“I’m Proud of You” – A Champion Family Carnival


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Got Your Tickets to the “I’m Proud of You” – A Champion Family Carnival? Here’s How You and Your Little Ones Can Enjoy It!

With over 25 fun-filled activities and exciting stage performances spreading over 3 different zones that will be held at the Expo, check out what the carnival has in store for you this weekend!

Event Details

Date: 7th & 8th Oct, Sat and Sun
Time: 10AM – 9PM
Location: Singapore Expo, Hall 1

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Things to do at the “I’m Proud of You” – A Champion Family Festival:

Longest Inflatabe Obstacle Course

Longest Inflatable Obstacle Course (Suitable for all ages, parents to accompany kids below 4 years old)

The whole family can enjoy and challenge each other to the Longest Inflatable Obstacle Course.



Shapes of the Planetary Dome (Kids 1 to 3 years old: up to 90cm)

Young toddlers get to learn about shapes and colours and improve their motor skills by matching the right fit for the shape.



Space Adventure Inflatable (Kids 4 years old & above: 90cm to 1.5m)

Explore the universe with our one-of-a-kind Space Inflatable.



Oceanic Zipline Adventure (Kids 4 years old & above: 90cm to 1.5m)

Zipline across the ocean or dive into the ‘deep sea’ and become shark bait. You choose!



Live Pony Feeding and Grooming Sessions (Kids 1 year old & above)

Come up-close and personal with live ponies. Learn how groomers take care of the ponies and get a chance to feed them too.



Live Pony Ride (Kids 3 years old & above: *maximum weight of 40kg)

An excellent way to start riding for young children and a must if your child has never been on a pony ride.

Operational Hours: 10am – 12pm & 2pm – 7pm



Pottery Making Activity (Kids 2 years old & above)

Learn a new art! Create a decorative planter pot complete with a plant! Learn hand building techniques and bring home your creations on the same day!



Trampoline Fun (Kids 4 years old & above, parents to accompany kids below 6 years old)

Come experience a full Jumping workout by Jumping® Singapore! Available anytime of the day for the young and the young at heart!



Slalom Scooting (Kids 3 years old & above)

This highly technical form of scooting teaches participants to scoot around cones set up in our activity areas with a Zycom Scooter. An instructor will be on hand to guide participants and introduce inline skating lessons to parents.


Stage Programmes (Suitable for all ages)

Meet favourite Korean TV-series Pororo the Little Penguin and his friend Crong, the Little Dinosaur. There will be performances, Meet & Greet and Photo Sessions, along with an exciting
list of stage programmes encompassing Circus Magic shows, Magical Bubble shows, and more!



MOSH! World of Wonder Activity Station (Kids 1 year old & above)

Showcasing state-of-the-art multimedia technology from Japan, MOSH! Rede nes interactive digital family edutainment. The World of Wonder Activity Station allows participants to pick the characters of their choice and colour it to their best imagination and have it streamed live!


Ready Steady Go! Station (Kids 1.5 years old & above)

Each zone will have age – appropriate sports and motor activities. At the READY zone, participants will be playing games discovering equipment, colours and basic movements. At the STEADY zone, we will be playing skilled games T-Ball and basketball. At the GO zone, we will have playing Minute to Win It games that include hockey and Rugby.



STARLAB Planetarium (by Science Centre) (Suitable for all ages, parents to accompany kids below 4 years old)

Marvel at the delights of the night sky, during the day! Step into the STARLAB and leap into the night sky. Learn the names of stars and constellations visible at night, and how they move across the sky.

*Register at the event.



Bubble-ology Workshops (1 year old & above)

Be a bubble performer and explore the science of bubbles by perfecting the craft of creating them. Learn how to make cube, tetrahedron, hexagon bubbles, plus place a dome inside a dome bubble. *Register at the event



Judo Fun (Kids 4 years old & above)

Learn the basics of Judo Throwing and Pinning Techniques



Tennis Try-out (Kids 4 years old & above)

Learn the sport of tennis with an on-court fun game. This also provides beginners with the opportunity to become familiar with the game.



Marshmallow Pop Making (Kids 1 year old & above)

Make a colourful marshmallow pop! Kids will learn how to coat the marshmallow with different coloured chocolate and dress it up with their choice of sprinkles. Limited to one pop per child.



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