2016 P1 Registration Phase 2B


Phase 2B: (Updated 20 July 2016)

(a) For a child whose parent has joined the primary school as a parent volunteer not later than 1 July 2015 and has given at least 40 hours of voluntary service to the school by 30 June 2016

(b) For a child whose parent is a member endorsed by the church / clan directly connected with the primary school

(c) For a child whose parent is endorsed as an active community leader

Analysis: (20 July 2016, Day 2)

Balloting information for the 15 oversubscribed schools is out.

  • 2 schools (Ai Tong, CHIJ SNGS) have no balloting because the number of applicants within a distance category matches the available places exactly.
  • 2 schools (ACS Primary, Nanyang) require balloting for applicants within 1km.
  • 2 schools (Catholic High, Fairfield Methodist) require balloting for applicants between 1-2km.
  • 9 schools require balloting only for applicants outside of 2km.
Essentially, PRs have no chance of getting a place in oversubscribed schools in Phase 2B.
Congratulations to parents who managed to get a place without balloting.  Best wishes to those involved in the ballot this coming Friday.

Analysis: (19 July 2016, Day 2)

Phase 2B has ended, with 15 schools oversubscribed.  ACS Junior has the highest oversubscription rate of 158%, but many traditionally hot schools received only luke warm interest from parents.

Canberra, Nan Chiau, Nan Hua, Holy Innocents, Henry Park and Kong Hwa from our prediction list escaped the ballot – many only by the skin of their teeth.

However, the big surprise has got to be Nan Hua, which has a whopping 15 seats left over for Phase 2C applicants!  This has never happened in the last 10 years.  Those eyeing Nan Hua can certainly rejoice.

The story is different for Catholic High, which, despite having a lower take-up rate for Phase 1 and 2A this year compared to last year, is slightly oversubscribed.


Analysis: (18 July 2016, Day 1)

At the end of Day 1 of Phase 2B, 7 schools were oversubscribed, while another 6 have less than 10 places left for the Phase.

Fairfield Methodist leads the pack, being oversubscribed by 13 places, or 59% more than the available places.  ACS Primary and Pei Hwa Presbyterian are both oversubscribed by 9 places, and ACS Junior is of course oversubscribed as predicted, by a margin of 7 places.

Amongst the surprises is Canberra, which has a somewhat healthy 12 places left.  Nan Hua has a whopping 18 places left, which is great news for those parent volunteers who have toiled away hoping for a chance at Phase 2B.  Even Catholic High and Tao Nan have no fewer than 9 places left.  But let’s not jinx it by saying anything more… 🙂


Prediction: (13 July 2016)

Assuming that there no further changes to the number of registered students up to Phase 2A(2) so far, we have identified 17 schools most at risk of oversubscription in Phase 2B which starts next week.

The schools are highlighted in red in the table below.  We mapped this year’s places available for Phase 2B, with last year’s number of applicants, which should be somewhat similar to what we can expect this year.

ACS Junior leads the pack, followed by Fairfield Methodist.  Both Canberra and Pei Hwa Presbyterian lost 30 places this year, so that put them in the red for Phase 2B.

ACS Primary is extremely hot this year, and those parents who may not be lucky enough to get a place in Phase 2A(2) may join the crowd in Phase 2B.

CHIJ SNGS has a rather low take up rate this year, so there are more places for parents in Phase 2B.  However, demand may still exceed supply, so parents eyeing the school must still remain vigilant.



By Friday, 22 July 2016

Registration is conducted at the primary school that you wish your child to be admitted into. The hours of registration are from 8.00 am to 11.00 am and from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm on each scheduled registration day. Parent is to submit the registration form and required documents at the school of choice.

Alternatively, parents can authorise a person to register their child on their behalf. An original letter of authorisation is required from the parent.

Singapore Citizens (SCs) will be given absolute priority over Singapore Permanent Residents (PRs) when balloting is necessary in a specific phase. SCs and PRs will continue to be eligible for the same phases, and all applicants will be admitted if the total number of applications in any phase does not exceed the number of vacancies. However, if the number of applications exceeds the number of vacancies in a specific phase, SCs will be admitted first ahead of PRs, before home-school distance is considered.

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Phase 2B

Phase 2b is also for those staying within 1km from school? If so, being a PV won’t up the chances right? Since during balloting, all will have to go through…am I right?

distance for ballot

For pahse 2B, the interesting part will be balloting under which distance criteria. SC or PR. The numbers inself don’t give us any clue. I suspect the majority will ballot for more than 2 km as for phase 2A2. Will need to wait till friday to find out.

I’m more interested in your predictions for phase 2C. 🙂

Dragon babies

Dragon babies are due in P1 in 2019, so the registration is in 2018, and not 2017.

In any case, you can probably expect very high competition in Phase 2C in the P1 Registration of 2018.

Hi all! I'm new member abd

Hi all! I’m new member abd want to know phrase 2C registration for 2017.Bec my second was Long Te

andrew where have you been

andrew where have you been living? phase 2B and its requirement has been around for years!

what do they mean by church

what do they mean by church connected to school?

why church   can get  priority ?


we cannot get a place in 2A2 can we go 2B ?

No error

There is no error in the computation.  Only half of the remaining places in Phase 2A(2) will be allocated to Phase 2B.  The other half goes to Phase 2C.

Please read this article for more information.


At the end of Phase 2A(2), 50% of the remaining places (including the 40 reserved places) will be allocated for Phase 2B and the other 50% for Phase 2C registrants in a school. In the event that there are vacancies left at the end of Phase 2B, the remaining vacancies will be carried forward to Phase 2C. The following two examples and corresponding flowcharts are illustrations. – See more at: https://www.moe.gov.sg/admissions/primary-one-registration/allocation#sthash.axD8vvYp.dpuf

Errors in the numbers?

Are there some errors in the numbers? Since ACSJ have 30 registered for 89 place in Phase 2A(2)which means 59 carried over to Phase 2B and add the 20 places set aside, shouldn’t it be 79 instead of 50?

Error in places for 2016 places

Does the place include the 20 already set aside for Phase 2B?

Looks like some errors for ACSJ, MGS, SCGS etc.


ACSJ has 30 registered for 89 places in Phase 2A(2). Shouldn’t the places for Phase 2B be 79 since 59 leftover places carried over to Phase 2B plus 20 places already set aside for Phase 2B?