2014 P1 Registration Phase 2A(2)


Phase 2A(2)

(a) For a child whose parent or sibling has studied in the primary school of choice

(b) For a child whose parent is a staff member of the primary school of choice

Announcement of Results:

By Thursday, 17 July 2014

KiasuParents.com Analysis (Updated 15 July 2014)

Phase 2A(2) has just ended.  Five schools: Nan Hua, Henry Park, Radin Mas, CHIJ SNGS and Yu Neng exceeded their quota.

With the exception of Yu Neng Primary, the rest of these schools will require balloting for children who are Singapore Citizens staying beyond 2km.  At Yu Neng, as the number of Singapore Citizens meet the quota exactly, no balloting is required.

Good luck to parents going for the ballot, and for parents who have managed to get a place for their children, congratulations!


KiasuParents.com Analysis (Updated 14 July 2014)

Just after the 1st day of Phase 2A(2), some parents’ worst fears of balloting in Phase 2A(2) have become a reality.  The 3 schools we highlighted earlier: Henry Park, Nan Hua and CHIJ SNGS have indeed exceeded their quota for Phase 2A(2) and will most likely require balloting for the first time, unless some applicants pull out on their own volition.

3 other schools: Radin Mas, Yu Neng and Catholic High are flirting with less than 3% vacancies left for Phase 2A.  Hopefully, most parents who are interested in these schools have already registered today.  Otherwise, they may join balloting as well.


KiasuParents.com Analysis (Updated 13 July 2014)

After having gone through two priority Phases, it is clear that the recent move by MOE to reserve 40 places for Phases after Phase 2A is making an impact on schools which traditionally have very high competition for places early in the Exercise.

Many parents have moved themselves up the ladder by taking advantage of their eligibility for Phase 1 and Phase 2A(1) (eg. by joining the school’s Alumni).  We have seen a significant increase in the Take Up Rate (TUR) this year for many schools versus the last 8 years.  While this is normal for newer schools such as Horizon and Frontier, which are beginning to have students eligible for Phase 1 and 2A, we also see schools such as Maris Stella High and CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ (SNGS) increasing their TUR by 18% over the average.  Given that the new MOE ruling reserves 19% of its places for Phases 2B and beyond, it would seem that the change will not make very much difference to the actual make-up of the 2015 SNGS cohort versus earlier years.  What the new ruling has achieved is to arrest the trend of increasing Phase 1 and 2A TUR in these schools and retain at least a fifth of the schools’ vacancies for non-affiliated students.

The next question on everyone’s minds is, of course, whether we will see any balloting for Phase 2A(2) for the first time in history.  From the table below, CHIJ SNGS, Catholic HighHenry Park, Nan Hua, Nanyang and Ai Tong have 21% or less of their vacancies left for Phase 2A(2).  If the 2014 Phase 2A(2) applications at these schools are at least as healthy as last years’, then these schools will have the highest threat of balloting at Phase 2A(2).  Even Red Swastika may not be spared from balloting this year, despite having 25% of its places left for Phase 2A(2). 

Chances are, however, that some parents who would have had to register at Phase 2A(2) have already “upgraded” themselves by registering at Phase 2A(1) at these schools, so hopefully, we might all be looking at a non-event this year 🙂

Good luck to all parents!


1. For the table below, note that all percentages are baselined against the total number of places available for the particular year/period.  So the sum of the 2014 Phase 1 to 2A(1) TUR, 2014 P2A(2) Vacancies and 2014 Reserved for P2B/P2C numbers should make up the full 100% of the vacancies offered in this year’s exercise.

2. The table is sorted in ascending order based on the difference between the number of vacancies left for P2A(2) this year, and the number taken up in P2A(2) last year.  Based on this, the first 3 schools have deficits should the rate of P2A(2) applicants be similar to that last year, thereby requiring balloting.



Questions on Phase 2A1 - ACJS & ACPS (Barker)

Hi Chef

I have the following questions needing your advice, thanks!

1) P1 registration for every year seems to be in July – are we able to know the no. of places left after Phase 1 before Phase 2A1?  If yes – is it published in kiasuparents.com else where pls advise.  

2) Are we able to see the places left for Phase 2A1 after 40 seats are subtracted before the registration date for Phase 2A1, are no. of applicants (APP) also published before the registration date for the date?  If yes, where can I find the data?

3) I have alumni to 2 schools – what would be the best registration strategy to ensure that I confirmed/guarantee a seat for my child – is it register at the last min (as some suggested) else pls advise


Hi   May I know what is APP



May I know what is APP TUR?


Phase 2C3 for CHIJ Toa Payoh

Hi Chef,


2C1: Distance < 1KM

2C2: Distance between 1KM to 2KM

2C3: Distance > 2KM

Unsure about your question

There are no 2C1 or 2C2 phases.  You should read up MOE’s explanation of the phases.

Phase 2C3 for CHIJ Toa Payoh

Hi Chief,

What do you think my chances are, for getting into CHIJ Toa Payoh. I qualify for Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School under 2C1, Marymount Convent under 2C2. However as a former catholic school student, I prefer to send my daughter to an all girl school. What is your take on this?

P.S: My home is too far away from my old school.

Good chance

I would say chances are much more favorable this year than last year, if you qualify for Phase 2B for ACS Junior.  You may not even require balloting.

We will be releasing our analysis for 2014 Phase 2B soon, so that you can judge for yourself.

Chances going into Acs Junior

Dear Chief Kiasu,

May I know what is the chances for my son to get into ACS junior under phase 2B? Is more than 2km. Thanks!


Balloting at P2A2

Parents are allowed to participate in any Phase as long as they qualify for it.  So if they fail at P2A2, they may try again at P2B if they qualify for P2B, in the same or other schools.

Fail ballot at 2A2

What happens to parents who fail to get a placing at 2A2 because of balloting?

Can they register for 2B? (As they might not fit the criteria for 2B) 

Or do they have to wait till 2C?

You are most welcome!

Hopefully parents will find the analysis useful for their decision-making.  🙂

Thanks, Chief for putting up

Thanks, Chief for putting up such analysis !