2013 P1 Registration (Phase 3)

29 Aug 2013

Results: 30 Aug 2013


Check first

Go and see yrself firsrt. then decide.


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today itself i felt stressed.

today itself i felt stressed. i think tomorrow will be worser than this. i think i will go to queenstown primary or some in  woodlands.i could  have withdrawn from my first choice school and put him in my second choice school. now i regret it.anyways lets hope for the best.


cintu, I think MOE will your

cintu, I think MOE will your child in a school that has vacancies. That doesn’t mean it will be near you but will probably be the closest one that has a vacancy.

We too have had a stressful day, we registered in the morning at our favourite school then went to visit our backup school only to find that it was going to balloting as well – as was our third choice.  We withdrew from our favourite school (10 places and 50plus registered) and registered at our second choice. (36 places, 44 registered)

Playing the odds is what you have done. We went with the better odds even though we loved our first choice. Reason is because if we missed out there, all the other schools in our area would have finished their balloting and been full.  We would then looking at a longer commute and an unknown school as being our only choice.  This is the position you are in and I can only pray that we are both successful tomorrow in balloting. 


I also live kn Jurong area.
Too many registration in Lianhua,
We already registered in Dazhong with less competitive.
I am going to approach Hong kywa or Teck thye if fail during balloting. .

need help

Hi all, 

i  am staying in jurong west and i just registered in Lianhua primary school where around 70 applicants are competing for 21 seats. I really dont know what to do tomorrow if i cannot get through. because as of now the surrounding schools yuhua( 80 applicants), juying (70 applicants, dazhong( more applicants than vacancies)  all will be full by tommorrow. is that means that i have to search in cck, bukit panjang areas. that will be really too far us. can i approach Moe tommorow if i am unsuccessful and request them to put in a nearby school?

hi, it seems now yuhua

hi, it seems now yuhua primary school will be in demand for phase 3 in jurong area. even i am planning to put my ds1under this school. fingers crossed…

phase 3

My opinion is put my child in yuhua primary school.any one has
Opinion about this school