FUNtARTstic Storyland: Light-Up Edition


Kids will love the atmospheric FUNtARTstic Storyland: Light-Up Edition, where a magical and enchanted forest of clouds, trees and giant mushrooms glow in a starry night.

Here, kids can create their own stories with a local flavour in a variety of performing and literary arts activities, such as mass storytelling and music jamming. For older folks (who are still children at heart), the “forest” is an inviting lounge area and also perfect for Instagram-worthy shots!Be sure to catch a glimpse of the Family of Merlions, where a large glow in the dark Merlion is surrounded by the smaller merlions. In fact, you can “play” with these Merlions by inking your own message on them.

Image: Passionarts Festival

Field beside Rockridge Park, Yishun Street 51

Yishun Street 51, Singapore