A Seminar For Parents on Advancing A Child’s Development


Many people believe that abilities are something we are born with, as part of
our genetic inheritance. However, the evidence suggests that learning  abilities are not innate and completely determined by biology. Abilities develop and the way in which they
develop depends on a child’s social environment. In other words, what parents do with their children matters.

Here’s a not-to-be-missed opportunity to learn first hand from a world leading expert on practical application of Vygotsky’s theories on child development – 

Galina Dolya on supporting your child for optimal abilities development. She will be covering the following topics in her seminar :

• Tools of the Mind: Development of higher mental functions 

• Symbolic tools that can change the child’s developmental trajectory 

• Symbolic Literacy: substitution and visual modelling 

• Teaching giftedness: from caterpillar to butterfly 

• What are learning abilities? Where do they come from? 

• Development of giftedness = development of learning abilities 

• Optimal educational environment for the development of giftedness 

• Acceleration of learning vs amplification of learning

Speaker :
Galina Dolya is the Curriculum Director of
Key to Learning, an innovative Vygotskian
approach to Eary Years Education. She is an
acknowledged world leading expert on the
practical application of Vygotsky’s Theory of
Learning and Development. She has worked at
every level from Early Years to University and
trained hundreds of teachers and trainers
worldwide. Currently she is a Researcher in
the Department of Psychology and Pedgaogy
of Abilities at the Research Institute of
Development of Preschool Education, Russian
Academy for Education, Moscow.



Key to Learning is a unique educational developmental cognitive curriculm for
children between the ages of 3 and 6 specially designed to provide optimal learning
experiences. It transforms Vygotsky’s theory of child development into clear,
accessible activities for young children through over 600 specially designed
learning experiences in 12 teacher-friendly curriculum modules.

Conference Fee : $88 per person
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