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Health Talk:Sleep Well, Focus Well, Score Well


*Includes complimentary Energia Health Analysis for both parents and children worth $240

Date: 8 May
Time: 2-4pm
Venue: Energia Centre @ The Adelphi

Understand the biology of sleep and its relation and importance to achieving high performance/scoring well. Learn the solutions to achieve quality deep sleep so as to improve your child’s concentration and focus during the day.

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Hurry, limited seats available per session!
*Ticket price: $5 + $1.38 (Eventbrite fee)

About the speaker – Veronica Tan, a nurse manager turned entrepreneur. She had worked in various hospitals and managed an elderly and day rehabilitation centre with The Salvation Army. In 2000, she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and later, Grave’s Disease (an over-active immune problem where her body is not able to balance her thyroxin). Doctors recommended she undergo surgery or radio-active iodine to destroy part of the thyroid gland. At that point she knew that she had to take control of her health as the path proposed by modern medicine is invasive! She strongly believes that we are created with very powerful immune system to heal our body naturally. Since then she had explored alternative and complementary solutions. After 10 years of researching, she chanced upon a scientific sleep system that has helped balance her immune system within months and treated her Grave’s disease naturally without medication. Her clinical report showed complete recovery with no relapse.

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