i check if i have registered in Punggol Green primary and can i withdraw and registered my gal is punggol view?

I just feel that without

I just feel that without receiving the confirmation, I am just assuming that my daughter is in.  What if the school misplaced the application or something? So it is not necessary to receive confirmation as long as there is no balloting?

A thinking-too-much mum


Is there any reason you think may make your 2B registration unsuccessful?

If there isn’t and Since they had accepted your registration and there was no ballot, your child is IN!

Congrats !

North Vista Primary School


For me, I have to go for ballot.. within 1KM got alot of people who apply. Pray hard that my daughter will get it.

ShuQun Phase 2B

My daughter is PR and we have done PV and registered with ShuQun under stage 2B.  There is no ballating at stage 2B at ShuQun but we have also not received confirmation from the school.  I have called up and the school told me that they will send our letter after next week.  Is this the correct procedure?  How do I know whether my daughter has secured a seat successfully?  Shouldn’t the school notify us on the annoucement of result date, which is on 26 Jul?  2C is closing today, not sure if I need to do anything? TQ.


I suspect your best chance is Tanjong Katong.


You should not have any problems getting a place in Yishun Primary in 2C.

move the house




Yishun Primary School

Hi, I am Singapore PR (within 1 Km) and registered in 2C phase.

What is the probability of securing seat in Yishun Primary in 2C phase?

Any idea?

Thanks and Regards



2C Balloting chances at CHIJ Katong, Haig and Tanjong Katong


I am a PR and my address is more than 2 KMs from all three schools (CHIJ Katong, Haig and Tanjong Katong). I am monitoring the 2C registrations closely, based on current outlook (there is a higher TUR at all three schools), what are chances these schools would go for Balloting for PR (>2KMs). I am trying to make sure I register only at either of these schools where chances don’t depend upon balloting.


Thank you.  That’s because our previous chart did not take into account the 1-2 withdrawals by parents from those schools you mentioned.  We have updated the charts accordingly.

Different Calculations?

For the top ten schools in Phase 2C, I find calculation for 3 schools calculation different from mine. I got the other 7 schools the same. Very strange.

Rosyth School 93 for 31  = 300%

Fairfield 60 for 21  =  286%

Chongfu School 110 for 55  = 200%

It is possible to verify before today’s update? Thanks.

My values are extracted from official website on Wed morning 7 am.


Thanks tankee for your replies 🙂


Thanks tankee for your replies 🙂


Thanks tankee for your replies 🙂

Phase 2C - Raffles Girls Primary School

Tks, Chief with regards to RVPS.

Question: RGPS has 48 applicants as of today (30 July) vs 58 vacancies. The school has for the last 3 years required balloting for within 1 km and the earlier 3 years required balloting outside 2 km. Please share your comments with regard to the chances of outside 2 km applicant like myself (put in our registration tomorrow, can?)? How, uh? Tks2.



i’m not chief ;P

No. SC child has absolute priority over PR, meaning SC applicants will be allocated first, any balance places then will be allocated to PR. 


Thanks Chief.

So SC child will get 2 ballot slips and PR child will get 1?


It should be on the day after the last day of registration, that MOE announce the details of the balloting.

If you can’t wait, you can try checking with the school at the end of the last day to get the exact stats, or check the forums here in KSP. Some other parents may have the breakdown and shared it in the forum here.

Good luck!


It is the child’s citizenship that matters, not the parents’.

school bus service from Changkat primary school to bedok


If anybody knows if Changkat primary school has bus service for bedok south ave 3.





Hi ChiefKiasu,

When will I know whether the balloting is required for SC within 1km? How is the balloting being conducted?


Hi ChiefKiasu,

In balloting, does parents who are both SC have priority over parents who are 1 SC+1PR?



I’m not sure what you mean by “73% probability”.  I don’t even see the 73% number under River Valley PS.  In any case, the % displayed in the chart in this article has nothing to do with probability.  It only tells you what is the take-up rate up to this point, which is at the end of Phase 2B.  We show the corresponding balloting that may have happened in the previous years just so you can form your own conclusion as to what your balloting risk really is.

Also, it does not make sense to register, withdraw and register again in the same Phase.  Just monitor the statistics and then go down in the afternoon (eg. 12noon) of the last day to register in your school of choice.  No need to run around like a mad chicken to withdraw and register at the last minute.

2013 Phase 2C - River Valley Primary School

Hi, Chief

Please confirm the following understanding –

RVPS has a 73% probability of ballot for those within 1-2 km; in other words, based on past year records, chances are good for those within 1 km.

First Time P1 Registration Parents – Can we register at our 2nd choice school on the 2nd day and register for our 1st choice school on the 3rd day. Should we be lucky on our 1st choice, got ballot in; then, we withdraw the registration at our 2nd choice school on the 3rd day (late afternoon of 1st Aug). Are we allow to do this?


Im sure lots of work has been

Im sure lots of work has been done n kudos to the indiv or team. Just wondering for the balloting exercise, when there’s a red legend does it mean a high risk for the SC or for the PRs? Doesnt indicate for 2012 right? so a bit difficult for us to exercise our judgement bsded in that…


the % is the accumulative take up rate (TUR) after phase 2B. 

Phase 2C

Sorry, new to this.  Pls advise how to interpret the % for phase 2C Chart




Isn’t that information already in the above chart?


Sorry, there’s a large amount of data to be collated as we did not track SC/PR last year and have to retroactively go through the forum threads to recreate that data.  We only managed to do it partially for Phase 2C, as reflected in the table.  Will continue to work on it.  However, I doubt the info will change the fundamental picture for you if you are an SC.  It is more applicable if you are PR.


For past balloting, wd u hv info on whether SCs or PRs were involved? That wd be very useful info. and reference. At least wecan make better judgement on which schools to apply.


2C for Rivervale Primary School

Hi ChiefKiasu,

Do you have any idea what are the chances of within 1km for RPS under balloting?
What was last year result like?

Thanks in advance!

@quixation - sleepless in Marine Parade

Pace yourself.

This is only the beginning. 

At least another 6 long years more to go.

Sleepless in Marine Parade

Just kidding la Chief..

Thanks for the wishes. I hope its a suitable school for her. (nobody really knows till they r in, right?) ..

Gonna be sleepless in Marine parade for 1 week till results day…




Peace comes to those who are prepared...

Lol… late already.  I have a ton of requests in my PM asking for the data.  Good luck for your TNS quest, quixation.  May your daughter be one of the lucky few that will get into the school.


aiya Chief… so early….. engine start liao….

now my adrenaline starts to pump liao..tomorrow starts for me… 

Wishing all parents best of luck in getting our kids into a school that is most suitable for the child and nearest for us! ^^ 


P1 Registraton - Single Parent



You need to fill in Form D to declare the status and it will be all right. thanks.

P1 Registraton - Single Parent

I’m a single parent and my daughter is entering her P1 in two years. Do I need both parents’ IC details to register her in a school? There is no father listed in her BC. Do let me know please… Thanks!

Applying in Phase 2C in Haig's Girls School


My daughter is a PR. And we stay within 1-2 km from Haig’s Girls School. Are there any chances that I will succeed in getting a seat in Phase 2C.

My second option is I am also planning to apply in CHIJ (Katong) in 2C Supplementary which is also with in 1-2 km from my house.

My third option (Phase 3) is Eunos Primary which is within 1km from my house and where my son is studying right now.

Any ideas from anyone?


Jurong west

With the current phase 2b results, do I stand a good chance for my daughter to register for west grove in phase 2c or should I just stick to Westwood?

st hilda or poi ching

I stay within 1km for St Hilda but know that will end up on a balloting process. Poi ching is 1.5km but not sure of the chances.

Which shall I go for?

@Crazy About Baking

Regret to learn about being balloted out.

Based on past years’ stats, RGPS had been balloting for within 1km under 2C, and no balanced place for 2cs.

thus it is unlikely that you would have any chance for RGPS.



I was unsuccessful in today’s Phase 2B balloting for my girl at NYPS.  I am reassessing whether I want to still continue for Phase 2C becasue I stay at NYPS doorstep ( less than 1km) or go for RGPS where I’ll be within the 1 to 2 km category where the chances seems better.  There are only these two school within my vicinity.

My thoughts are:

Option 1- NYPS P2C, unsuccessful then try for RGPS under P2CS.


Option 2 – RGPS, P2C only.


Can kiasu_parents advise me if this thinking is sound and what is the TUR for RGPS so far?


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