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HOLIDAY School Term 3 Break


2010 Term 3 vacation!


Any reommendations for Sept School Holidays workshop

Hi there

Any recommendations for sept school holiday workshops for 5 yr old?

Preferable full day.

Thks & rgds,


Sep Hols burned :'(

My dd got into the Creative Writing Camp along w 4 other schoolmates. The camp is from 6-8 September.

Then my dd needs to go back to school for some workshops and then on 2 days, go to her friend’s house for group discussion.

The worst thing is that we are flying to Bintan on Friday (the friday b4 sch reopens) and returning on Sunday midnight. I hope my dd can get to school on time. She is very happy and wishes that the plane will land later so she can skip school. Haha, nice try Amanda.

The fun ends when the hols are over. Suddenly, the SA2 kicks in. Because my dd’s sep hols are burned, I’m very worried that she has insufficient time to ‘buck up’ and study for SAs.

I guess we will just have to take life as it comes and try to squeeze in studying time when there is any!


Sep Holiday workshops

Fly a plane, ride a pony, cook & bake!


Closing date 18 August



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