HOLIDAY Teacher’s Day


Happy Teacher’s Day!


Made with Love


What I’ve enjoyed (and still enjoy) is in making handprint works of art.  We’ve just done a rainbow handprint "masterpiece" – easy, messy but very fun for the children…hehe, how often do they get a chance to play with coloured paint?

My girls love baking cookies and we wrap them up in nice packs that you can get an Phoon Huat

This year, my P1’s school came back with a circular from the principal NOT to buy any gifts for the teachers.  Handmade cards will suffice.

Got some magnets and wooden animals…probably will get the younger girls to mount them as fridge magnets.


gift with love

One of my son’s teachers made it a point to tell the students NOT to buy her anything on Teachers’ Day. Receiving something that was home-made was what she would really appreciate.

Young kids could easily cut out a simple heart shape and write why they love the teacher. It could be simple words like ‘ I like you because you always help me when I need to go toilet / drop my food / teach me to spell.’

Home-made cakes (with help from adults) are also possible if the child likes baking . The teacher may not like the food but I am sure that the teacher will appreciate the effort.



Personally-made Crafts

Every year, my boys and I will use our spare time during the July and August months to make crafts for teacher’s day presents. We have done oragami crafts, paper cutting, beaded trinkets, decorated picture frames….etc, just to name a few.

These sessions become an annual routine where we bond while we let the creative juice flow….. The kids are always proud of their creations when they tell their teachers about how their gifts were made.

This year, we are making cross-stitched bookmarks. It amazes me to watch my 5 yr old boy put needle through the fabric. Trains his motor-skills too!

Home-made card...

… personally created by the child with his/her best efforts?

any suggestion on Teacher's Day gift

Hi, any suggestion as a gift for my girl and boy’s teacher, girl is a K1 student, boy in playgroup..