HOLIDAY Deepavali


Happy Deepavali!


Deepavali Wishes!

Wishing All a Happy and a Prosperous Deepavali and Let this Deepavali light our life in all aspects!

“Deepa” means light
Deepavali is a festival of lights

Deepavali is celebrated as a sign of killing bad and bringing light of prosperity

On the day of Deepavali, people take oil head bath (to symbolize holy bath so that what bad things have happened or bad things done let it end and wash off from head to toe). It symbolizes new beginning. Oil bath symbolizes is cleansing of bad things from body, heart and mind.

New clothes are worn and fireworks indicate celebrations. Then do sweets and cook nice food and share with friends and relatives, and give food and money for poor people and needy people. Whole family sits together and share the food.

Usually vegetarian food is eaten, no alcohol.
this symbolizes “pure” celebration.

The Hindu sages say: “The light is within you. Meditate and become aware of this light. Withdraw the senses and fix the mind on this self-luminous light in order to enjoy the real Deepavali”