2014 P1 Registration Phase 3

Phase 3

For a child who is neither a Singapore Citizen nor a Singapore Permanent Resident

Announcement of Results:

By Friday, 14 November 2014


Plz suggest


This year I looking for my kid P1 registration in Phase 3. any idea what are the factors MOE will consider to get admission. if we are staying 1km distance from school and seats available in school for phase3, any luck to get admission. please suggest me.


Thank u

Any luck


This year I am looking for my son p1 registration in Phase3. any suggeations from u. Even if we are staying 1km distance from school and if seats are available in school, MOE don’t consider. plz suggest me.


Thank u

Homeschooling an option?

We’re in the same position and will be homeschooling for the rest of our time here. There’so quite a growing homeschool community in Singapore .

p1 registration

Hi ,i got the letter from the MOE,saying no vacancy for my son. very depressed, no idea what can be done now,because never thought of this horrible reply. when we applied there were 80 seats available for phase 3, only 10 parents were in que.How MOE has handled this process,dont understand totaly.

if any body have any idea,pls help.

No Vacancy!

Yes I went through the same process and got a letter last week saying no vacancy in ANY of the schools….we r in a shock state as yourself…I am afraid there is no other option….

No seats available ???? Help.

I went thru the painful P1 registration processs for my daughter in phase 3. 

The results are supposed to b announced on November 14, however I have received letter from MOE that due to limited no. Of seats they cannot accommodate my child in ANY of the govt. schools and that the decision is final. 

after recuperating from shock and depression, I recalled and checked again on this site how many vacancies were there for phase 3. I registered my child in damai which had the highest possibility of getting in and yet the rejection. I fail to understand why. In addition how come there no other school across the island who can accept my child

MOE appears to b like a black box. No explanation or help. Has anyone faced similar situation? Any help and guidance?

desperate parent