Bake With MiniMe


It’s September school holidays soon, let us bond with our MINIME through baking and playing together.

What’s the plan?

  1. Bake together with your toddler (age 2 onwards)
  2. Free play at STEM learning corner
  3. Unlimited play at Polliwogs

We have 3 different slots and bakes to pick from.

Your ticket allows you and your child to go in the selected baking session that you booked only (I.e 1 session only not all 3 sessions)

Every child (&sibling) + parent will be assigned randomly to 1 table together.

Each cosy session cap at 10 tables.

Bake with MiniMe



Vanilla sponge cake is made of egg, flour, sugar, water, butter, whipping cream, chocolate, m&m, pocky


Vanilla based Cupcakes are made of

egg, flour, sugar, water, butter , fondant

How do we do this?

  • We will first Bake the cake / cupcake in ROOM 1
  • While waiting for cake/cupcake to be out from the oven, head over to ROOM 2 to play educational STEM Toys!
  • Return back to ROOM 1 to decorate and pack your bake home

You also get to Enjoy unlimited playtime at Polliwogs on this day!

Receive 1 mini goodie bag per child.

For Polliwogs & Supreme Parents Fb Page followers:

get your tickets at special rates:

• Parent + child at $60 instead of $90

• Sibling ticket at $10 for KiasuParents readers instead of $45
Get your discount code by contacting us at 90483586 and book your tickets here

The Polliwogs

3 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038983