Beautyful Minds – PSLE Preparatory Course

The Course of Your Child’s Life

PSLE is the first big hurdle of your child’s academic life. If you are worried about how your child is going to cope with the big exam next year – fret not.
Sign up for our PSLE Preparatory Course.

This course will cover topics for Primary 6 in advance, making it easier for the students when they start the actual school year.

The PSLE results determine the next 4 secondary school years and how they shape up the course of your child’s life. Don’t take your chances – Prepare for PSLE now.

Nov – Dec 2013 weekly, $208 per month per subject.

Math         Thursday  5pm-7pm

Science     Saturday   12.30pm-2.30pm

English     Sunday   10am-12pm

Chinese    Saturday   4pm-6pm

Location: Beautyful Minds @ Parkway Parade #09-03

Call us at 6344 4908 for the lesson sequence.


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