Beautyful Minds Nationwide Technology Showcase


Singapore —March 3, 2013— Beautyful Minds® announced that it will hold 2 separate sessions of this quarter’s Nationwide Technology Showcase (NTS)


Parkway Parade Shopping Centre Level 3

11th to 17th Mar

Bishan Junction 8 Level 2

18th to 24th Mar


Over the course of this fourteen-day NTS, parents will get the opportunity to find out more about the exclusive technological systems developed by Beautyful Minds as well as how they are able to help students improve in their examinations within the shortest time.

“We have developed 3 new exclusive technologies and we can’t wait to share it with parents who have been waiting for them since 2011,” said Neo Zhizhong, Beautyful Minds’ Chief Technological Officer. “These new developments have enabled us to speed up learning like never before. They are amazing.”

Parents will be able to explore firsthand the latest innovations, features and capabilities of the Reward System and Exambook (Web and Mobile versions).

Parents can find out for themselves how these technologies enhance learning efficiency. To find out how they may better aid their children, parents can bring the child’s schoolwork to the sharing sessions conducted by Beautyful Minds’ Teaching Specialists and hear it straight from the professionals.

A sneak preview of a Beautyful Minds® lesson during the showcase will shed valuable insight on why so many of their students improve within a span of 1 to 3 months. These lessons are conducted by teaching specialists who utilize the most advanced technologies that track, manage and assist the student to excel in his/her examinations.

NTS activities (March 2013) consists of:

1. Showcase of the 3 exclusive technologies developed by Beautyful Minds.

2. More than 10 sharing sessions presented by Beautyful Minds Teaching Specialist on how to stamp out recurring mistakes.

3. Free preview lessons registration for English, Chinese, Math and Science (Primary and Secondary). Students can experience for themselves how learning integrated with technology will help them improve in their next

4. Lucky draws that allow students and parents to stand a chance of winning attractive gifts such as Smiggle stationery. Every student who takes part in the lucky draw will be rewarded with a gift.