Changes from Within – Parent and Child Workshop on InnerTalk and Psychology


Changes from Within
Parent and Child Workshop on InnerTalk and Psychology

Date:    28 March 2009 (Sat)
Time:    2.30 – 5.30pm
Fee:    $3.00 (Member) / $5.00 (General Public) inclusive light refreshments

Session 1:  Speaker Ms Sanjana – InnerTalk and Psychology (Introduction of Subconscious Mind)
Our mind is the centre of a complex nervous system and has two parts;  our conscious mind organizes and runs our outer life, while most of our decisions that affect our life actually come from our subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind is extremely powerful:

  • It serves as a memory bank by helping store almost everything ever experienced
  • It controls and regulates involuntary functions of the body such as breathing, circulation, hormone balance, etc
  • It acts as the seat of all emotions that dictate the intensity of desires, in turn affecting behaviour
  • It is home to imagination that helps visualization
  • It aids in carrying out habitual conduct

More importantly, our subconscious mind directs our energy/passion and drives/motivates us toward our goals.  InnerTalk helps us re-programme our subconscious positively so as to enable us to lead fulfilling lives.

Session 2:  Speaker Mr Ian Koh – How InnerTalk can enhance the parent and child relationship (Case Sharing with Testimonial)
Discussion on the poor relationship between children and parents:

  • Disobedient children, disagreement between parents and children, rebellious children
  • Children addicted to video games
  • Disinterest in learning, poor memory, poor comprehension, poor concentration
  • Hyperactive children
  • Autistic children

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