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2014 P1 Registration Phase 2C(S)


Phase 2C Supplementary

For a child who is not yet registered in a primary school after Phase 2C

Announcement of Results:

By Tuesday, 19 August 2014 Analysis (Final Update 13 Aug 2014):

The final day of this year’s Phase 2C(S) has ended.  25 schools have completely filled their places, with 21 over-subscribed.

The most hotly contested schools in this round are Tanjong Katong, Opera Estate and Marymount Convent.  The good news is, more parents than not will get a place in these schools even though they will most likely have to go through balloting.

Amongst the surprises this year is Beacon, which only filled 89% of its places this year, when it had had to go into balloting in Phase 2C last year.  North Vista, Cedar, Telok Kurau, and Fuchun are the other schools that similarly “under-performed” this year.  This is, of course, good news for parents who are in Phase 3.  And for those eyeing a convent school, CHIJ (Katong) still has 1 place left :).

This ends our series of analysis articles for the P1 Registration Exercise this year.  We hope parents have found the articles useful for their planning, and we congratulate all children who have successfully registered in their Primary schools and wish them the best in their coming endeavours! Analysis (Updated 12 Aug 2014):

The first day of Phase 2C(S) has ended.  14 schools have totally filled their vacancies, with 11 over-subscribed.  Another 22 schools reached 90% or more of their occupancy.

Gentle reminder to parents.  You should try to get your school in Phase 2C(S) and avoid a balloting situation as much as possible.  In Phase 3, MOE will centrally allocate schools to you, and you cannot appeal.

For those who insist on going through the ballot in Phase 2C(S), you must ensure that the back up school that you will try to go for in Phase 3 has plenty of vacancies.

The table below is sorted in order of the TUR up to Phase 2C(S). Analysis (Updated 5 Aug 2014):

As we await the results of the Phase 2C ballots, it is time to look at the remaining schools which still have places for Phase 2C(S).

There are a total of 94 schools with vacancies for Phase 2C(S), ranging from 1 seat at Changkat Primary to 184 seats at Juying Primary.

A number of schools which did not have vacancies in Phase 2C last year are available.  These are listed at the top of the table below as they are very likely to be hotly contested in Phase 2C(S) this year.  Also, we have listed schools which have a much lower number of places left for Phase 2C(S) this year, compared with the demand for the places last year.  So if demand continues to be similar this year, these schools will also likely face balloting situations.  All schools that are likely to face balloting are listed in red in the table below.


Finally ended,Β the torturing

Finally ended, the torturing registration procedure. We had to track the figure every day am and pm during the 2 day registration. And we did a withdraw from CPS at 3.30pm and register at FPS.

And guess what? There were a few parents sitting right at the registeration room at FPS, with the registration number breakdown into distance on the whiteboard, waiting till 4.30pm to make sure no last minute suprises. And just right before 4.30pm, there were one parent did a last minute withdrawal and one last minute registration. FInally no more balloting for my child, we are in.

BY the time we left CPS, there were only 15 seats(and may be even less by end of the day) left for 1-2 km. judging from final registratoin no. being 61, there might be 31 applicants balloting for 15 seats. And what a stress!

And for FPS, there might be 13 applications fighting for 7 seats for SC>2km.

The competition in jurong area is just too intensified. My frined in Sengkang area easily register in a new school nearby after being balloted out from NanChiao. And Bukit Panjang area is almost happy for all this year, even Beacon has seats for phase 3. sob sob sob


The things parents do

The things parents do for their children will never be understood by people who have no children πŸ™‚

Your child will benefit from your hands-on approach in choosing those schools!  Good luck and best wishes to you and your family.

thank u chief

Thank you chief for your analysis. I did go to all the four schools to take a look and truely I have a clear idea of which school i like most and which i like least.

since the registration period is still going on, what i can say is…..well, what a stressful exeperience!



Springdale vs north Vista

hi, we r unsuccessful in Phase 2C. balloting. sob.. sob.. now debating between NVPS and SDPS, both within 1km. do you think we have a chance in NVPS?  surprisingly  still got 11 places..we have registered at SDPS, but was thinking of withdrawing to try NVPS, should we? 

Woodlands Ring

From the balloting history of Woodlands’ schools and this year’s TUR up to Phase 2C, Woodlands Ring will most likely require balloting for SC <1km this year in Phase 2C(S).

Primary school in woodlands

Hi Chief,

I am unsuccessful in phase 2C balloting for Innova primary school. Within 1km from my house, woodlands ring pri school and woodlands pri school still have have vacancies for 2C(S). Woodlands ring pri is nearest one (within 200 meters), but there are only 8 places for 2C(S). We prefer woodlands ring pri for my daughter, but not sure if there is another balloting for 2C(S). Do you have any advice for woodlands ring primary school 2C(S) based on previous history?



Hi Chief, thanks for the

Hi Chief, thanks for the info!


Jun Yuan should be a safe bet for Phase 2C(S) even if you stay >2km away.

Casuarina is harder to predict, as it did require balloting when that was unexpected.  All I can say is you will need to monitor and act accordingly on the last day of registration if you want Casuarina.


Huamin has not required balloting of any sort for the last 8 years, although it did fill up 98% of its places by Phase 2C(S) last year.


In many ways, parents staying in Marine Parade have a tough choice when it comes to getting primary schools within their direct vicinity.  It is very likely TKPS will require balloting for SC <1km in the coming Phase 2C(S).  It has already reached a TUR of 98% by Phase 2C.  It seldom has places in Phase 2C(S), and the only where there was no balloting in TKPS was in 2009.

You should start looking at the list at Bedok and Geylang to see if you can get another school in Phase 2C(S).

Tanjong Katong Primary?

Hi Chief,

I’m SC and staying in Marine parade area.

Unsuccessful 2C balloting at Tao Nan school. After 2C, both Tao Nan and Ngee Ann (both within 1km) are fully taken.

I am left with Tanjong Katong primary (after 2C, left with 6 vacancies for 2CS). I am within 1-2km from Tanjong katong primary.

What would you advise? Go for Tanjong Katong? What are the odds? or look for other schools?

Thank you very much.

Huamin 2Cs balloting history

Hi Chief,

I’m living within 1-2km of Huamin. With only 25 places left, could you advise on the history for Huamin for the past few years? Thank you.

Junyuan Pri or Casurina Primary

Hi Chief..

Am looking at Junyuan Pri and Casurina Pri.. What are your views of balloting if I m staying more dan 2km..

Thank you.

Phase 3

For those who get balloted out of Phase 2C(S), you must still register on 28 August when Phase 3 starts.  SCs and PRs will be given priority for the schools they choose, but the system is centrally processed by MOE who will not entertain any appeals.

So yes, it is most likely MOE will allocate Si Ling to you if you register for Si Ling in Phase 3.  But that is dependent on the competition in Phase 3, too.

Jun Yuan

Jun Yuan has actually added 1 more class (30 students) to its enrollment for next year.  That made its TUR drop to 70% from 80+% last year.  You should have no problem registering for Jun Yuan this year even if you stay >2km away.

Woodlands School - Need help

Hi Chief,

Got into trouble going for ballot in Innova πŸ™

We are SC. Now my choices within 1km are

  • Fuchun Primary
  • Si Ling Primary
  • Woodlands Primary

Prefferd school is Woodlads Primary.

The problem is considering the number of SC rejected by Innova (47 SC rejected by Innova) I expect Woodlands Primary (24 vacancies) to go balloting for 2CS.

My question is if I fail to get a place in Woodlands Primary what will happen next?

Will I automatically get Si Ling which is the only School with vacancies within 1km or is it possible MOE to allocate a school 1-2km?

I would prefer Si Ling (<1km) over Marsiling Primary (1-2km). Logically MOE should allocate Si Ling.

Any body know how MOE allocate schools?


Hi Chief

Am looking at Junyuan Primary. Am staying more dan 2km away. Any chance of getting in? Require balloting?

Thank You.


Fuhua has not required balloting at Phase 2C(S) for the last 8 years.  However, it is also true that its TUR up to Phase 2C is the highest in the last 8 years.  If demand for Phase 2C(S) places is the same as last year, Fuhua might be oversubscribed this year.  So it will be risky, but worth a try if that is your best option.

Fuhua 2C (S) balloting history

Hi Cheif,

 I was unsuccessful in 2c balloting in Rulang.

 May I know the Fuhua history of balloting in 2CS. Am staying more than 2 km from school. Is there any chance to getting in?

Thanks in advance.


Jurong West schools in Phase 2C(S)

Corporation Primary – Good chance even if you are >2km

Boon Lay Primary – Very good chance even if you are >2km

Yuhua Primary – Excellent chance even if you are >2km

Fuhua Primary – Risky if you are >2km

So no need to be stressed, since you stay within 2km of all the above schools.

Which is better?  Take a day off.  Bring your child to each and every one of these schools.  Survey the school environment.  Talk to the teachers and if possible, the principals.  Observe the behavior of students.

Finally, ask your child which he prefers.  After all, he is the one spending the next 6 years of his life in that school.

Pl registration

Hi parents
help me I am in 2C s .
good school in hougang area.

Which school is best?

Dear parents, do note that it is not our policy to tell parents which school is better, because that is very subjective and dependent on too many different and ambiguous factors.  What may be a good school to a child may be a bad one to others.  In the end, it boils down to the affinity that the child has, with his/her skills and attitudes, to the school.

At best, we can tell you which school may or may not require balloting, based on historical data.  For us to comment, you need to list down the schools you have shortlisted, along with the distance of your home address to those schools.

Any advice which would be a better school in Tampines

Dear Chief,

I was not successful in 2C balloting. Any advice to which would be the next choice in Tampines?

Thank you so much for the advice.

Advice needed

Hi Chief,


glad to read your post. Was unsuccessful in 2c balloting:( and now all school within 1km are full. I’m now left with the following schools within 1-2km from my home:

Fuhua, Corporation pri, Boonlay garden, Yuhua pri.

1. I can’t decide which are the better schools among them, Fuhua and corporation?

2. I hope to have your advice on my chances in getting in the better schools among these.

:'( really stress and your advice are greatly appreciated.



Which school should I choose

Hi, I was unsuccessful at 2C, now going to 2C sup. I plan to apply for first toa payoh or GuangYang.. which one will be better?

North View Primary School

Thank you Chief for your advice.

North View

North View has become increasingly popular in Yishun and last year only had 1 place left for Phase 2C(S), so there was balloting for SC <1km.  There are more places left this year, and I suspect more people will be trying for Yishun Pri, so you should have a good chance even with balloting.

North View Primary School

Hi Chief,

May I know if North View has history of balloting in the past for phase 2C(S)?

With only 13 places left, do you think I have a chance getting in? I stay within 1km of the school.


Si Ling Primary School

Who can share with me about Si Ling Primary school??

Hi hi.. i was unsuccessful in

Hi hi.. i was unsuccessful in getting a place in rulang. What do u think of my chances if i tried pioneer pri? i am planning to move somewhere there. Do u think i will be successful getting a place in pioneer under 2C sup?

Corporation Pri

I’m sorry to hear that you have to go through registration again.  Corporation Pri would be a safe bet if you stayed within 1km.  There is a slight risk since you stay 1-2km away, and the take-up rate to Phase 2C for Corporation is 18% higher than last year’s.  Although Corporation has not had balloting in Phase 2C(S) for the last 8 years, if the demand is similar to last year’s, it will be oversubcribed.  Let’s pray that it will not be the case.

Which schoool should I chose now?

Hi Chief,

Not sure if you can still recall, I asked you before which school should I ballot for Phase 2C and you advice Rulang if I got a backup school.

I did not go Rulang, instead I go to Shuqun (since the chances seems to be better) and I got Corporation Pri as my backup.

Now that I am unsuccessful in Phase 2C balloting, should I still go to Corporation Pri for Phase 2C(S)? I am 1-2km category for Corporation Pri.

I don’t want to go through another round of balloting. The process is really stressful!!! πŸ™

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