2015 P1 Registration Phase 2C


For all children who are eligible for Primary One in the following year and are not yet registered in a primary school

Announcement of Results:

By Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Update 3 August 2015:  Balloting Status

MOE has released the balloting status notification for schools oversubscribed in Phase 2C.  Some parents were ecstatic to find that they were able to make it through without balloting, but many others will still have to go through the dreaded balloting process this Wednesday.

SC, Cut-off at 1km

This is perhaps the happiest (luckiest?) category, for those staying within 1km.  The 5 schools (Admiralty, Alexandra, ACS Primary, Huamin and Kuo Chuan Presbyterian) will not hold any ballot as the school has just enough places to accommodate all SCs within 1km.

SC, Cut-off at 1km-2km

Another happy category.  There are only 2 schools here (Fengshan and Princess Elizabeth)

SC, Cut-off at >2km

Kheng Cheng and Tampines are the only schools in the category.

SC, Ballot at 1km

This is probably the most competitive category.  There are a total of 43 schools where SCs staying within 1km will have to ballot.  It would be quite disheartening for parents to lose such a ballot, as they are staying so close to those schools.  Amongst these, Nan Chiau, Nan Hua, Rulang, Rosyth and St. Hilda’s are the most competitive, with seats being 2.4 to 2.7 times oversubscribed.

SC, Ballot between 1km-2km

All SCs within 1km are in.  Only SCs within 1-2km qualify to ballot.  There are 11 schools in the category.

SC, Ballot >2km

All SCs within 2km are in.  Only SCs outside of 2km qualify to ballot.  6 schools are in this category.


Update 31 July 2015:  Day 3 (Final) Results

The 2015 Phase 2C Registration Exercise has ended, at least for most Primary schools.  Two schools, Edgefield and Riverside Primary, were able to fill their places exactly.  For the 86 schools which are oversubscribed, anxiety still hangs over a number of parents who are awaiting confirmation from the schools on whether they will need to ballot for places in the schools.

The only consolation for these parents, who will doubtlessly be burning their weekend being quite stressed out, is that even the highest oversubscription rate of 272% at Nan Chiau does not come close to the highest 543% oversubscription rate at Ai Tong back in 2013.  In fact, the oversubscription rates are all below 300% this year, which is one of the lowest we have observed in the past 9 years.  That means that in many cases, most of the people who has to go for balloting will get a coveted place.

For parents who have successfully gotten a place after the last few crazy Phases, congratulations!  However, this is not the end of a milestone.  Rather, it is the beginning of a new journey for both your child and yourself as a parent.  You will find that the challenges ahead can be much more stressful (and rewarding) than the act of getting your child into the school.  You don’t have to take on this journey alone.  Instead, connect with other similar parents in our Parent’s Networking Groups, and find the strength together to become our children’s best parents!

School Phase 2C Applications
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Admiralty Primary 115% 123% 110%
Ahmad Ibrahim Primary 34% 39% 44%
Ai Tong 150% 176% 200%
Alexandra Primary 115% 128% 136%
Anchor Green Primary 46% 54% 62%
Anderson Primary 153% 149% 129%
Ang Mo Kio Primary 44% 55% 59%
Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) 93% 124% 129%
Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) 124% 138% 114%
Angsana Primary 11% 12% 14%
Balestier Hill Primary 10% 12% 12%
Beacon Primary 51% 60% 70%
Bedok Green Primary 32% 42% 55%
Bendemeer Primary 26% 33% 40%
Blangah Rise Primary 15% 18% 20%
Boon Lay Garden Primary 22% 28% 34%
Bukit Panjang Primary 97% 121% 113%
Bukit Timah Primary 28% 35% 54%
Bukit View Primary 33% 41% 63%
Canberra Primary 147% 150% 138%
Canossa Convent Primary 19% 21% 23%
Cantonment Primary 47% 59% 82%
Casuarina Primary 27% 31% 44%
Catholic High 140% 162% 182%
Cedar Primary 56% 63% 72%
Changkat Primary 44% 53% 63%
CHIJ (Katong) Primary 36% 48% 66%
CHIJ (Kellock) 41% 59% 84%
CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel 53% 56% 72%
CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity 60% 68% 92%
CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace 35% 41% 56%
CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh) 98% 107% 121%
CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ 95% 129% 157%
Chongfu Primary 122% 136% 124%
Chongzheng Primary 103% 109% 105%
Chua Chu Kang Primary 68% 86% 103%
Clementi Primary 58% 67% 85%
Compassvale Primary 85% 104% 114%
Concord Primary 58% 69% 79%
Coral Primary 29% 35% 37%
Corporation Primary 61% 64% 79%
Da Qiao Primary 21% 23% 24%
Damai Primary 17% 19% 20%
Dazhong Primary 28% 38% 45%
De La Salle 110% 126% 117%
East Coast Primary 14% 17% 17%
East Spring Primary 61% 71% 81%
East View Primary 6% 6% 7%
Edgefield Primary 61% 84% 100%
Elias Park Primary 75% 85% 99%
Endeavour Primary 72% 91% 109%
Eunos Primary 19% 23% 25%
Evergreen Primary 81% 86% 102%
Fairfield Methodist Primary 171% 155% 152%
Farrer Park Primary 16% 21% 29%
Fengshan Primary 91% 105% 123%
Fernvale Primary 30% 40% 45%
First Toa Payoh Primary 8% 9% 14%
Frontier Primary 94% 107% 107%
Fuchun Primary 60% 70% 76%
Fuhua Primary 42% 50% 65%
Gan Eng Seng Primary 30% 38% 60%
Geylang Methodist School 80% 91% 104%
Gongshang Primary 119% 119% 124%
Greendale Primary 66% 77% 86%
Greenridge Primary 68% 77% 82%
Greenwood Primary 53% 59% 62%
Guangyang Primary 11% 15% 19%
Haig Girls’ 55% 62% 87%
Henry Park Primary 167% 162% 171%
Holy Innocents’ Primary 91% 98% 111%
Hong Wen 164% 179% 179%
Horizon 212% 233% 239%
Hougang Primary 99% 112% 115%
Huamin Primary 85% 105% 113%
Innova Primary 134% 141% 141%
Jiemin Primary 97% 105% 113%
Jing Shan Primary 45% 49% 54%
Junyuan Primary 43% 50% 56%
Jurong Primary 73% 88% 106%
Jurong West Primary 85% 102% 118%
Juying Primary 6% 6% 8%
Keming Primary 132% 143% 148%
Kheng Cheng 84% 103% 119%
Kong Hwa 126% 136% 127%
Kranji Primary 9% 11% 13%
Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary 119% 124% 119%
Lakeside Primary 70% 88% 107%
Lianhua Primary 26% 34% 40%
Loyang Primary 45% 56% 68%
MacPherson Primary 9% 11% 13%
Maha Bodhi 80% 100% 103%
Maris Stella High 77% 102% 115%
Marsiling Primary 24% 29% 39%
Marymount Convent 26% 32% 49%
Mayflower Primary 38% 53% 63%
Mee Toh 112% 137% 165%
Meridien Primary 31% 36% 37%
Methodist Girls’ School (Primary) 88% 100% 108%
Montfort Junior 9% 13% 16%
Nan Chiau Primary 227% 253% 272%
Nan Hua Primary 238% 248% 257%
Nanyang Primary 200% 220% 214%
Naval Base Primary 29% 34% 37%
New Town Primary 42% 51% 61%
Ngee Ann Primary 71% 91% 105%
North Spring Primary 23% 29% 30%
North View Primary 79% 86% 94%
North Vista Primary 76% 91% 98%
Northland Primary 181% 194% 200%
Northoaks Primary 34% 39% 45%
Oasis Primary School 41% 50% 56%
Opera Estate Primary 52% 65% 79%
Palm View Primary 53% 69% 78%
Park View Primary 29% 30% 31%
Pasir Ris Primary 139% 147% 135%
Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ 70% 94% 117%
Pei Chun Public 88% 103% 104%
Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary 70% 89% 123%
Pei Tong Primary 41% 48% 54%
Peiying Primary 38% 44% 48%
Pioneer Primary 13% 16% 25%
Poi Ching 123% 138% 148%
Princess Elizabeth Primary 113% 123% 107%
Punggol Cove Primary 17% 21% 26%
Punggol Green Primary 110% 125% 127%
Punggol Primary 75% 89% 101%
Punggol View Primary 97% 114% 116%
Qifa Primary 87% 103% 107%
Qihua Primary 43% 47% 50%
Queenstown Primary 33% 44% 54%
Radin Mas Primary 117% 135% 131%
Raffles Girls’ Primary 63% 88% 127%
Red Swastika 129% 150% 176%
River Valley Primary 87% 107% 117%
Riverside Primary 69% 90% 100%
Rivervale Primary 146% 151% 157%
Rosyth 244% 244% 243%
Rulang Primary 235% 250% 257%
Sembawang Primary 21% 28% 30%
Seng Kang Primary 31% 35% 43%
Sengkang Green Primary 199% 225% 228%
Shuqun Primary 102% 132% 110%
Si Ling Primary 22% 23% 25%
Singapore Chinese Girls’ Primary 49% 71% 130%
South View Primary 177% 187% 191%
Springdale Primary 42% 51% 59%
St Andrew’s Junior 100% 116% 118%
St Anthony’s Canossian Primary 34% 41% 45%
St Anthony’s Primary 122% 121% 116%
St Gabriel’s Primary 29% 40% 69%
St Hilda’s Primary 212% 247% 243%
St Joseph’s Institution Junior 93% 113% 136%
St Margaret’s Primary 58% 76% 109%
St Stephen’s 57% 74% 105%
Stamford Primary 26% 31% 34%
Tampines North Primary 47% 55% 61%
Tampines Primary 82% 107% 118%
Tanjong Katong Primary 48% 63% 77%
Tao Nan 144% 152% 203%
Teck Ghee Primary 65% 78% 97%
Teck Whye Primary 25% 30% 32%
Telok Kurau Primary 62% 67% 69%
Temasek Primary 194% 182% 150%
Townsville Primary 27% 32% 35%
Unity Primary 59% 66% 81%
Waterway Primary 14% 18% 20%
Wellington Primary 53% 61% 68%
West Grove Primary 99% 113% 114%
West Spring Primary 74% 82% 93%
West View Primary 31% 40% 42%
Westwood Primary 113% 120% 120%
White Sands Primary 109% 117% 113%
Woodgrove Primary 72% 81% 94%
Woodlands Primary 93% 102% 103%
Woodlands Ring Primary 52% 61% 68%
Xinghua Primary 22% 26% 30%
Xingnan Primary 50% 58% 73%
Xinmin Primary 122% 129% 115%
Xishan Primary 37% 43% 45%
Yangzheng Primary 83% 94% 104%
Yew Tee Primary 80% 88% 106%
Yio Chu Kang Primary 32% 37% 46%
Yishun Primary 45% 52% 57%
Yu Neng Primary 131% 150% 123%
Yuhua Primary 20% 22% 25%
Yumin Primary 30% 39% 46%
Zhangde Primary 97% 107% 112%
Zhenghua Primary 65% 75% 85%
Zhonghua Primary 23% 27% 30%

Update 30 July 2015:  Day 2 Results

Day 2 of the 2015 Phase 2C Registration exercise is over.  A total of 69 schools have filled their quotas while another 8 have 10% or less of places remaining.

Nan Chiau has jumped up a couple of spots to become the most oversubscribed school in the 2015 Phase 2C exercise so far, while most of the rest of the schools increased in their oversubscription rates.

Update 29 July 2015:  Day 1 Results

With the floodgates open, Day 1 of the 2015 Phase 2C Registration exercise saw 45 schools fully inundated, and another 14 schools having less than 10% of their places left.

The usual suspects sit squarely at the top of the table – Rosyth, Nan Hua, Rulang, Nan Chiau, St Hilda’s and Nanyang Primary.  These are at least two times oversubscribed.  The newer schools such as Horizon, Sengkang Green, and Alexandra are also not spared.

In retrospect, it is good that these schools are oversubscribed on the first day, since that allows parents to plan with greater certainty their next move.  While there will be withdrawals throughout the 3 days, and the oversubscription rate may even drop as some parents switch to other schools, do note that there has not been a case where a school that was oversubscribed on the first day becomes undersubscribed the next day.  So don’t count on that happening.

Plan carefully.  If you are going to take a risk and try to get a place in a school that is 3 or more times oversubscribed, do it only if you are sure your backup school will have enough places for you in Phase 2C(S).

Good luck to all parents involved in this Phase!


Update 28 July 2015:  Historical Daily Application Rates

We have some requests by parents about what are the usual application rates for schools from Day 1 to Day 3 of Phase 2C.  It is different from school to school, and also varies across the years.  As a guide, we provide a table showing the application rate for every school in 2014.

The table shows the application rate, which is the number of people registered for that day, divided by the total number of vacancies for the school by the last day of the 2014 Phase 2C exercise.  Please note that this is only indicative, and may not reflect the actual situation in 2015.

Many schools are oversubscribed by Day 1 or 2, which allows parents to make alternative arrangements if they do not wish to ballot.  We have highlighted (in red) the schools which are oversubscribed only on Day 3, because these are the schools which have the greatest uncertainty for parents.

School Name Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Admiralty Primary School 113% 121% 112%
Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School 37% 43% 47%
Ai Tong School 74% 106% 158%
Alexandra Primary School 135% 152% 136%
Anchor Green Primary School 64% 83% 100%
Anderson Primary School 98% 115% 119%
Ang Mo Kio Primary School 48% 57% 59%
Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) 96% 105% 135%
Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) 80% 97% 180%
Angsana Primary School 14% 16% 18%
Balestier Hill Primary School 12% 13% 16%
Beacon Primary School 57% 65% 72%
Bedok Green Primary School 33% 49% 60%
Bendemeer Primary School 50% 59% 67%
Blangah Rise Primary School 7% 11% 13%
Boon Lay Garden Primary School 28% 38% 47%
Bukit Panjang Primary School 130% 128% 117%
Bukit Timah Primary School 30% 34% 54%
Bukit View Primary School 26% 36% 49%
Canberra Primary School 198% 195% 181%
Canossa Convent Primary School 30% 36% 40%
Cantonment Primary School 41% 49% 54%
Casuarina Primary School 31% 48% 65%
Catholic High School 126% 157% 183%
Cedar Primary School 55% 63% 76%
Changkat Primary School 67% 85% 99%
CHIJ (Katong) Primary 46% 52% 71%
CHIJ (Kellock) 48% 71% 105%
CHIJ Our Lady Of Good Counsel 34% 49% 87%
CHIJ Our Lady Of The Nativity 78% 95% 113%
CHIJ Our Lady Queen Of Peace 38% 52% 84%
CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh) 126% 126% 140%
CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School 138% 138% 152%
Chongfu School 167% 156% 163%
Chongzheng Primary School 117% 115% 112%
Chua Chu Kang Primary School 94% 113% 116%
Clementi Primary School 71% 89% 102%
Compassvale Primary School 102% 129% 138%
Concord Primary School 61% 71% 94%
Coral Primary School 17% 20% 20%
Corporation Primary School 40% 54% 68%
Da Qiao Primary School 15% 16% 17%
Damai Primary School 12% 18% 20%
Dazhong Primary School 40% 46% 51%
De La Salle School 98% 130% 120%
East Coast Primary School 11% 14% 16%
East Spring Primary School 65% 79% 88%
East View Primary School 6% 6% 7%
Edgefield Primary School 98% 115% 123%
Elias Park Primary School 74% 94% 103%
Endeavour Primary School 83% 94% 104%
Eunos Primary School 22% 29% 31%
Evergreen Primary School 113% 128% 115%
Fairfield Methodist School (Primary) 188% 166% 181%
Farrer Park Primary School 13% 16% 19%
Fengshan Primary School 103% 122% 129%
Fernvale Primary School 26% 34% 39%
First Toa Payoh Primary School 11% 15% 16%
Frontier Primary School 140% 145% 140%
Fuchun Primary School 52% 68% 77%
Fuhua Primary School 50% 57% 75%
Gan Eng Seng Primary School 27% 35% 51%
Geylang Methodist School (Primary) 86% 98% 109%
Gongshang Primary School 113% 120% 122%
Greendale Primary School 30% 40% 51%
Greenridge Primary School 85% 99% 110%
Greenwood Primary School 67% 79% 88%
Guangyang Primary School 18% 21% 27%
Haig Girls’ School 46% 60% 86%
Henry Park Primary School 168% 214% 227%
Holy Innocents’ Primary School 124% 124% 135%
Hong Wen School 132% 140% 145%
Horizon Primary School 182% 185% 184%
Hougang Primary School 127% 126% 133%
Huamin Primary School 61% 74% 76%
Innova Primary School 200% 207% 196%
Jiemin Primary School 101% 110% 115%
Jing Shan Primary School 57% 64% 69%
Junyuan Primary School 39% 48% 52%
Jurong Primary School 101% 120% 116%
Jurong West Primary School 85% 117% 146%
Juying Primary School 2% 3% 4%
Keming Primary School 115% 126% 124%
Kheng Cheng School 82% 99% 109%
Kong Hwa School 151% 174% 191%
Kranji Primary School 13% 15% 19%
Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School 118% 127% 101%
Lakeside Primary School 80% 100% 106%
Lianhua Primary School 21% 23% 26%
Loyang Primary School 19% 22% 27%
Macpherson Primary School 17% 21% 25%
Maha Bodhi School 137% 139% 137%
Maris Stella High School 86% 119% 114%
Marsiling Primary School 27% 32% 35%
Marymount Convent School 34% 44% 74%
Mayflower Primary School 34% 39% 44%
Mee Toh School 176% 198% 212%
Meridian Primary School 28% 32% 34%
Methodist Girls’ School (Primary) 136% 132% 143%
Montfort Junior School 15% 18% 22%
Nan Chiau Primary School 179% 212% 247%
Nan Hua Primary School 255% 273% 291%
Nanyang Primary School 80% 112% 120%
Naval Base Primary School 19% 22% 24%
New Town Primary School 41% 50% 61%
Ngee Ann Primary School 87% 106% 128%
North Spring Primary School 24% 27% 34%
North View Primary School 74% 84% 89%
North Vista Primary School 58% 72% 83%
Northland Primary School 179% 200% 203%
Northoaks Primary School 22% 28% 32%
Opera Estate Primary School 56% 72% 90%
Palm View Primary School 60% 72% 79%
Park View Primary School 50% 55% 62%
Pasir Ris Primary School 213% 223% 226%
Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Primary) 101% 107% 115%
Pei Chun Public School 153% 171% 171%
Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School 91% 109% 121%
Pei Tong Primary School 44% 56% 61%
Peiying Primary School 48% 55% 64%
Pioneer Primary School 31% 39% 59%
Poi Ching School 111% 122% 137%
Princess Elizabeth Primary School 130% 126% 126%
Punggol Green Primary School 50% 56% 68%
Punggol Primary School 57% 66% 79%
Punggol View Primary School 93% 108% 105%
Qifa Primary School 68% 85% 102%
Qihua Primary School 40% 49% 56%
Queenstown Primary School 28% 40% 53%
Radin Mas Primary School 217% 226% 230%
Raffles Girls’ Primary School 79% 108% 140%
Red Swastika School 175% 219% 219%
River Valley Primary School 100% 106% 113%
Riverside Primary School 78% 91% 103%
Rivervale Primary School 158% 164% 173%
Rosyth School 248% 307% 328%
Rulang Primary School 286% 317% 338%
Sembawang Primary School 49% 61% 68%
Seng Kang Primary School 52% 59% 72%
Sengkang Green Primary School 115% 126% 133%
Shuqun Primary School 143% 143% 161%
Si Ling Primary School 21% 22% 24%
Singapore Chinese Girls’ Primary School 107% 111% 139%
South View Primary School 157% 177% 187%
Springdale Primary School 28% 33% 40%
St. Andrew’s Junior School 109% 112% 131%
St. Anthony’s Canossian Primary School 50% 61% 77%
St. Anthony’s Primary School 113% 123% 117%
St. Gabriel’s Primary School 39% 52% 100%
St. Hilda’s Primary School 189% 183% 196%
St. Joseph’s Institution Junior 70% 102% 130%
St. Margaret’s Primary School 71% 83% 109%
St. Stephen’s School 62% 79% 104%
Stamford Primary School 8% 10% 16%
Tampines North Primary School 37% 44% 50%
Tampines Primary School 67% 95% 105%
Tanjong Katong Primary School 60% 77% 95%
Tao Nan School 100% 130% 151%
Teck Ghee Primary School 73% 92% 106%
Teck Whye Primary School 15% 16% 20%
Telok Kurau Primary School 59% 66% 73%
Temasek Primary School 256% 272% 264%
Townsville Primary School 32% 35% 44%
Unity Primary School 85% 96% 104%
Wellington Primary School 52% 62% 70%
West Grove Primary School 101% 128% 115%
West Spring Primary School 68% 77% 86%
West View Primary School 20% 25% 29%
Westwood Primary School 103% 108% 117%
White Sands Primary School 129% 137% 114%
Woodgrove Primary School 74% 89% 104%
Woodlands Primary School 60% 68% 80%
Woodlands Ring Primary School 74% 84% 94%
Xinghua Primary School 31% 40% 45%
Xingnan Primary School 51% 64% 82%
Xinmin Primary School 120% 118% 109%
Xishan Primary School 27% 33% 33%
Yangzheng Primary School 115% 127% 124%
Yew Tee Primary School 65% 79% 92%
Yio Chu Kang Primary School 25% 40% 50%
Yishun Primary School 69% 82% 92%
Yu Neng Primary School 195% 214% 205%
Yuhua Primary School 20% 23% 27%
Yumin Primary School 21% 26% 35%
Zhangde Primary School 67% 84% 106%
Zhenghua Primary School 66% 72% 80%
Zhonghua Primary School 19% 27% 40%


Update 22 July 2015:  Predictions

With the end of Phase 2B, there is now greater certainty about the competition for schools in Phase 2C.  Should the demand this year be similar to last years’, at least 82 schools are likely to be oversubscribed, with another 16 having a buffer of 10 or less places.

The top of the table is dominated by the new schools, which traditionally appeal to the many Phase 2C applicants.  Sengkang Green leads the pack with a whopping shortfall of 127 places.  Horizon, Alexandra, InnovaFrontier and Punggol View are just as likely to be oversubscribed.

By looking at the standard deviation and historical average of the application rate from 2010-2014, amongst the older schools, oversubscription is all but certain for Nan Chiau, Northland, Rulang, St. Hilda’s, Rosyth, Rivervale, Kheng Cheng, Red Swastika,  Nan Hua, ACS Junior, Mee Toh, etc.  Essentially, the popular schools that are near schools which traditionally have places left over for Phase 2C(S) will face the highest competition in Phase 2C.  Parents are willing to take a gamble and try for those popular schools, knowing that they have a good alternative should they fail to get in by Phase 2C.

NB1:  The Projected Shortfall is the difference between the 2015 2C Places and the 2014 2C Applied.  You can also take into account the fluctuations for the school over the last 5 years by computing the shortfall based on the difference between the 2015 2C Places and the Average 2C Applicants value too.

NB2:  The Standard Deviation for new schools tends to be high because they do not have 5 years worth of historical data, and demand for their places is still stabilising across the different Phases.

School 2010-2014 2014 2015
Average 2C Applicants Std Dev 2C Places 2C Applied 2C Places Projected Shortfall
Sengkang Green Primary 216 63 193 256 129 -127
Horizon 186 44 96 177 51 -126
Alexandra Primary 243 16 187 254 151 -103
Nan Chiau Primary 181 15 66 163 60 -103
Rulang Primary 93 25 29 98 21 -77
Northland Primary 130 24 77 156 80 -76
Westwood Primary 244 26 181 211 142 -69
St Hilda’s Primary 101 23 54 106 43 -63
Raffles Girls’ Primary 76 40 102 143 84 -59
Rosyth 120 26 29 95 36 -59
Rivervale Primary 151 9 83 144 87 -57
Innova Primary 146 19 70 137 82 -55
Kheng Cheng 137 17 138 150 97 -53
Frontier Primary 178 110 125 175 123 -52
Punggol View Primary 202 53 198 207 155 -52
Red Swastika 68 24 36 79 28 -51
Nan Hua Primary 73 10 22 64 20 -44
Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) 74 19 75 101 58 -43
Mee Toh 144 25 58 123 82 -41
Tao Nan 76 20 43 65 27 -38
Fengshan Primary 104 10 89 115 78 -37
South View Primary 100 14 47 88 52 -36
Chongfu Primary 97 8 57 93 60 -33
Temasek Primary 68 16 25 66 33 -33
Riverside Primary 224 26 188 194 162 -32
West Grove Primary 173 66 111 128 98 -30
Zhangde Primary 142 18 125 132 102 -30
Ai Tong 56 13 31 49 20 -29
CHIJ Primary (Toa Payoh) 63 8 53 74 45 -29
Geylang Methodist School 151 18 149 163 134 -29
Henry Park Primary 59 31 22 50 21 -29
Compassvale Primary 139 7 99 137 109 -28
Fairfield Methodist Primary 60 5 32 58 31 -27
Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) 33 12 30 54 29 -25
Edgefield Primary 145 15 124 152 127 -25
Jurong West Primary 148 44 100 146 122 -24
Yew Tee Primary 121 21 118 108 84 -24
Poi Ching 102 14 76 104 81 -23
St Joseph’s Institution Junior 81 5 61 79 56 -23
Catholic High 53 8 23 42 20 -22
Princess Elizabeth Primary 130 16 92 116 94 -22
Canberra Primary 117 32 43 78 57 -21
Hong Wen 90 16 47 68 47 -21
Kong Hwa 76 6 35 67 46 -21
Keming Primary 108 20 66 82 62 -20
St Anthony’s Primary 113 13 82 96 76 -20
Tampines Primary 115 15 111 116 96 -20
Xinmin Primary 97 24 65 71 51 -20
Pasir Ris Primary 79 8 31 70 51 -19
River Valley Primary 63 14 69 78 59 -19
Elias Park Primary 95 11 110 113 97 -16
Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary 109 31 67 68 54 -14
Methodist Girls’ School (Primary) 43 6 28 40 26 -14
St Andrew’s Junior 77 5 58 76 63 -13
Anderson Primary 73 22 47 56 44 -12
Gongshang Primary 87 7 69 84 72 -12
Holy Innocents’ Primary 67 8 46 62 50 -12
CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ 43 10 21 32 21 -11
Lakeside Primary 120 19 123 130 119 -11
Maha Bodhi 67 3 51 70 59 -11
Ngee Ann Primary 112 17 69 88 77 -11
Admiralty Primary 114 37 76 85 75 -10
CHIJ (Kellock) 113 20 93 98 88 -10
CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity 116 14 103 116 106 -10
Hougang Primary 122 11 90 120 110 -10
Nanyang Primary 46 16 25 30 20 -10
Yu Neng Primary 72 16 22 45 36 -9
Chongzheng Primary 84 17 59 66 58 -8
Clementi Primary 131 5 131 133 125 -8
Jiemin Primary 100 17 71 82 74 -8
Jurong Primary 111 15 74 86 78 -8
Maris Stella High 89 15 57 65 57 -8
Tanjong Katong Primary 122 16 130 124 116 -8
Palm View Primary 169 76 199 158 151 -7
White Sands Primary 84 12 73 83 77 -6
Evergreen Primary 127 30 112 129 124 -5
Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ 103 13 84 97 93 -4
St Stephen’s 85 9 77 80 77 -3
Woodlands Primary 106 16 121 97 94 -3
Punggol Green Primary 162 92 271 185 183 -2
Qifa Primary 120 11 120 122 120 -2
Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary 55 9 43 52 52 0
Endeavour Primary 128 43 89 93 94 1
North View Primary 89 21 121 108 109 1
Bukit Panjang Primary 91 12 71 83 86 3
Chua Chu Kang Primary 138 13 116 135 138 3
Pei Chun Public 81 24 38 65 68 3
West Spring Primary 166 36 223 191 194 3
CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel 59 4 67 58 63 5
De La Salle 106 10 81 97 102 5
Huamin Primary 62 19 106 81 86 5
St Margaret’s Primary 117 21 87 95 100 5
Yangzheng Primary 87 12 59 73 80 7
Teck Ghee Primary 135 18 124 131 139 8
Unity Primary 121 12 120 125 134 9
Zhenghua Primary 108 17 120 95 104 9
Wellington Primary 92 19 156 109 119 10
Woodlands Ring Primary 113 12 129 121 131 10

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing

Hi current market rate

Hi current market rate is going from $90 onwards depending on the distance. Its best for you to check with the respective bus operators on the cost. They dont charge by big bus or smal bus. They charge according to distance from your home to the school. 

Hi depends on what suits your

Hi depends on what suits your child to be honest. Both have their strenghths and weaknesses. It will be wrong for to judge a school based on our own judgement. Maybe you should go down to both the schools and take a look for yourself. Do some research online as well. Only thing Balestier Hill Primary has a secondary school as well. End of the day it really depends on you which school you feel will suit your child the best. Have a nice day.

school bus fare from amk to hougang

Good day;
Has anyone any idea what is current cost
for (daily 2way) from amk central to hougang (upper serangoon) area schools? (for both big bus & mini bus)
please assist..

Thank you

2b phase


second that 2b is biased towards those in same constituency only. it is clearly not objective way in determining placement. 

while it may not give 2c a higher chance, it still doesnt deny the fact that the logic of 2b itself is flawed


which is the better school 

which is the better school  balestiar  primary school  or  stamford  primary school ?

Punggol View Primary School

We are also next-door, @Coralinus.

All the best @Puroland! Hopefully our children get accepted to PVPS!

Balloting Procedures and timing

Hi all,

Any idea how is the balloting procedures and timing for 2C tomorow??

Is it drawing lots from a box? Who will pick the lots? Done in the main hall?? If we are not present, when will we be notified of the results (Don’t think i could wait till next Tues for the posting

Live update availble? Computerized?

I belong to the SC within 1km, which means we got to draw first? 


Letter of notification

hi. The letter of notification/acceptance will be send out immediately onnce balloting is over( if there is any for the particular school). You should get your letter by this week if your child school has no balloting or next week if you child school has balloting on wednesday. Taking into account the long national day weekend the earliest singapore post can get your conveted acceptance letter in your mail box will be next Tuesday. Cheers.

I totally feel you. We are

I totally feel you. We are just next door! Called the school this morning and they say all the applicants are SC within 1KM.

Punggol View Primary School

I registered my daughter under Phase 2C and the school confirmed that all 180 applications eyeing for one of the 155 vacancies are SC and within 1km. We are staying within 500m from the school, and yet it doesn’t guarantee a spot.

what are the chance for 

what are the chance for  sengkang primary

Horizon primary   and   punggol  primary ?


Phase 2C - letter of notification of successful application?

Dear parents;
Does anyone have any idea;when will the parents receive the letter? Heard it’s mid-August?
Please enlighted.
Thank you

Statutory declaration

I’m not sure if your friend would qualify under MOE’s Statutory Declaration scheme, which is intended for grandparents who are looking after their grandchildren on a full time basis.  You should contact MOE on this matter.

Regardless, even if MOE allows you to do so, you will only be given priority as 1-2km even if your friend stays <1km from Henry Park.  Given that Henry Park regularly ballots <1km under Phase 2C, you will not even get a chance to try for a place.

i am appointing my friend as

i am appointing my friend as my Guardian of my child

my child will be staying at my friend’s home near  henry park primary school

i stay in bukit panjang

Borrowing addresses

You don’t want to do that, unless you want your address to be changed to Changi Prison for a few months.

i have a friend stay near

i have a friend stay near Henry park primary , can i use my friend’s  address as Guardian , register my child in Henry park primary school ?


No balloting. 50 seats fill with SC.


Very hard to say.  There is some chance, but not very high.

Online stats

Yes, the online registrations are included in MOE’s daily stats.

Yangzheng @ 31 July 930am

<1 km – 52 sc

1-2km – 12 sc

> 2km – 14 ?

Online not included? Cos this number is similar to physical number tags given out


Sorry I mean CHIJ our lady of

Sorry I mean CHIJ our lady of good nativity 

is the online registration

is the online registration included?


anyone can share on CHIJ OLGC primary school? Seem not much review can be found online.Appreciated!

popular boys school

i am thinking of a popular boys school but i heard they say many many boys in the popular boys school have private tuition and many of them almost fail their PSLE  despite having many private tuition

i am worried about many boys almost fail their PSLE despite having many private tuition , should i choose another school ?

CHIJ Our Lady Of The Nativity



What are the chances of PRs within 1km getting in CHIJ Our Lady Of The Nativity?


Seat allocation update.

Hi there,Assume a particular school got 50 seats left for phase 2c. And the students applied as
30 SC within 1km.
10 SC wothin 1-2km.
10 SC more than 2kms.
20 PR within 1km.
Whether the pr will get any chance. also whether any balloting option will be there.

South View Primary School


may i know what are the chances for SC within 1km at this phase for South View Pri?



Pei Chun

How do you think of the chances for citizen within 1km to apply for Pei Chun this year, considering the number of applicants so far was lower comparing to previous years. Is bollatting required?


yes SAJS is quite hot this year. At this point of time out of the 69 not all are within the 1km i am sure. As i have a Couple of my friends who registered who are in the 1-2km category. There are also a number of PR who registered as well. We just have to wait and see the final numbers tomorrow when registration closes. There are 64 seats available we have to keep our fingers cross.  Pei Chun is not really an option for me as they only offer chinese as MT. 

Yes, there are also schools

Yes, and there are also schools where teachers will pay you all the attention you want if you sport a lightning scar on your forehead.

huge donations of money

i heard some schools will pressure the children to make  huge  donations of money to the schools

which are the schools will pressure the children  to  make  huge  donations  of  money  to the schools?

and some schools  where  all  the  school  prefects , student  Leaders are appointed ,  not  elected  and  the  elite  get  all  the school colours and  school  Honours  ,  while all the rest are there so that all the appointed school Prefects, all the appointed  student  Leaders  and  the  elite  class  can get all their school colours and school Honours

which are the schools where all the rest are there so that all the appointed school Prefects, appointed student Leaders  and the elite , the elite class can get all their school colours and school Honours?


Pei Chun

Pei Chun is a great school too.  Unlike SAJS, it is a SAP school, so if you wish your kid to excel in both English and Chinese, it will be a good option.  It is also coed, which means that you get Phase 1 priority for your younger child regardless of gender 🙂


I also applied for SAJS. SAJS seems a bit hotter than last 4 years, and i’m getting worried even the distance is <1km. I found that Pei Chun public school this year got plenty of vacancies and fewer applicants. Might be better chance to go for it? My house is within 1km of both SAJS and Pei Chun.


thank you very much. I will just go for it than. Although i am not sure about my plan B yet. Not many available schools within 1km of my area. Fingers crossed though. Really a  stressful time for us parents. Just hope we dont need to go through the dreaded balloting. Thanks for your advice. Cheers.


Since the staff tells you that the chances for those <1km is good, go for it!  At worst, you may have to ballot, but as long as you have an alternative school to cater to this scenario in Phase 2C(S), it is ok.

I was from the Saints myself, spent 10 years there.  Loved the school spirit and culture.  Up and On!

better school?

We only evaluate your chances of getting into a school.  Whether a school is better depends mainly on its affinity with your child.  Only the parents themselves will know.


hi thank you for your reply. I called the school as per your advice. Currently its 69 applicants for 64 seats. The staff adviced they cannot disclose how many is within the 1km but adviced me to apply as chances for that category is good. Shall i take the risk than? Thank you for your advice. 


yes,I called school just now and talked to a lady regarding this issue.She told me she will inform her manager about this.        




That’s really weird.  I think the school’s staff should reconcile this with MOE, asap.

ALPS & CHIJ Kellock

Hi all, I am torned between ALPS and CHIJ Kellock. Need some advice. Staying within 1km for both. Which is a better school?

Hi chiefkiasu  I went in to

Hi chiefkiasu 

I went in to the school yesterday and saw the notice at the registration room that total vacancy is 240 and total vacancy left for 2 c is 106…that why I am shock 


Hard to say.  I would classify your chance as “good” based on the last 4 year’s data, but there have been times when even those staying <1km needs to ballot.

The school has a full enrollment now.  Call up the school to find out how many of those registered yesterday are SCs under 1km.

Farrer Park

A school is what you believe it to be.  Each school has its own strengths, and is suitable to different types of students.  As parents, we need to choose schools based on what we feel is suitable for our own children.

For this reason, we do not recommend to parents one school over another based on anything other than distance.

But just a data point for your consideration: Farrer Park usually have places left over in Phase 2C(S).  So if you really want, you can try for SJI in Phase 2C first, failing which you can always go to Farrer Park in Phase 2C(S).


CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel has had a total vacancy of 150 places each year since 2006.  This year, since 86 places has already been taken, 64 places remain for Phase 2C applicants.

There is no mistake on MOE’s website.


Hi just like to check. Whats my chances for Saint Andrews junior? SC within 1km. Thank you very much.

Chij our lady of good counsel



I drop by to CHIJ Our lady of good counsel today ..realized that the total vacancy for 2c is 106 not like the moe website stated 64 vacancy left.wonder why moe website is not updated .Can I check this school require balloting? I staying 1.6km away. 

Thank you 


SJI junior Vs Farrer Park Pri

I am really torn between SJI Junior or Farrer Park. Feedbacks that I heard about SJI is they focus on elite class. If your child is not of that standard then its better off putting him at a neighbourhood sch. Farrer Park teachers are caring and willing to teach. But Farrer Park has been having low application which does not give Parents like me the assurance to enrol our kid in.
Should I try SJI first (1-2km) or straight go to Farrer Park?


SJI is notoriously difficult to predict because even though the take up rate each year is quite consistent, the resulting balloting situation is different.  One thing is for sure… SJI will be oversubscribed.  Whether those staying within 1km has to ballot or not, we cannot say with any certainty.

Mgs 2c ballot


We balloted out at phase 2 b for Mgs and are thinking of trying again for phase 2 c. Is this something you would recommend? We live within 1 km of the school.


SJI Junior

Hi May I know what is the chance to get in since we stay less than 1 km from school? Thanks! 




St Andrews

Yes, for the last 4 years in fact. But look at what happened in 2010, when the Phase 2B TUR was only 70% and yet balloting under 1km is still needed.

St Andrews

Last year balloting was SC between 1-2km?

St Andrews

Better than last year, but may still have to ballot. Keep your fingers crossed.

St. Andrew's Junior School


What are the chances of SC less than 1km registering for SAJS?

Same here... High chance need

Same here… High chance need balloting, if missed, will miss out on teck ghee also.

Anderson Primary School vs Teck Ghee Primary School

Hi, I’m registering my gal under Phase2C. We are SC and staying within 1km of Anderson primary school and based on statistics, we will need to got for balloting. Not sure if we are lucky to get in thou…

We are also considering Teck Ghee Primary School, since the number of spaces in Phase2C way exceed Anderson Pri and this seems to have a higher chance of getting in.

We do not want to be put in phase2CS, thus, wanted to get into a school by phase2C.

Any suggestions? Should we just go for Teck Ghee instead?


TIA! 🙂

whats your view on Changkat for foreigner child within 1KM

Also I would like to know your views –we have applied for my child PR but somehow it is still pending since last 10 months say if we recieve pr after phase 2C do we have any chance ?

Internet System Results

Will MOE release today’s Internet results? Parents who are applying directly in their preferred schools tomorrow, do we get to know the application status for today?

Bukit Merah

Thanks for sharing, AshtonAshlyn. Am keeping my fingers crossed! 

No data

We have no data available on that, since MOE does not release such distance info.  It is difficult to predict the psychology of those staying within 1km.  Some might just do it because they have already made up their minds, but others may hold back to see their chances until the last day, in which case they may just register elsewhere if they wish to avoid balloting.  Look at the Bukit Panjang school entry in the table.  It went down from 130% on the first day to 128% and finally 117% on the final day.  So not everyone has the stomach for risk.

Application Rate

Thanks for the application rate. I am just wondering if the number of first day applicants will be close to the number of SC living within 1km? I am just thinking those living within 1km and have no other distant advantage alternative would most likely to register on first day to discourage other applicants with choices to consider other school? 


Because it has a projected surplus of 24 seats when compared with last year’s demand.  The table only lists schools with the highest risk of oversubscription.

School 2010-2014 2014 2015
Average 2C Applicants Std Dev 2C Places 2C Applied 2C Places Projected Shortfall
Singapore Chinese Girls’ Primary 48 6 28 39 63 24

For SCGS, this year’s take up rate up to Phase 2B has been muted, reaching as low as 69% compared to the last 5 years which have been in the mid 80%s.

Does this mean SCGS will not be oversubscribed?  No.  But it does mean that it will could be oversubscribed only for those living beyond 1km.  So those within 1km could be safe.

For more details, please refer to the school’s balloting history.

Jurong west

Hi we are PR within 1 km of lakeside, can anyone advise if we should try it becoz the other choice is Boon Lay garden and we are not interested in that

Any idea why Singaore Chinese

Any idea why Singaore Chinese Girls School is not in the Phase 2C list?


Canberra and Endeavour

Canberra has always required balloting for SC < 1km for Phase 2C in the last 9 years, and all indicators so far point to yet another similar event this year.  Endeavour’s take up rate up to Phase 2B has been dropping since 2012.  Last year, there was balloting for PRs, so I suspect the demand for Endeavour comes mainly from PRs.

So just monitor the TUR in Phase 2C for both days and register in the one that does not require balloting for SC under 1km.  If both require balloting, try for Canberra, failing which you still have 3 other schools you can choose for Phase 2C(S).

Canberra Vs Endeavour

Hi all,

My son was unsuccessful at the 2B balloting at CPS. We are thinking of trying again at 2C as we stay within 1km away from the school. Do you think there is still a fair chance of getting in or should we try other alternative like EPS? Worried that SC within 1km also need balloting for EPS?

Radin Mas

Why does Radin Mas seem to be less competitive this year?  Who knows.  But I can tell you that last year’s take up rates for Radin Mas is anything but normal.  So don’t compare this year’s Radin Mas rates with last year’s.

If you look at Radin Mas’ history here, even with a Phase 2B TUR as low as 49% in 2006, the school required balloting in Phase 2C.  If the TUR by Phase 2B is 62% or more, only those SCs <1km will have a chance to even ballot.

Given that this year’s TUR by Phase 2B is 72%, I believe it is likely Radin Mas will require balloting for those under 1km.  So you need to prepare an alternative plan in case Radin Mas goes out of reach for you.

ACS Junior

In the last 9 years, if the TUR by Phase 2B is 79% or above, only those who are within 1km will have a chance to play in ACS Junior in Phase 2C.

So I don’t think you have a realistic chance, given you are staying >2km away.  Sorry.

Hi, currently my son in

Hi, currently my son in Zhangde sch n last year I managed to get in distance more than 2km. APS was hot last year registration n expected also hot for this year registration too.

I suggest u register on the 3rd day cos currently both schs quite popular ard that area.

Backup popular will be cantonment n heard their sch started at 8am whereas GESP 7.30am.


Radin Mas


need some sound advice.  I am staying 1-2km from Radin Mas.  Will be going for phase 2C.

In the previous years, it is always balloting for SC < 1km.  But this year, there seems to be more vacancies available for phase 2C.

Any reason why?

And any idea what would be my girl chances of getting into Radin Mas since there are more vacancies this year.


lost parents.


ACJS at Phase 2C

Hi all,

My son was unsuccessful at the 2B balloting at ACJS. We are thinking of trying again at 2C but we stay > 2km away from the school. Do you think there is even a point for us to try or should we just give up entirely?

Bukit Merah


I will be registering my son for Phase 2C. We live within 1-2km of Radin Mas, APS and Zhangde. Though am SC, possibility for Radin Mas is likely zero as usually need balloting within 1km. 

Would appreciate advice on whether APS will be a fair chance, and a higher chance than Zhangde?

And which safer for backup at P2CS – GESP or Cantonment?

Many thanks!

Bukit Timah

If you want no hassle during Phase 2C, just book into Bukit Timah Primary.

For the other schools, do it only if you are a Singapore Citizen.

If you are lucky, RGPS may allow you to ballot for a place even if you are >2km.

MGS and Pei Hwa will most likely require balloting <1km.

Pei hua , MGS or RGPS, bukit timah primary


Hi, I’m SC, within 1km to Pei hua pres and MGS. 1-2km from bukit timah primary and >2km from RGPS. At phase 2C, which school should I apply for best chance not to ballot and direct place in school?

Thanks for advice! 








The distance buckets or tiers are only at <1km, 1-2km, and >2km.  Which means that it doesn’t matter if you stay 1m away or 999m away.  To MOE, you are all of the same category.  The granularity does not get finer.  But if you are 1000m away, you are in a different category.

For Nan Chiau, since balloting will most likely be under 1km SC, if there are 180 people registered, then most likely all 180 will be balloting for the 60 seats.


P1 2C registration for Nan Chiau Primary school


We are going to register Nan chiau primary school for my eldest son at phase 2C, singaporean, within 1km.

Based on past 4 years regsitration record, should be around 180 applications for phase 2C, while there are only 60 vancacies available this year. It means ballot is a must..

My question is if singaporean & within 1KM application is more 60? what is criterias for choosing child on balloting? will further breakdown by school & home address? like 0 – 500m, 500 to 1000m.

Kindly advice on it?

Thanks a lot~



P1 Registration

If a school is oversubscribed in any Phase, the prioritisation rules fall in place.

1) Citizenship.  SCs have overriding priority.  In a situation where there are 50 places but 100 applicants (50 SCs, 50 PRs), all SCs will be in without balloting and regardless of where they stay, while the PRs will not even have a chance to ballot.

2) Distance.  If the school does not places to accommodate all SC applicants, then the distance rules kick in.  In a situation where there are 50 places and 100 SC applicants (20 <1km, 20 1-2km, 60 >2km), then all 40 that are less than 2km will get a place without balloting, while the remaining 60 >2km will have to ballot for the remaining 10 places.

Nan Chiau

Be prepared for balloting at Nan Chiau.  It is usually 2-3 times oversubscribed, so your chance of winning is between 30-50%.


For Rosyth in Phase 2C, not only must you be within 1km, you must also have a lot of luck.  It is usually 3-5 TIMES over subscribed, which means the probability of getting a place can be as low as 20%.

Please refer to this for more insight.


Kuo Chuan

It’s impossible to get into Catholic High in Phase 2C if you are not within 1km.

The take up rate for Kuo Chuan up to Phase 2B is the 78%, the highest in the last 9 years.  Last year, the take up rate was 72%, and only SCs staying within 1km were accepted.  I suspect it would be the same this year.

Your best bet is Teck Ghee if you wish to have a stress-free registration.

Registration is not first-come-first-served.  You can even do online registration if you do not want to queue and wait.  No need to go first thing in the morning.

Bishan KCPP

i using my mum in law address so i will be under 1-2 km, correct?  we’re just opposite catholic but i think no chance even to ballot. so next choice thinking of  KCPP or Teck Ghee..

can advise if any chance in KCPP ? maybe chance for 1-2 km ballot ?History seems uncertain..sign…BTW, its not 1st come1 serve, right? my husband insist to Q there before its school open.. 


What are the chances of SC less than 1k registering for Roysth?need ballot??

Nan Chiau for 2 C

Hi Need help and advise..

Iam SC, stay within 1KM of NC pri. not sure still got hope for 2C, can advise my %?

Nan Chiau Primary School (Total-300) , (taken in 2A(2) – 179), (2B vacancy – 61) and (current Registered – 80).

2C Registration

Dear All,

I’m new to this forum and need some advise regarding the application procedure for 2C phase and 2CS phase.

My son is going to P1 in 2017 whcih mean by next year July 2016, the registeration will start. From what I see in the forum, those under phase 2C, if we cannot go into the desire school due to balloting fail because of oversubscribe, the fall back is to register in phase 2CS.

What is the consideration factors in the balloting process? Meaning, does balloting also consider whether you are SC? stay within 1-2 km? etc?

If after phase 2C, the list of schools (backup) that you want is also fully taken up during phase 2CS, will MOE just post the child to any school with vacancy?


Appreciate your advise.

Anderson Primary

Although Anderson’s take up rate has dropped since 2011, over the last 4 years, it has always required balloting under 1km.  Last year, those staying >1km don’t even get a chance to ballot.

For more details, please refer to this.

Not sure what you mean

If you are refering to the Applicants (APP) number given in the table, yes, it is the total number of applicants at ALL distances, and could be either SC or PR.

If balloting is required for SC at <1km, then the APP probably refers to the total number of applicants who qualify for the balloting.

If balloting is required for SC between 1-2km, then those <1km will not need to ballot, and those who need to ballot is only a subset of the APP numbers.  So in this case, you cannot use the APP rate to estimate the probability of winning the ballot.

phase 2c

For phase 2c is it anyone can apply but in case oversubscribe those singapore citizens living less than 1km will have chase to ballot?so for eg in the case of roysth school,95 applicants is the total including those living more than 1km??

Anderson primary 2C for 1km - 2km

Hi All,

I am staying within 1km -2Km applying for anderson primary school. Any chance if based on past 5 years?


Yes. If apply for 2C and cannot get it due to oversub (balloting and did not get it), you will be able to register in another school for 2CS in the remaining school with vacancy.

Look at those histroical data for school that are not filled up after 2C, and select a few as your backup. Most of the better school (probably top 30%) are filled up by 2C.

2C register

Dear all, need some advise, not too sure on the application procedure.

I’m going to reg. in 2C, what if cannot go in due to oversub. and cant get a place in balloting, still can reg. in 2CS right?

or after 2C can’t go in, MOE just post my child to any school with vacancy? and can i choose another school with avail. slot?

North Vista

Hi Chiefkiasu

Appreciated your prompt clarification on this school.

Rivervale Vs Mee Toh

IF using purely 2014 data, and current remaining seats estimation, Am i right to say,

I’m a Singaporean within 1km, and probablity should be higher. RV 144 applicants, with the assumption of 80% within 1km and 144 is all applicants within 1km to beyond 2km, I derived that into RV 87/(0.8×144) = 75.7%.

Generally for all applicants,

Rivervale : 144 applicants, 87 remaining seats, shortfall -57, probabilty = 87/144 which is 60%

MeeToh : 123 applicants, 82 remaining seats, shortfall – 41 probability = 82/123 which is 67%

Just not sure between these two which to go for. If purely based on probablity, it will be Meetoh. Any advice?

Thanks for the clarification.

Thanks for the clarification. Think it’s more accurate to use your method.  I just figure it out. You are a genius..


Please refer to the historical registration data for Queenstown.

There is close to zero chance for SCs staying beyond 2km to register for Fairfield Methodist in Phase 2C.

You should be quite safe if you go for New Town or Queenstown in Phase 2C(S).

Ballot for Fairfield Methodist Pri under 2C


May I check the ballot opportunity under phase 2C are usually taken up for SCs within 1km? Any chance for SCs (more than 2km)? 

There is no mention about New Town Pri & Queenstown Pri. Do you think is safe to apply under phase 2C supplementary for SCs (more than 2km)? 




For Rivervale in 2014, 144 applicants were going for 83 places, hence the APP rate is 144/83*100 = 173%.

Our projected shortfall calculation is based on the difference between the 2015 Places (87) and 2014 applications (144).  So projected shortfall for Rivervale is 87-144= -57.

If you feel better calculating the projected shortfall based on the 5-year moving average (151), it would be 87-151 = -64.  We used the 2014 app rate instead because it is easier to understand for more people, and there are several new schools which do not have 5 years of history.

North Vista

We only show those at the highest risk.  If your desired school is not in the list, then you should be quite safe barring some weird event.

North Vista numbers are:

School 2010-2014 2014 2015
Average 2C Applicants Std Dev 2C Places 2C Applied 2C Places Projected Shortfall
North Vista Primary 140 39 120 100 128 28


North Vista Primary

Hi Chiefkiasu

Didn’t see the statistic of North Vista Primary, are u able to include the data. Thanks


Rivervale requires balloting for SCs under 1km for the last 8 years.  I don’t see how it will be different this year.

Also, if a school requires balloting for SCs under 1km, then the number of registrants will very closely approximate the actual number of people involved in the ballot.  This is because the schools’ staff will usually discourage people who stay further away from registering, and may even call those who registered to withdraw once it is clear they don’t stand a chance even to ballot.  So only the most stubborn/clueless parents will remain, which is a very small pool.

Hence, it means that in such situations, the APP rate can be used to estimate one’s chances in the ballot.  Since Rivervale’s APP rate ranges from 129% (2006) to 349% (2008), that would translate to 1.29 to 3.49 applicants for every seat.  That means that the probability of winning a ballot at Rivervale for Phase 2C could be lower than 0.33!

2C Projected shortfall calculation

Based on 2014 2C APP of 173% and 212% for RV and Meetoh respectively, we should be having shortfall of 64 and 92 respectively.

Instead the number in the table were 57 and 41 which is way out even if you take historial data of last 5 years or std dev.

Appreciate your advice.

Maris Stella High

If within 1 km, I think you may not need to go for balloting, thus a good chance to apply MSHS.

I think maybe a good chance to get in without balloting

If within 1 km, I think maybe there is a good chance for you to register without the need for balloting.


I tried calling, and most, if

I tried calling, and most, if not all give me a “motherhood” statement, saying they need to check but never get back to me.

I’m particularlly interested to know the number for Rivervale Primary, Compassvale Pri.  I stay nearer to RV Primary which automatically make it my first choice. However I’m jus concern that I might miss both totally (both histrical data show all seats taken up in 2C, and not open for 2CSup).

Looking at the number just published, there is a total of 87 remaining seats, and projected shortfall of 57. Total registrants should be 87+57 = 144.

Assuming the numbers are

– Within 1km (70%), 1 to 2km (20%), 2km beyond (10%)


Only MOE and the schools have such data

No.  Only MOE and the schools have such distance data.  But if the Phase requires balloting by SCs within 1km, then the number of applicants will largely reflect the number involved in the ballot.

Some schools may publish such data on their websites, so you may want to look there as well.

Is there any table to show

Is there any table to show the history of registrant by distance for 2C. Meaning out of 100 registered for 2C,how many belong to “within 1km”, between 1 to 2km, and beyond 2km.

Maris Stella High need to ballot within 1km for phase 2c?

Hi all, I’m staying within 1km of Maris Stella.  any idea will there be high chance of balloting required for phase 2c?

Hi all, do you think phase 2C

Hi all, do you think phase 2C any chances for Innova Primary school?