2013 P1 Registration (Phase 2CS)



Dates: 13-14 Aug 2013     Results: 20 Aug 2013


For a child who is not yet registered in a school after Phase 2C.

Update (14 Aug 2013)

At the close of the Phase 2C(S) Registration, we have 22 schools oversubscribed, and 1 school meeting its quota exactly.

In Punggol Primary, 6 of the 12 applicants withdrew their registrations, leaving the remaining applicants to fill up the last 6 vacancies completely.

Other schools are not so lucky.  Northview, Qifa, and Unity remained just as heavily oversubscribed as in the previous day.  Marymount was a big gainer in Day 2, with 41 applying for its 25 vacancies, as opposed to a relatively uncompetitive 26 in Day 1.

May luck shine on those who have to ballot!

Update (13 Aug 2013)

After the Day 1 of the Phase 2C(S) Registration, here are the interim results.  14 schools are over-subscribed, with another 22 schools with 90% or more take-up rate.

Punggol Primary and North View are the most heavily over-subscribed, at a rate of 2 to 1.  That’s not surprising given that these schools have as low as 1 to 6 places left over from Phase 2C.  For those eyeing Marymount Convent, well, it is already oversubscribed now, albeit only by 1 place.  If you stay more than 2km, you may either be cut-off, or face a balloting situation.

Update (6 Aug 2013)

With the completion of the ballots, Phase 2C has officially ended, and what is left now is for parents who were unlucky enough not to get a place in Phase 2C, to go for their backup schools.

In the table below, we have sorted the schools based on the number of places remaining.  Schools which have a take-up rate (TUR) of 90% and above are the ones which are most likely to require balloting in Phase 2C(S).  If parents do not wish to go through the stress of balloting again, please avoid these schools and choose one with least 30% of its vacancies remaining.

Note that all schools in this list have vacancies for Phase 2C(S).  The last column “DEV from AVG” refers to the deviation of the 2013 TUR so far from the average TUR (2006-2012).  A negative value indicates that the 2013 TUR is lower than the average TUR.  In other words, the school is less competitive this year, than usual.


Bus Service to Tanjong Katong Primary from Sengkang

Hi All,

Does any one know any private bus service provider to Tanjong katong primary school from Sengkang? I went to school today but we got to know that there’s no bus service.



Zhonghua's principal is from

Zhonghua’s principal is from Tanjong Katong Primary. TKPS has a very good reputation among expat during his time in that school.

My wife is very concern about Peicai influence to the primary school thou.

Marymount Convent

My girl got a place in Marymount convent and I am working at Tuas. Understand next year Pr1 is in the afternoon. By the time i reach the school it will be after 7pm to fetch her. My friend is suggesting me to let her take the school bus home and i rush home to wait for the school bus at TP. Any one has the bus transport contact. Any advise for me? 


Congratulations on getting your child a good school!

All schools in Singapore can provide the necessary support for children to excel, as long as parents work in tandem with the school as an extended system to reinforce what the children learn in school.  May you and your child enjoy the learning journey in the next 6 years.

Thank you Chief

Hi Chief,  thanks for the constant update and information provided in the site, it was great.

We manage to get our child into a school which we have slip off in our list.

For all you people asking for

For all you people asking for advice of which school is better, or for opinions on school A versus B, please take the time to read the relevant forums and find out for yourself. No one can tell you the answer, only yourself. If you are too lazy to even read through the forums, and expect the answer on a plate, I wish you all the best. What the heck happened to this once great forum…

Which school should I choose

Hi, I live in geylang. Which is better? Stamford or eunos primary? Anybody knows about these two? Pls kindly give advice. Thanks a lot.

Which school? Tanjong Katong or Eunos Primary?

Hi I stay in Marine Parade (PR).  My daughter needs to start Primary 1 next year.  We tried to get her into Ngee Ann Primary (less than 1 KM) from our house but she didn’t get in.  All the schools within a 1KM radius is full now.

It seems I have 2 options now.  Tanjong Katong Primary or Eunos Primary.

I called Tanjong Katong primary and they have 17 spaces available.  From the table above it seems Eunos has got more.

Is it even worthwhile trying to get in at Tanjong Katong primary or should I just go straight for Eunos Primary?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


low tur

On top of offering  very few places, some schools very low tur as well…. shouldn’t moe consider closing these schools, and focus on other schools who are more popular?  maybe its not the school… just the location?

coming 2cs

My daughter not able to get in rosyth in phase 2c.next 1-2km only yio chu kang and zhong hua? Which one better? Need consider ballet risk too

Townsvill primary

Anyone knows about Townsville Primary school?

I am staying within 1K, how is the chance of getting a place for my boy (SC)? Thanks!

We choose Farrer Park over

We choose Farrer Park over Bendeemeer when we were unsuccessful last year. The school is expanding and now shares the premises of the CC that is just by the side. We find that the teachers there are very attentive to the kids needs and progress during the PTC…

Which school is better? Boon Lay Gdn Pri Sch, Juying Pri ? Why?

Sincere appreciate your great advice. please share your thoughts. Much appreciated

Am depressed that my kid did get a seat during balloting today.

Which School

Which school would you recommend?


Bendeemer Primary Or Farrer Park Primary….



Which school fuhua or yuhua

Which school fuhua or yuhua better

Primary School selection

Hi, I read your post too late. Marymount Convent offers Hindi too. 

Which school should go , If I choose Hindi as Language

Hi , 


I am PR and staying in Sembwang, I want to take Hindi as Language. I selected canberra Primary school in Phase 2B, but I faced the ballatoning in phase 2B and did not get admission. 

Now Which school should I select for 2C phase admission where I can choose Hindi as Language. 

Pls. reply urgent at [email protected]