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Have Some Fun With Science This June Holiday!

Never done before in school

Questions are tailored to MOE syllabus

Hands-on experience with laboratory apparatus

Stimulates scientific and critical thinking

Open to all Primary 1 – 6 students

Dates and locations

Clementi Mall

Dates: 2/6 (Mon), 4/6 (Wed), 5/6 (Thurs)
Time: 7 to 9pm
Fees: $75/day, $220/3 days


Dates: 9/6 (Mon), 11/6 (Wed), 13/6 (Fri)
Time: 7 to 9pm
Fees: $75/day, $220/3 days

Parkway Parade

Date: 27/6 (Fri)
Time: 5 to 7pm
Fees: $75

List of experiments

Alchemy class: Clouds in water

What do solid dry ice and our warm breath have in common? Make use of a special solution to find out what is produced when dry ice turns into gas!

Making your own electromagnet

Transform a mere iron nail to a magnet with the aid of some batteries and wires!

Magnetic Separator

Supernatural or not? Discover the wonders of this invisible magnetic force exerted by a magnet!

Colour explosion

It’s an explosion of colour! Some very unusual things happen when you mix a little milk, food colouring and a drop of liquid soap. Uncover the scientific secrets of soap and amaze your friends with it!

Lemon battery

Besides making lemonade, what can you do with lemons? Let’s investigate and find out the concealed prowess of this sour fruit!

Acids and Bases

With the help of some red cabbages, create magical colour-changing liquids using 2 simple kitchen ingredients!

The dry coin

Magically retrieve a wet coin from a filled basin without dipping your fingers in the water or using a tool to scoop the coin out!


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