2014 P1 Registration Phase 2C


Phase 2C

For all children who are eligible for Primary One in the following year and are not yet registered in a primary school

Announcement of Results:

By Wednesday, 6 August 2014

KiasuParents.com Analysis (Updated 4 Aug 2014):

MOE has released the list of schools that require balloting for Phase 2C.

To summarize, 91 schools are oversubscribed, of which 5 schools reached cut-off and require no balloting.

No balloting

Cut-off for SC < 1km (3)

  • Anderson Primary
    Keming Primary
    Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary

Cut-off for SCs only (1)

  • Admiralty Primary

Cut-off for SCs and PRs < 1km (1)

  • Riverside Primary

Balloting for SC

Balloting for SC < 1km (48)

  • Ai Tong
    Bukit Panjang Primary
    Canberra Primary
    Catholic High
    CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh)
    CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’
    Chongfu Primary
    Chongzheng Primary
    Fairfield Methodist Primary
    Frontier Primary
    Gongshang Primary
    Henry Park Primary
    Holy Innocents’ Primary
    Hong Wen
    Hougang Primary
    Innova Primary
    Kong Hwa
    Maha Bodhi
    Mee Toh
    Methodist Girls’ School (Primary)
    Nan Chiau Primary
    Nan Hua Primary
    Nanyang Primary
    Northland Primary
    Pasir Ris Primary
    Pei Chun Public
    Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary
    Poi Ching
    Punggol View Primary
    Radin Mas Primary
    Red Swastika
    Rivervale Primary
    Rulang Primary
    Sengkang Green Primary
    Shuqun Primary
    Singapore Chinese Girls’ Primary
    South View Primary
    St Anthony’s Primary
    St Hilda’s Primary
    Tao Nan
    Temasek Primary
    West Grove Primary
    Westwood Primary
    White Sands Primary
    Xinmin Primary
    Yu Neng Primary

Balloting for SC 1-2 km (11)

  • Alexandra Primary
    Compassvale Primary
    De La Salle
    Fengshan Primary
    Jurong Primary
    Maris Stella High
    Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’
    Princess Elizabeth Primary
    River Valley Primary
    St Andrew’s Junior
    Yangzheng Primary

Balloting for SC > 2km (6)

  • Anglo-Chinese School (Junior)
    Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)
    CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity
    Ngee Ann Primary
    Raffles Girls’ Primary
    St Joseph’s Institution Junior

Balloting for PR

Balloting for PR < 1km (14)

  • Chua Chu Kang Primary
    Edgefield Primary
    Endeavour Primary
    Evergreen Primary
    Geylang Methodist School
    Greenridge Primary
    Jiemin Primary
    Jurong West Primary
    Kheng Cheng
    Lakeside Primary
    Teck Ghee Primary
    Unity Primary
    Woodgrove Primary
    Zhangde Primary

Balloting for PR 1-2km (3)

  • Elias Park Primary
    St Margaret’s Primary
    Tampines Primary

Balloting for PR < 2km (4)

  • CHIJ (Kellock)
    Clementi Primary
    Qifa Primary
    St Stephen’s


KiasuParents.com Analysis (Updated 1 Aug 2014):

Phase 2C is now closed.  After 3 nail-biting days for many parents participating in this Phase, many can now rest and celebrate the successful registration of their child in their choice Primary schools.

However, several parents will also face balloting at many schools.  A total of 93 schools have completely filled their vacancies, with 91 schools over-subscribed, some exceeding by as little as 1 place.  This is lower than the situation last year where 99 schools were over-subscribed in Phase 2C.

Rulang, Rosyth and Nan Hua are the most over-subscribed, by up to 3 applicants to 1 place.  Anchor Green and St. Gabriel’s just managed to meet their quota with no overflow.

Congratulations to parents who managed to get a place in Phase 2C.  For parents who have to go through balloting next week, we wish you the best of luck.  Just make sure you have a proper backup plan for Phase 2C(S).


KiasuParents.com Analysis (Updated 31 July 2014):

At the end of the second day of Phase 2C, 74 schools have filled their quotas, with 72 schools over-subscribed.

In all, a total of 113 schools have filled 80% or more of their available vacancies.  These are outlined in the table below.  Schools with between 90-99% TUR are those at the highest risk of over-subscription by tomorrow.

Rosyth has overtaken Rulang as the school with the highest application rate (more than 3 applicants for 1 place).  In fact, it seems that more applicants are trying for many of these popular schools despite knowing that the schools are over-subscribed by the first day.  We attribute this to the side-effect of the new “20 places” policy that gives many parents the illusion that they have a better chance of securing a place in those schools.

Our advice to parents at this stage is to be rational, and go for the school that they have the highest chance of getting into, and not the one that is already heavily over-subscribed.  There are many good schools which require balloting in Phase 2C(S), which parents can avoid simply by registering for them in Phase 2C.  Do your best to get your school by Phase 2C, as Phase 2C(S) is a wildcard and best avoided.


KiasuParents.com Analysis (Updated 30 July 2014):

After the first day of Phase 2C, 59 schools are over-subscribed, while a total of 101 schools have filled 80% or more of their available places for this year’s registration exercise.

The table below shows the 101 schools which are likely to be over-subscribed.  It is sorted based on the Take-Up Rate (TUR) to date.

Rulang leads the pack with an almost 3 to 1 over-subscription rate.  Most of the popular schools at the top of the table will require balloting for Singapore Citizens staying within 1km.  PRs will not have a chance to get into these schools in Phase 2C.


KiasuParents.com Analysis (Updated 23 July 2014):

We are now entering the most competitive stage of this year’s Primary One Registration exercise – the free-for-all Phase 2C stage.

Once again, to let parents have a taste of what to expect, we are publishing a table comparing the Phase 1 to 2B take up rate so far for each school, against the average take up rate for the same phases in previous exercises from 2006 to 2013.

For those who prefer to look at and study more recent numbers, we have also compared the number of vacancies remaining for Phase 2C this year, against the number of applicants for Phase 2C last year.  We then sorted the table in ascending order of schools with the lowest number of places left, assuming that the application rate for Phase 2C is going to be similar to that of last year’s.  This should highlight the schools which will face the greatest competition in Phase 2C.

In the table below, schools marked in RED are those with short-falls in vacancies should this year’s demand be the same as last year’s demand.  These are the schools with the highest probability of over-subscription in this year’s Phase 2C.  There are 83 of such schools, which is almost half of the total number of primary schools available for this year’s exercise (187).

In fact, we are expecting several more than 83 schools to be over-subscribed this year in Phase 2C.

Good luck to all parents participating in this Phase!


Innova Primary sch

what do I need to bring during balloting?

When does balloting takes place if there is balloting in 2C?

Hi all,

Anyone can advise on which day does balloting take place in a school if there are more applications than vacancy in Phase 2C? For this year, 2C phase application is done during 29-31 Jul.  So which day is balloting done?  Is it on 31 Jul or on the result release day 5 Aug?

Thank you for your help.

P1 registration - P2C

I’m really thankful the results for 2014 are here!

But I am confused! I need help please!

I look at SJI Junior,

Balloting for SC > 2km :

St Joseph’s Institution Junior

Does it mean if I am within 2km, I am secured a place? Don’t have to go through balloting at all?

App = 130% , TUR = 100%

What does it mean? Sch is oversubscribed by 30%?

But as I am within 2km, I still do not need to go through balloting ? right?

Then I look at P2C vacancies = 57 & applications = 77, does it mean so long as I am within 2km, I do not have to go thru balloting? 

Please advise. Thanks

How to read the tables above



my cousin will be statutorily declared to my parents staying in woodlands. I am not sure how to selct a school for her.

1. Can i enrol her into RGPS or Nanyang for Phase 2C even though it is so far away? If not what are the ways I have to get her into either school?

2. If i have to enrol her into primary schools in woodlands, how do i read the percentages in the tables to select the right school with the highest chance.

3. Is admiralty or innova better choice?

Rulang primary school

We are sc stay within 1km from rulang school,kindly advice should we try? Any recommendation for backup school?

2014 P1 ballot results in numbers

I am new here and my girl doing her P1 registration next year so I am checking the ballot results for 2014 . However, results in % and i am not following. Is there a table showing the results in numbers? THANKS a lot.
I am basically looking at MGS(BT), CHIJ(TP), and Jurong primary. 2C and 2CS results.


May i know what kind of method will they contact us for the result? Will they still contact us if we didnt get a place in the balloting? Pls help 🙂 TIA!


You can always call them up after the balloting to find out immediately.

Balloting Results

Anyone know how will we get to know the balloting results? Will they sms or email those successful in the ballot or we have to wait another few days for the letter to be send to us?


They use ping pong balls.  Not sure about being audited by MOE officials, but the balloting is definitely being carefully administered by school officials.

Some schools ask the parents themselves to roll the cage.  Other schools, eg. NYPS, actually get an MP or other independent VIPs to do the balloting.  So you shouldn’t worry about the process being unfair.

Any idea how the balloting is conducted?

Do they use ping-pong balls? or paper chits?

Is the balloting process audited/vitnessed by MOE?


Go for Marymount in Phase 2C

Go for Marymount in Phase 2C.  Save yourself the uncertainty of going through Phase 2CS.

2CS ballot for Marymount Convent


what is the likelihood of ballot for phase 2CS within1-2km ? 


May I know whether my twin girls got chance to go in to RGPS. We are SC & staying >2km away.

how high is the chance if

how high is the chance if balloting at Frontier? or shld i go for JWPS or West Grove which is within 1km too..seems like this two also over-subsribed. Pls help…

Prepare your backup schools now

If you have a backup school (not any of the 3 you mentioned) that you are comfortable with, then go for Rulang.  At worst you can still go to your backup school in Phase 2C(S).  If you do not have a backup school, go for Lakeside, because it will be your best bet.

Possible backup schools in Jurong West:

Boon Lay, Corporation, Juying, Pioneer and Xingnan.

Which School should I chose to go for ballot?

I am staying withink 1km of Rulang, Shuqun & Lakeside and I think all these 3 schools needs balloting.

Can you advice which school should I go for?

Thanks for your kind advice.


Frontier is already oversubscribed on the 1st day of Phase 2C.  It has required balloting at Phase 2C for SC staying less than 1km away, every year, since it first opened 3 years ago.


The competition at Zhangde is dependent on that of Alexandra.  As Alexandra is now full, it is likely that parents who wish to avoid balloting may move on to Zhangde.  As a PR staying 1-2km away, I would say that it could be quite difficult for you to get a place at Zhangde this year.  Keep monitoring till the 12pm on the 3rd day and then make your decision.

frontier primary

i m staying within 1km from Frontier..is there require balloting for this year? Thanks for kind advice

Zhangde PS

I am PR staying 1-2 km from the school and planning to register for the school on Aug 1st if APP does not go over 100% today. Can you give me any advice?

Don't be so selfish........

Why Phase 2B are the most disadvantaged!!!!!! Why not Phase 2C are the most disadvantaged?????? Whichever Phase requires balloting, the balloting criteria is still according to sequence of Singapore citizen living within 1 km, then between 1-2 km. If determined to get into the school, suggest to be the clan associated or join the alumni association. If the child is from a poor family which both parents are required to take up 2 jobs, do they have time for parent volunteer, the poor child will not have a fair chance to enter a school within 1 km!!!!!!! The poor family will have to spend additional money to engage a school bus for the child!!!!! Is not fair!!!!!!! EVERY CHILD BORN IN SINGAPORE HAS EQUAL CHANCE.

Agree. I left ACSJ at 10:30

Agree. I left ACSJ at 10:30 and Q no already 30. On the board it was displayed online registration till 9:30 which 6:1:6 based on distance (<1km/1-2km/>2km) 


No, why should 40 seats be all given to 2B while not giving people who stayed near the Sch equal chance? Anyway 2b still can try again at 2C which makes them have double chance if they want to try for the same Sch…is that fair for people in 2C?

Choose the one nearest to you

Because according to MOE, all Singapore Primary schools are good schools.

ACSJ chance

There is indeed a good chance this year that ACSJ might not require balloting for less than 2km, as the take up rate this year is 6 percentage points below the running average in the last 8 years.  However, I wouldn’t count on ACSJ having any places for Phase 2CS.  So while this is a good year for you to try your luck in ACSJ if you stay >2km away, you should be mentally prepared for balloting.


This year it seems that ACSJ has more slots left at 73 places, i am SC staying more than 2km away do you think i stand a chance at all?


yishun primary vs North view


Yishun primary vs north view which one better ? We are trying 2c nearest school is chongfu but we never get since PR

North view primary 1 to 2 km …yishun primary with 1km 

any idea which one better to apply ?? In 2 c


You can only choose one option

If you do online registration, there is no need for a physical registration.

Since you can make it in person, it is probably better because you can then experience the school and its staff first hand.


Unless you are staying too far away from NYPS, you really should just accept that place.  Many people would love to be in your position.  Also, if you have a son, he could easily get into NYPS in Phase 1 later on.  Save you from a lot of stress.

That said, PLMGS has no balloting for those staying within 1km since 2008.  So if you really want to, wait till the 3rd day of Phase 2C and monitor the situation before deciding if it is worth your risk.

Enrol online or physical enrollment?

I am considering to register my daughter online for a neighbourhood school but also wanted to register personally tomorrow as well. Should I do both or just choose 1 option? Which will be a better option?

Any advice?

Got a place in 2A2 trying for 2C

Hello all,
Got a place in NYPS in the earlier phrases?
Should I try for 2C paya lebar Methodist Girls school.
Staying within 1 km to pl.
I am in a delimma, pls advise.
Thanks and best regards

Tell PM Lee lor...not

Tell PM Lee lor…not everyone has time for Parent volunteer or $$ to be clan associated right. Why don’t you simply say remove phase 2A for alumni which is most unfair to residents living within 1km of school. The child can be living in north east but got a place at school in the east side (no) thanks to his parent’s alumni association.

Disadvantaged Phase 2B again!

i just want to vent out frustration for my group of friends in phase 2B:

wouldn’t it be better if all the 40 goes to 2B and then spillover to 2C if anything else is left?

2B were the ones who contributed the most and yet they are the most disadvantaged!

woodlands Ring Primary school

My son need to emrol P1 under Phase 2C , I just choose neighbourhood school  .

Any comments on this school ?