2016 P1 Registration Phase 1


Phase 1: (Updated 1 July 2016)

For a child who has a sibling studying in the primary school of choice.

Analysis: (1 July 2016)

At the end of Phase 1, it is clear that the reduction in total vacancies in the 65 schools have resulted in many of them increasing their Phase 1 TUR over that in 2015.

However, the following schools have increased their Phase 1 TUR even though their total vacancies were unchanged:

Punggol Green (up from 23% to 35%)
West Spring (up from 17% to 28%)
Alexandra (up from 25% to 35%)
Yishun (up from 27% to 35%)
Punggol View (up from 33% top 41%)
Springdale (up from 25% to 32%)
Northland (up from 39% to 46%)
Henry Park (up from 46% to 53%)
ACS Primary (up from 26% to 31%)

The highlighted schools in the above list are of great concern to many parents because these schools are perennially oversubscribed in Phase 2B and Phase 2C.  It does look like they will be even more competitive this year.

Even so, there is good news for those eyeing some of the more popular schools.  Many have the Phase 1 TURs reduced from between 5% to 11%!

Rosyth (from 49% down to 38%)
Tao Nan (from 50% down to 41%)
Ai Tong (from 47% down to 37%)
Methodist Girls (from 38% down to 30%)
Kong Hwa (from 44% down to 38%)
Radin Mas (from 39% down to 33%)
CHIJ St Nicholas (from 36% down to 30%)

As we are well aware, CHIJ SNGS was the first school to require balloting in Phase 2A(1) last year.  With the reduction in Phase 1 registrants, hopefully, the alumni members may escape balloting this year.

So keep your fingers crossed and pray hard!

Reading the table:

The 2016 and 2015 columns show the % of places taken up to Phase 1 in 2016 and 2015, with respect to the total vacancies offered by each school.

The Difference column shows the difference between 2016 and 2015 (ie. 2015 minus 2016).  A positive % (in green) means that the take up rate in 2016 has decreased relative to that in 2015, which is good news for those looking to get into later Phases of the school.  A negative % means that the TUR in 2016 has gone up for the school, making it more competitive in later Phases.

The Change in Vacancies is used to check if the change in TUR between 2015 and 2016 is related to change in available vacancies.  Even the the actual number of registrants did not change, TUR will naturally go up if the school has less places to offer.

Entries highlighted in Yellow are schools which have become more competitive this year.  Entries highlighted in Peach are schools which have become less competitive.

Registration is conducted at the primary school that you wish your child to be admitted into. The hours of registration are from 8.00 am to 11.00 am and from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm on each scheduled registration day.

Parents may submit the registration form and relevant documents through the older sibling who will be given the form by the school.

All children registered under this phase will be given places in the schools.

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Feedback on table

The table is quite confusing for me at one glance.  It can be better improve. Good job for taking extra effort to consolidate and analyze the detail.